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  1. Here is the Voting Tally for March! Thank you to those who voted! Every vote counts and helps us bring in new players!

    In April please vote for Olympus. Extinction, and Ragnarok. The more focused our voting is the more chances players will find our servers!

    Remember over 45 votes will get you an ascendant saddle blue print in game and top 3 can get an ascendant TEK Saddle!




    Name: Ragnarok Island Aberration Scorched The Center Olympus Extinction Totals
    @VeeVee 26         26 26 78
    @CrankyGrandma 26         25 26 77
    @Dakkon 17         18 17 52
    @Feisty 10         10 10 30
    @CaGregorio 7 1       6 7 21
    @SGCrazyman 6 2       6 4 18
    Cedwick 4   1     2 4 11
    @DMSpooky 1         2 1 4
    Wahsmir 1   1       1 3
    Sqrrlbot 1     1 1     3
    @MavRoc 1   1 1       3
    Dim 1       1   1 3
    Arsalyn 1         1 1 3
    Phedra 1         1   2
    Blackhawk 2             2
    PerkyTits           1   1
    ArcaneVixen             1 1

  2. arksurvival.png.0488b3279e326ddb2ccfadbc12927a68.png

    Most Recent Notes: March 21

    All Servers:

    • The Auto decay period for structures has been reduced on all servers EXCEPT Aberration, Extinction and Scorched Earth
      • Previously (Before extinction release) we didn't use auto decay, structures would become demolishable by players at a rate of two times default (Roughly 14 days for wood, and 21 days for stone) This allowed players to return with plenty of time to reclaim their structures if they had to be away. 
      • The release of extinction changed something and structures were no longer becoming demolish-able meaning that the only people on the server who could remove abandoned structures were admins. - As a fix I implemented the auto demolish timers at twice the rate of our decay timer (Meaning 28 days for wood and 42ish for stone)
      • Its become clear that this is not going to work for servers like Ragnarok, and the auto demolish timer is reduced to the original double rate we allowed before extinction patch broke the player allowed demolish.
      • This change will not be applicable to Aberration, Extinction and Scorched as these are servers that players are less likely to main, and set up as farming hubs that may not need to be visited as often (They are lower population servers anyways so there are less structures littered there)'
      • Fast decay of unsnapped core structures (Foundations and pillars) should now properly be enabled.  - I missed a check box, im a nub. Basically this means don't pillar or foundation spam.
    • The server restart schedule is being changed to daily at 4:00 am CST
      • Wild Dino wipes will remain on restart - I know I told people that I was going to change it when I changed the server restart schedule, but it turns out that the 72 hour timer starts on server start, and were restarting every 24 hours, so a wild dino wipe would never happen. 
    • Added RCON Shaming for people who wait for the 1 minute mark to log off for an update.
    • Every time a dino wipe happens, the server will leave behind wild beehives, but kill all the tamable bees inside. Players were coming across instances of upwards of 65 beehives in a single spawn. Admins will be executing a command to removed the beehives hopefully once or twice a week, maybe less on the lower population servers. If you are having an issue on some of our lower population servers and would like the hives removed for you, please notify an admin in Discord.


    • Dino spawns are back to normal after our attempts to correct some of the server lag
      • Reducing the dinosaur spawns to 50% did not have enough effect on the server to warrant changing
      • We hope that the above destruction of bee hives and the daily restarts will correct a lot of the issue.
    • Added back the Multiple Unicorn allowed .ini option
      • This was something that slipped through the cracks when we swapped over to the new box last year
      • I would not hold my breath on this working however as a lot of people of the internet claims that it no longer works. If this is the case we may have to implement a rule disallowing unicorns to remain out unless breeding raising or using. =(


    • Fixed the crafting cost of speed saddles so that players are not required to mind-wipe into full weight to craft the material needed to make the saddles
      • Reduced cost of special item, increased amount of special item required per saddle, overall cost has stayed pretty much the same.


