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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. Hi, im Jougthon

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy the community and I'll see you on thursday i hope!
  2. Missed you guys

    Hey welcome back! What games are you playing these days?
  3. Hello, Zev here!

    Welcome! Its been awesome having you in the guild! Get the wife to post and apply also
  4. Uldir Raid Guide

    Taloc Tanks · At 100 Energy, the active tank must be sure to aim Cudgel of Gore at large patches of Blood Storm to soak them up. · Once the Cudgel of Gore cast is complete, use any movement speed abilities available to run from the area. · When the boss reaches 35%, be sure to tank the Coalesced Bloods that begin to spawn. · When off tanking, run over Volatile Droplets to prevent them from hitting your raid. Healers · Be sure to have raid healing spells ready for Cudgel of Gore. · Pay extra attention to players afflicted with Plasma Discharge. DPS · When Taloc reaches 35% Health, he will take 99% reduced damage and begin the Transition Phase. This lasts about 90 seconds, so plan cooldowns accordingly. Everyone · Drop Blood Storm as close together as possible. · Be at least 30 yards away from Taloc when he casts Cudgel of Gore. · Aim your camera down the elevator shaft during the Transition Phase to avoid Uldir Defensive Beams. · When Taloc turns to face the raid and casts Sanguine Static be ready to dodge out of the way. Positioning · Assign a spot in the room to drop Blood Storm and have the raid spread loosely near that area. · Have Taloc tanked in the center of the room. · When Taloc begins casting Cudgel of Gore, have the active tank run to the Blood Storm pile, while the raid runs away from the active tank. · During the Transition Phase, have the ranged positioned near the edge of the platform in order to call/mark safe spots for the melee and tanks. · At the bottom of the elevator have the raid loosely spread, and drop Blood Storm near the edges of the room, slowly shifting the raid clockwise or counterclockwise. 5. Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp We advise you to use Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp when the elevator reaches the bottom of the shaft in the Transition Phase. This will allow the DPS to clear out any remaining adds from the previous phase, and will give the healers a nice buffer to ease the somewhat chaotic transition. M.O.T.H.E.R. Tanks · Dodge Sanitizing Strike by side-stepping whenever it is cast. · Round up and tank the Remnants of Corruption when you are not tanking MOTHER. Healers · Have cooldowns ready for when your raiders pass through the Defense Grid. · Keep an eye on the Remnant of Corruption and be ready to react if they manage to get a cast of Clinging Corruption off. DPS · Focus down the Remnants of Corruption as you pass through the Defense Grid. Everyone · Crowd control and interrupt the Remnants of Corruption to prevent their casts. · Move across the Defense Grid in small groups, allowing your DPS to handle the adds, and your healers to top off the raid. · Do not stand in front of MOTHER so you can avoid Sanitizing Strike. · Run against Wind Tunnel. · Dodge Uldir Defensive Beam by moving into the safe zones. Positioning · Stand near the center of the room your group is in length-wise, to more easily react to Wind Tunnel and Uldir Defensive Beam. · Defense Grid causes line of sight, however AoE spells can affect targets on the other side. It is wise to position as close to the Defense Grid as possible to allow heals such as Essence Font or Wild Growth to bounce across. Equally, reticle-targeted spells like Ring of Peace Healing Rain, or Blizzard can be placed across the barrier. Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp We advise you to use Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp in the third room. The boss will take an additional 100% damage during this phase, dramatically increasing the Heroism/Bloodlust value. Fetid Devourer Tanks · Make sure you are stacked together so the off-tank is targeted by Terrible Thrash. This will happen every 4th melee swing. · Be prepared for Fetid Frenzy when the boss reaches 50% Health. Healers · Tanks are going to take a lot of damage, so be mindful if their Health. · Keep an eye on people with inflicted with Malodorous Miasma as it will transform into Putrid Paroxysmat the end of its duration. · Make sure that Shockwave Stomp pushes you back towards the targets that you are assigned to heal. · If tanking the Terrible Thrash, make sure to keep an eye on the boss's stacks, so you are able to know when the hit is coming. DPS · Be quick when swapping targets to kill the Corruption Corpuscles. · You can use Shockwave Stomp to knock you towards the Corruption Corpuscle you are assigned to kill. Everyone · Do not get knocked into the Corruption Corpuscle as they are spawning, as the waste falling from the ceiling will give you a stack of Malodorous Miasma. · Dodge Rotting Regurgitation. · When needed, counter Shockwave Stomp by using abilities like Blink, Transcendence, or other displacements. Positioning · Tank Fetid Devourer in the center of the room. · Dedicated tank healers should be positioned in such a way that they are knocked in the same direction as the tanks. · When the Corruption Corpuscles spawn, bring the boss to the closest one so the melee can cleave the two, while the ranged handle the farther one. Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp We advise you to use Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp when the boss reaches 50% and casts Fetid Frenzy. Not only will the DPS be able to capitalize on the burst window, but he tanks will be taking tremendous damage at this point, and giving healers a buffer to help keep them alive is an extra bonus. Zek'voz Tanks · Taunt swap after each Might of the Void combo, when the other tank has two stacks of Void Lash. · Aim Void Lash away from other players. Healers · Have raid cooldowns ready for Surging Darkness. · Be aware of where players with Roiling Deceit are running, as they will likely be out of range while dropping off their debuff. DPS · Burst down Silithid Warriors before they are able to damage the raid. · Save cooldowns for the final phase if you are assigned to catch the Orb of Corruption. Everyone · Be ready to move away from other players if you are targeted by Eye Beam. · Crowd control the Silithid Warriors to prevent them from reaching the raid. · Crowd control and interrupt the Nerubian Voidweavers to prevent their casts. · Drop Roiling Deceit around the edges of the room. · Make sure to avoid Roiling Deceit clouds, as spawning an add will likely result in a wipe. · Crowd control and interrupt players afflicted with Will of the Corruptor to prevent their casts. Positioning · Tank the boss near the center of the room. · In Phase One, loosely spread behind the boss so that Silithid Warriors do not spread out. · Players targeted by Eye Beams must move away from the group quickly. · In Phase Two, tank the boss on top of any adds that spawn. · Players with Roiling Deceit should drop it as far out as possible, near the edges of the room. · In Phase Three, tank the boss in the center of the room, and have players loosely spread behind the boss. Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp We advise you to use Bloodlust/ Heroism/ Time Warp in the final phase to help with healing from Titan Spark, as well as to synergize with Corruptor's Pact buff that will be spreading through the raid.
  5. Warfronts to gear!

