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    Gaming, building computers, chilling with friends, and listening to music

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    Windows 7 64 bit
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    Intel core 2 duo clocked at 3.16ghz
  • Graphics
    Geforce gt 710 W/ 2gb of dedicated vram
  • PSU
    Im not sure probaby dell
  • RAM
    8GB of DDR3
  • Storage
    2TB of HDD
  • Audio
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    Dell monitor with 75hz refresh rate
  • Case
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    Turtle beach Stealth 400's, off brand gaming mouse with dpi control, Logitech G105 LED keyboard with macros, Logitech Driving Force wheel and pedals

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  1. Heeeeeellllooooo

    My name is Damien ive been with ADK for about a week now and there and awesome group/org i love these guys.
  2. Anyone have any good opinions on cheap GFX cards and processors plz help im on a tight budget
  3. Hello!

    im doing awesome thanks for asking dude!
  4. Graphics cards and processors

    ok thank you for informing me i was really confused on were to go would you like for me to remove my post?
  5. Does anyone have any tips on cheap and good gfx cards and processors? need help plz im on a tight budget
  6. Hello!

    Hows everyone doing on this fine day?

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