    NOTE: At time of posting some of the changes posted may only take effect as of next restart. Restarts are scheduled daily at 4:00 am CST

  3. Thanks again for voting this month folks. Its a huge help to the servers!  Light Green gets an ascendant saddle BP OR Single Tek Saddle, Dark green gets and ascendant saddle BP, orange gets a cautionary BP.


    Name: Ragnarok Island Aberration Scorched The Center Olympus Extinction Totals
    @Chachi 27 23       3 27 80
    @VeeVee 21 20       1 21 63
    @SGCrazyman 21 19 1 1 2   20 64
    Cedwick 19   17 1     18 55
    @Chasaroonie 9   10       10 29
    @Feisty 12 12       3 14 41
    @Bluefox 6 5         6 17
    Markivo 5 5         5 15
    @Fenrir 2     2     2 6
    @Eris 2 3         3 8
    OrokuSaki 1     1     1 3
    Sav 1 1         1 3
    @Kathiel 1 1         1 3
    @Untucked Shirt 1   1       1 3
    Carnville 1 1     1     3
    Kody     2 2 2     6
    ArcaneVixen   1       1   2
    Jax             1 1

  4. This new server will take place on OLYMPUS!!!


    We will launch the server TOMORROW (Sunday) Evening! See you then!


    This server will have a separate mod list and will not be hived at this time. Should this server take off in popularity we will look at turning this mod set into a hive and cut down the smaller servers on the current hive. 


    After a couple months if the mod list takes off we will hold a competition to pick a name for the mod series! 

    MODS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1650976759

    ARK Additions: The Collection


    Builder's Helmet

    Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture

    Dino Storage V2

    Dino Tracker

    WBUI (Very much like our current MOTD ui but better)

    Immersive Taming


    Platforms Plus

    RP Visual Storage

    Rare Sightings

    Speed Saddles



    Structures Plus

    Tools Evolved



    Garden Decor

    Primordial Decor

    RP Decor

    Shoppe Decor

    Stable Structures and Decore



    As you can see this mod list is very much oriented towards building and collecting. But with all the normal rates of the hive. We are looking forward to testing a few mods we have never seen before like a different utility mod as well as a replacement for the speed soup mod. We are also testing a few building quality of life type mods (Builder Helmet and Structure Saver) to see if these mods are something we would like on this server or not.





    View full article

  5. 4 hours ago, Fenrir said:

    Having the event map open all the time would allow people to do battle when they want though. 



    4 hours ago, Chasaroonie said:

    I think the Event map would be great for our Gladiator events. It doesn't have to be open 24/7, but have PvP enabled on it so it's ready to go on event day.

    We should have this one on standby along with our Dino remap server like Annunaki


    5 hours ago, Markivo said:

    Well you never said anything in the post about unhived. The map that I linked can be used on the hive for events ect as we have talked about previously. Just though i should throw it out there since we're on the subject of new maps and mods. @Feisty

     I think this would be a great thing to think about when we are planning events. Perhaps just open it up to turn on once a month for players to head out and try though I think there would have to be some ground rules if players are going to be transferring on to a tiny map where pvp is enabled and just open all the time like "consensual fights only" otherwise I think you will find that you will be the only person willing to go there when you have rex's like you've got.  =P

  6. 3 hours ago, PvpEnabled said:

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538986229&searchtext=annuki+genesis I think this mod or mods like this that add more dinos and or cooler or alpha dinos would be really fun because it adds a lot more into the game. You get to tame more dinos and it makes the game different, and less boring. I think the rates should be the same except for breeding. I think you should be able to breed dinos about twice a day or have smaller dinos be able to breed all the time, but more op and bigger dinos like rexes and gigas and late game dinos breed every day, like they do right now. But with other dinos like birds, they should be able to breed more often. Also it may be more interesting if you put the dino level higher, but im not sure on that. Also some building mods would be cool. Also, keep soul traps, thats the best mod.

    It is unfortunately impossible to set breeding intervals of dinosaurs individually. Otherwise I would agree, that dinosaurs like rex's and giga's should be somewhere on the higher scale, where the pets we breed for fun could happen a lot faster. There might be a better option than our current for these new servers however. Would love to see an Annunaki server happen, thanks for the addition.