    Hey folks! The horde has unlocked the warfront! This queue is open for the next 6 days. It appears that you get 1 cache for a 370 pc from running it the first time, and a 340 pc every time you complete it, talk about a crazy way to gear! Make sure you take advantage!
  6. Raid night Vote

    Alright folks if you are interested in raiding with the guild now is the time to say something! Post here or whisper Feisty in discord with interest, but also please select all the days that would work for you. Sorry Tuesday is out for now as thats the only night i know i wont be able to do it.
  7. I stumbled on this on accident but if you havent done this yet you need to! https://www.wowhead.com/quest=50973/the-hearts-power I went to go turn in the emissary today in silithus and Magni had a quest. Turns out after you reach max level he empowers your necklace to increase by 15 item levels! How this works: You farm reputation with the Champions of Azeroth. After each reputation level (Friendly, Honored, Revered ...) you get the quest. This quest gives you +15 item lvl to your Heart of Azeroth 280 (base) -> 295 (Friendly) -> 310 (Honored) -> 325 (Revered) -> 340 (Exalted - not sure)
  8. Uldir Unlock Schedule

    Here is the release schedule for the uldir raid starting with normal and heroic tomorrow. Sorry folks no raid finder yet! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20766606524
  9. Tips and Tricks: S+ Transfer Tool

    Quality post. Do you play on our ADK servers?
  10. Tzrollz's Introduction

    Welcome to ADK! Hope to see you around the discord!
  11. Keep in mind that the custom maps are very intensive and may not be compatible with annunaki... just putting that out there.
  12. Spinetree's Introduction

