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  1. Vote: ARK server wipe on release?

    Admins are players too... if we dont have a voice then we no longer will want to play and then we have no admins and then we will have no server, sorry my voice matters too, as I am part of this community same as you. We ARE NOT lowering the decay timer... period. We just made the decision to double it because some times players can't get on, players who are equally as valuabIe to the community as you and I. Also I had surgery yesterday, I will not be logging in probably for 2 weeks, does taking care of my health forfeit me from playing from the server? Just because you can set aside time when you are busy does not mean that others can do that. There is no reason that because I can't log on i should just go find another game to play. Most of the other communities within ADK advised against us even asking for the open publics opinions, and we didn't have to, we did because we care about your opinions also, as a courtesy to you, so getting mad at us, and being aggressive towards us is just plain stupid, and needs to stop. We asked a simple question, derailing and making things heated will not end well. Stay on topic please.
  2. Ark Scorched Earth

    The scorched server is not down. It is alive and well. If you are having trouble connecting to the server please post or information here or ping another ARK staff on discord. I am post surgery and probably shouldn't be trying to help anyone but you can tell us more information like what error you get when connecting? What other servers have you played on in the hive? There is another topic here in the ark section that has all the server info and how to connect, I don't think I have the capacity to go and find it right now but maybe you could? It's a walk through step by step of how to join our servers for first timers, sometimes we have issues seeing other servers before we connect to one of the others first, it's a porting issue. unfortunately if none of this solves your issue please join discord wtf.adk/discord and mention @arkstaff in the #ark channel they are likely to see that soon.
  3. Hej!

    Welcome welcome! We have a whitelist just survive server for H1Z1 as well as people that like to play kotk. We also have a decent group of people that play wow, myself included. We have a casual fun guild on mal'ganis horde for anyone interested look foreard to seeing you around!
  4. Changes coming for Minecraft

    Best of luck with your changes. If i knew anything about what I was voting for I would put my 2 cents in. =P If for some reason you need someones opinion on how to breed many many wolves on survival vanilla single player, im your girl.
  5. Vote: ARK server wipe on release?

    I personally think that a wipe will be beneficial to the player base. It would be a great time for all of us to be put on an equal playing field going forward, as well it will make a number of the players joining us near release (we are expecting an influx) to not feel like they are being left in the dust. There is potential for the wipe to bring back a lot of returning players as well as players who were waiting for the release of the game.
  6. Hey guys! With the release coming to PC on August 29th we are working to make sure that our players are happy. We are currently considering wiping the servers when the game goes to full release. We would like to know what you guys want when it comes to this wipe. There are many pros and cons to wiping the servers, if you have any input please post and let us know your thoughts. Voting will be closed on Aug 27th. Note: We may be forced to wipe the servers because of potential updates that are pushed on release. So there is the potential that regardless of the vote outcome that the servers will have to be wiped.
  7. Center Server Issues

    No worries guys, we re-installed the latest updates. Something in the install was corrupted so all servers should be back up and functional =) Happy surviving!
  8. idk

    Hey Major! it was good seeing you in the CS:GO inhouses today. Do you play any other games other than CS:GO? Maybe tell people a little about you =D
  9. Hi i'm LordNikon

    welcoem to ADK! Ive seen you around the #ark channel in discord, hope you are enjoying the community and our ARK servers!
  10. Hello ADK!

    Hey hi! Welcome to ADK! Hope you enjoy the community!
  11. RoundEye/ILoveBreastMilk

    Really thats such a shame, I thought they were moving things in a good direction
  12. A little to know about me I suppose

    Welcome captain! Hope you can find some people to play with! Our overwatch section is rather large and active. We have people across all ranks and I hear people are getting into some hard core lucio ball games at the moment. we don't have an official PUBG section but we definitely have tons of people who play the game. Holefully you have found your way on to discord and Enjoy the community!
  13. Introduction

    Hey light! Welcome to the ADK community. we have quite a few people from the UK here though we are an NA based community. What games do you play?
  14. RoundEye/ILoveBreastMilk

    Hey welcome to the community. Bet you cant wait for the patch to come live. Cya around!
  15. Id like to take a moment to introduce myself

    Welcome to the community Danny. Lots of people for you to group up with here in ADK.

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