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  1. Favorite skin from the Anniversary?

    @bob31000 Daaamn.. A metalica one would be awesome.. Or maybe one with micheal jackson kinda musics.. And give him a moon walk emote or something
  2. Favorite skin from the Anniversary?

    My favorites are Mei's Bee keeper skin and the Tracer one is pretty good too But so far my favorite is the Lucio one.. The new songs are awesome and I think this is a really good idea to use other songs. But I'm still waiting for the Pool-Party Mercy skin :3
  3. Hey! :)

    Thanks! I'll be online at the weekend this week, Cya guys on discord and ingame *Buksii
  4. Hey! :)

    @LaithSJ Thanks you! @Seagull I'll have some exams this week but we can play a lot after them :DD
  5. Very new player

    Good luck.. If you want to have fun for a good amount of time.. Just play quick play.. Ranked is full of toxic people who makes you delete the game [Already did 3 times since i started playing ranked lol]
  6. Get it to something unusual.. I bought my fifth golden weapon to torbjörn.. :3 Everyone was like.. "Dude ure crazy"
  7. Placements

    Good luck for climbing.. Just keep your Cool
  8. Tera Online

    Which server you guys in?
  9. Ohh damn I hope I can join the next one
  10. Season 5 Placement Results!

    My fifth season is awfull.. I went from 3,8k all the way down for 3,2k.. Now im climbing back
  11. Hey! :)

    Hey! Thanks! I met a few peps on Discord.. they're really friendly and stuff I'll have some exams this week but after that im free
  12. Hey! :)

    Hey I'm not sure ive succefully added you.. If not feel free to add me: Buksi#2593
  13. Hey! :)

    Hey! My name is Bence Csengeri. Im from Hungary and I'm 15 years old. I play Overwatch since it came out, I really like it.. you can say im addicted. I live in a school dorm so i can only play on the weekends school-days. Im free for the summer. I dont have much time to play other kind of games.. I like HOTS and WOW [Horde :P] But Overwatch is the closest to my hearth. Im a support player but I can tanks in a decent level too. I played a lot of Cs:go but that wasnt my game. I have a sister who's also an Overwatch gamer. I can lead a team if its wanted but I prefer to follow other leader than leading the team instead. [Sorry for my rough english, I'm better at talking tbh] I decided to join a gaming community when I got bored of playing by myself. I want to play competitively and show the world what i can do with my Mercy... [I actually cant believe i just wrote that lol] *Buksii

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