    Glad you are enjoying the community so far. What other games do you play? Anything else that the community has?
  13. Oliver intro

    Well hey! If you’re interested in playing wow with the adk community we have a guild on malganis horde. We will be playing more casually this xpac but hopefully getting well into heroic content at some point. Let me know if ya need an invite.
  14. Dexxterr_'s Introduction

    Hey welcome to the community. You can start by letting us know what games you’re currently playing
  15. Hi and G'Day

    Glad you’re enjoying the community.
  16. intro

    Hey welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy the community.
  17. Hello, RebornChampion / Jordan

    Hey Welcome! Glad youre enjoying the community!
  18. ADK Trainer Codes! Post below if you want to have your Trainer Code added so you can add people to friends and send and receive gifts! WARNING: Having someone successfully add you and sending them a gift WILL have a location attached to it. If you are at all paranoid about your location being known, do not send people you don't trust a gift. Post the following info and I will update this roster! ADK Name /// Trainer Name (so people can tell who is adding them) /// Trainer Code Feisty /// FeistyTV /// 9286 4956 0242 LtNoobslayer /// Cozener /// 5887 8125 9267 TerribleChild /// TerribleChild /// 6243 5335 8907 Kody /// DakotaLand /// 5543 8855 7254 Naru // Naruteitor // 2479 0701 4635
  19. Hey there folks! With the new expansion coming out The WoW section is hoping to expand. We are looking for more players to join the guild and be active and play together. In order to grow however we are going to need more people dedicated to working on this! This being said the WoW section is looking for people interested in staffing the section. We have positions open for the following: -WoW Adviser: This is a general guild officer type position. These people will work on recruitment for players and helping players by answering questions as much as possible. Eventually Advisers will become admins which we put a little more responsibility of planning and running events as well as dealing with more player issues. -Raid Leaders: We are looking to start raiding casually, but in order to do this we will need more than just me running the show. I am looking for individuals with raiding experience. People who have worked in an organized raid team previously who will be able to help out or run the show in a raid setting. People interested in this position will first be considered for an adviser position until we can see what kind of raid leader you can be! Raid leaders will also have input on who might become "class leaders" down the road. Keep in mind that our goal is to raid, but we will always do this with the multi-game community inclusiveness in our minds. If either of these positions interest you, please take a look at the requirements and application for staff in the link below. If you have any questions please feel free to message Feisty on discord (Feisty/Ki in game).
  20. Hope you and your friend come play with ADK on release!
  21. Battle Is Coming! Even as Azeroth’s wounds are tended, the shattered trust between the Alliance and Horde now proves hardest to mend. Amidst this age-old conflict, join your allies and champion your faction’s cause. New Events in Teldrassil and Lordaeron Beginning the week of July 24 and continuing for three weeks leading to the launch of Battle for Azeroth on August 14, experience the escalation of all-out war in Teldrassil, and later Lordaeron. A new chapter of the relentless conflict at the heart of the Warcraft saga is unfolding, and it’s time for you to take your place on the front lines! New Character Customizations The war with the Burning Legion has left orcs standing tall, a new posture option available to all orc player characters. Blood Elves now have access to golden eyes, as well as a few new faces. All of these new options are available at Barber Shops throughout Azeroth, and you can now alter your character’s skin color while you’re there. Player versus Player The PvP Honor and Prestige system has been updated. Your PvP progress in Legion has been converted into account-wide Honor levels, which you’ll continue to earn through PvP. All class specializations’ PvP Talents have been revamped. Hit default hotkey ‘N’ to get a look at your PvP Talents, and default hotkey ‘H’ to see the new PvP system. War Mode is Here You can now enable War Mode and venture out into a world full of others who have made the same dangerous choice. Enabling War Mode provides additional bonuses: All PvP Talents you’ve chosen will be available to use anywhere PvP can occur. You’ll gain an additional bonus to experience while leveling