  7. ARK Staff want to put up another server with maybe a difference Niche of mods. 

    Show me some mods you would like to see on a new server. Tell us what you like about the mod and other mods that might go along with it. If there any particular rates you guys would like to see differently to compliment your mods then you can let us know about that as well.

    For Example, Annunaki Genesis is a really cool mod because it brings a lot of different game play to ARK. It has a bunch of new Dino's new, new mechanics and new items. This mod pairs really well with ARK Advance 10, the mods tend to compliment each other with the different game play. LINKS RELEVANT MODS

  8. Ooo reddit post up less than a day and it’s working!

    welcome to the forums and look forward to seeing you in the servers. Please feel free to join the discord if you haven’t already and say hi in #ark. Let staff know if you need any help getting in! 

    We are posting most server updates and news in the discord. Make sure you type “?rank ark” in an ark channel to get the tag to make sure you aren’t missing anything important (staff are the only ones tagging that role so you won’t be spammed.)


    welcome again! 

  9. ARK Server Information

    We are lucky to have five servers, four of which are all hived together, and the build sevrer. If you don't know what a hived server is, it means that all four of the servers are connected to each other and you can transfer your character and your dinosaurs between the servers. You can have a base on every server, and play on them all if you choose. 

    We currently have six servers:


    The Center:  (Query Port:7777)

    Scorched Earth: (Query Port:7775)

    The Island: (Query Port:7779)

    Ragnarok: (Query Port:7783)

    Aberration: (Query Port:7781)

    Extinction: (Query Port: 7785)


    Hived server Rates:

    • Max Player Level = 145 + Ascension
    • Max Wild Dino Level = 200 + 100 levels post tame
    • Engrams = Modified to make learning all engrams possible
    • Baby Mature Speed = 10
    • Egg Hatch Speed = 15
    • Egg Lay Interval = 5
    • Crop Growth Speed =3
    • Harvest Multipler = 5
    • XP Multiplier = 3
    • Food Drain = .7
    • Water Drain = .8
    • Taming Speed = 10
    • Supply Crate Loot Quality Multiplier =5
    • Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier =5


    ADK Server Mod List: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1178754796

    ARK Server Rules

    These are the basic ARK Server Rules, Designed to keep the server running smoothly and to make sure your play is fair.

    Please remember that when coming to us with a issue please have evidence so we can fix the issues you have.


    • NO Hacking/Exploiting/Glitching/Duping
    • NO Spamming Chat, Racism or Sexism in Signage, Names or Tribe Names
    • NO Advertising/Player Poaching
    • NO Land grabbing
    • NO Griefing
    • NO Base Raiding
    • RESPECT AND LISTEN to Admins.


    Just below is a detail explanation for you on the 6 core rules we have. Please remember that All rules are subject to change with/without notice and we reserve the right to remove any individuals for any reason per the discretion only of a Community Admin, Community Manage or Founder of =ADK= Gaming Community.


    1) Exploiting/Glitching

    • Exploiting would be using known game bugs and mechanics to cheat the system.
    • Glitching would be using game mechanics to gain access to areas not normally available.

    2) Racism/Sexism

    • ADK Believe in freedom of speech but, Do not maliciously call people names. We understand that playful banter will happen, but it must not be malicious. 
    • Harassment of other players will not be tolerated, this includes but is not limited to race/religion/sex/heritage/sexual orientation. 
    • Racism and  Sexism in Chat, on Signage, Player names, Tribe Names or chat is NOT allowed.
    • Try to keep taboo subjects or politics off of the server. If you are asked to change the subject, do so.

    3) Advertising/Player Poaching

    • Advertising & Player Poaching - Zero tolerance. We don't recruit for our server in yours, so dont do it on ours.

    4) Tribe Issues

    • Staff is not responsible for the following (but not limited to) issues resulted from tribes:
    • Merging tribes and any issues that come from it.
    • Lost, Stolen, Missing and Deleted items/Dino's
    • Griefing, Practical jokes.
    • Disagreements and tribe member removals

    5) Land Grabbing

    • This basically means no setting down anything that claims land with the expressed purpose of saving the land or prevent others from building on it. (1)
    • Moving/Building near another tribe is allowed, but do NOT block their base (This means you can't build on more than two sides of an already existing tribe.)
    • Prohibiting access to a player's base
      (1) If we see it, we will destroy it.

    6) Blocking Access

    • Don't block rivers and routes to and from Bodies of water.
    • Bridge's - Build-able but do NOT block it completely (Leave a path to Access)
    • Cave's - This is allowed, but if Loot drops & Artifacts are inside it should not be completely blocked (Leave a path to Access)
    • Do NOT enclose Spawn Points or Supply Drops. If this is done there MUST be an unlocked door WITH signage readable to players stuck in your base or on the outside to come in for a drop on land dinosaurs.
    • No Excessively large bases/Fenced area's (Section Manager Discretion)

    5) Traps

    • Traps that are built MUST be taken down immediately when you are done using them
    • There are 2 admin traps on Ragnarok for public use (one Wyvern and one griffin by the green Obelisk), if people require more on other servers for any reason they may be built but they must belong to the public admin tribe
    • All other traps will be removed my admins with little to no notice depending on how reachable your tribe is.


    ******Rules are subject to change at anytime with/without notice, as a player it is your responsibility to keep up to date on all rules.********

    Arguing the rules with admins will not be tolerated. Temporary bans may be issued for players who disrespect admins doing their job, or refusing to follow rules.

  10. Here is the Voting Tally for December! Thank you to those who voted! Every vote counts and helps us bring in new players!

    In January please vote for Extinction, Ragnarok, and the Island. The more focused our voting is the more chances players will find our servers!

    Remember over 45 votes will get you an ascendant saddle blue print in game and top 3 can get an ascendant TEK Saddle!



      Ragnarok Island Aberration Scorched The Center Extinction Totals
    @Chachi 30 30 0 0 0 30 90
    @Chasaroonie 20 20       20 60
    @Bluefox 20 19       20 59
    @Kathiel 19 19       19 57
    @Siynn 12 11     1 13 37
    @ExionFatalis 12 12       12 36
    Xkillerdead 11 5 5     12 33
    @Feisty 11 10       11 32
    @Sav 6 6       6 18
    @Aciid 5 5       5 15
    john 1 0 3     4 8
    @irtristan 3 3       2 8
    @Fenrir 0 1       1 2
    Ash 1 0       1 2
    @Kohnor 1 0       1 2
    Email 0 0       1 1
    @Tellu 0 1 2   1   4
    @Markivo 1 1 1       3

  11. When: Dec 30 @ 3p PST // 5p CST // 6p EST

    Where: The Island at Green Obelisk


    Players MUST be able to provide their OWN dinosaurs for this event. This means that players wanting to attend must have bred dinos appropriate for the boss fights. (Rexes Yutti or Daeodons) that are bred enough to withstand the fight. If you have other dinosaurs you are thinking of bringing you MUST speak with an admin before hand and have it approved. Without a solid base, we dont stand a chance, so people cannot bring unbred dinosaurs that cannot hold their own in the boss fight.

    Players MUST be level 100 (There is no give or take on this this is the in game level required)

    Players attending MUST be in discord and able to hear (Talking is not required)

    Each player MUST bring at least 1 Artifact and 15 tributes of 3 different types (5 argent talons, 5 spino sails, 5 blubber for example). Admins will collect these artifacts and tributes and make sure the right combination is provided for each boss so long as each player does their part.


    *Element: Feisty will be collecting the element through out each boss battle. The total amount of element that is collected at the end of the event will be awarded to everyone!


    The plan is to do ALL the alpha bosses, but this will likely require more dinos than two per person, please bring EXTRA dinosaurs as you will likely not be able to attend all the bosses if you do not have further dinosaurs to contribute. We will use the BEST dinos for the dragon first, these are the most likely to be lost, the other bosses so not require as much so well bred back up dinos should suffice here.



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