up. Earn additional bonus gold and Resources from World Quests. War Mode can be toggled on or off beginning at level 20 by visiting either Orgrimmar or Stormwind and setting your preference in the Talent pane (default hotkey ‘N’). Beware! Once you venture out in War Mode, all zones will become contested, including zones such as Northshire Abbey. Sanctuary areas will still be PvP free. Additional War Mode features such as Bounty Hunter and Air Drops will become available in the new zones of Battle for Azeroth. July 17, 2018 marks the end of the final Legion season of ranked PvP, and the post-season period has begun. Look for all the new PvP progression and rewards to unlock and become earnable after the launch of Battle for Azeroth in a few weeks. Strand of the Ancients and Ashran are no longer available. Social Features You can now create and join cross-realm social groups in World of Warcraft. Communities make it easier for you to find and play alongside adventurers who share common interests. Hit default hotkey ‘J’ to get started. Voice Chat is now available in all groups, Guilds, and Communities. Select the headset icon wherever you see it in game to talk with other players. Legacy Loot Mode Now, when you enter an instance at 11 levels or more above the maximum level of the content, Legacy Loot rules will be automatically enabled. Under Legacy Loot rules, drops will include a chance for all items that would drop for a full party or raid at the instance’s level. Classes Sargeras’ cruel, final blow dramatically impacted both Azeroth and all of its denizens. The power of every Artifact weapon has now been depleted. Some powers from Artifacts have now been incorporated into their specializations. Your characters that are just getting started in Legion content will still seek out and acquire Artifacts. Statistics In an effort to make displayed numbers more perceptible, values used for player and enemy statistics have been reduced throughout the game. This includes values such as item-level, damage, armor, health, and defense measurements. A number of spells and talents now again activate a global cooldown when used. Blood Elves' Arcane Torrent now removes 1 beneficial effect from all nearby enemies and restores 3% of your mana (previously silenced nearby enemies and interrupted non-player characters). All talents have been refunded for all specs. All classes and specializations have been updated for Battle for Azeroth. Death Knight Death’s Advance - Grants you increased movement speed and resistance to forced movement effects, knockbacks, and slows. Blood Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Consumption – Strikes all enemies in front of you with a hungering attack that heals you for 100% of its damage Hemostasis – Each enemy hit by Blood Boil increases the damage and healing done by your next Death Strike. Frost Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Frostwyrm’s Fury – Summon a frostwyrm who breaths on all enemies in a large area, dealing massive Frost damage. Obliteration – While Pillar of Frost is active, Frost Strike, Glacial Advance, and Howling Blast always grant Killing Machine and have a chance to generate a Rune. Unholy Army of the Dead and Raise Dead now have shorter cooldowns. Many other Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New spells and Talents include: Apocalypse – Brings doom upon the enemy, dealing damage and bursting Festering Wounds on the target. Summons an Army of the Dead ghoul for each burst Festering Wound. Grip of the Dead – Defile/Death and Decay reduces the movement speed of enemies within its area. Demon Hunter Demon Hunters have a new ability, Consume Magic – Consume a beneficial Magic effect from an enemy, removing it and granting you Fury or Pain. The spell previously named Consume Magic is now Disrupt. Demon Hunters now have Chaos Brand – Your Chaos damage (Havoc) or Fire damage (Vengeance) brands the target, increasing the magic damage the enemy takes from you and other players by 5%. Havoc Chaos Strike now has a consistent chance to refund Fury, instead of relying on critical strikes. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Immolation Aura – Engulf yourself in flames, dealing fire damage to enemies and generating Fury. Trail of Ruin – The final slash of Blade Dance inflicts additional Chaos damage over time. Vengeance Lesser Soul Fragments now heal based on damage recently taken (was previously a flat amount of healing). Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Charred Flesh – Fiery Brand increases the Fire damage you deal to the target. Gluttony – Consuming a Soul Fragment has as chance to activate Metamorphosis. Druid Druids now have Soothe – Soothes the target, dispelling all enrage effects. Travel forms now each have a separate ability in your Spellbook. Balance Solar Wrath now has a chance to grant Lunar Empowerment, and Lunar Strike has a chance to grant Solar Empowerment. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: New Moon – Deals damage to the target, generates Astral Power, and transforms into Half Moon and Full Moon. Twin Moons – Moonfire deals increased damage and also hits another nearby enemy. Feral Some Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Feral Frenzy – Unleash a furious Frenzy, clawing your target multiple times and causing a Bleed. Awards combo points. Tiger Dash – Activates Cat Form and greatly increases movement speed, reducing gradually. Guardian In Bear Form, Druids now generate Rage in the same way as Warriors, with Rage generated from both melee attacks dealt and melee attacks taken. Some Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. Restoration Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Photosynthesis – While your Lifebloom is on yourself, your periodic heals heal faster. While your Lifebloom is on an ally, your periodic heals on them have a chance to cause it to bloom. Hunter All Hunters now have Disengage as a baseline spell. Hunter Pet families now all belong to one of three specializations – Cunning, Ferocity, or Tenacity – and each specialization offers unique abilities, instead of stats. Hunters now have Command Pet – Commands your pet to perform its unique ability, based on the specialization of your active pet: Cunning: Master’s Call Ferocity: Primal Rage Tenacity: Survival of the Fittest Beast Mastery Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. Dire Frenzy is now Barbed Shot. New Talents include: Animal Companion – Your Call Pet additionally summons the first pet from your stable as a second companion to fight by your side. Killer Instinct – Kill Command deals increased damage against enemies below 35% health. Marksmanship The Marksmanship specialization has seen a major overhaul. Core Marksmanship abilities: Aimed Shot – A powerful shot that deals increased damage the first time it hits an enemy. Costs Focus. Rapid Fire – Fires a stream of shots at your target while moving. Generates Focus. Arcane Shot – A quick shot that deals Arcane damage. Costs Focus. Steady Shot – A steady shot that can be used while moving. Generates Focus. New Talents include: Double Tap – Your next Aimed Shot will fire a second time instantly without consuming Focus, or your next Rapid Fire will shoot additional shots. Streamline – Rapid Fire now lasts 30% longer. Survival The Survival specialization has seen a major overhaul, and is now an adaptive ranger who uses explosives and animal venom, in addition to coordinated attacks with their pet. Core Survival abilities: Raptor Strike – A vicious slash dealing heavy Physical damage. Costs Focus. Kill Command – Give the command to kill, causing your pet to savagely attack your enemy. Has a chance to immediately reset its cooldown. Generates Focus. Serpent Sting – Fire a poison-tipped arrow at an enemy, dealing Nature damage over time. Costs Focus. Wildfire Bomb – Hurl a bomb at the target, exploding for Fire damage in a cone. New talents include: Chakrams – Throw a pair of chakrams at your target, slicing all enemies in the chakrams’ path, then returning to you, damaging enemies again. Wildfire Infusion – Lace your Wildfire Bomb with extra reagents, randomly granting it one of three different enhancements each time you throw it. Mage Mages again have Arcane Intellect – increasing allies’ Intellect by 10%. Mages now have Remove Curse – Removes all Curses from a friendly target. Arcane Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. Arcane Missiles can now be launched at any time, with a Clearcasting proc sometimes making them free and fire faster. New Talents include: Amplification – When Clearcast, Arcane Missiles fires 1 additional missile. Reverberate – If Arcane Explosion hits at least 3 targets, it has a 50% chance to generate an extra Arcane Charge. Fire Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Pryoclasm – Consuming Hot Streak has a chance to make your next non-instant Pyroblast deal massive additional damage. Searing Touch – Scorch deals increased damage and is a guaranteed critical strike when the target is below 30% health. Frost Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Chain Reaction – Your Ice Lances against frozen targets increase the damage of your subsequent Ice Lances. Freezing Rain – Frozen Orb makes Blizzard instant cast and increases its damage. Monk Monks now have Mystic Touch – Your damage weakens the target, increasing Physical damage the target takes by 5%. All specs now have Leg Sweep baseline – Knocks down all nearby enemies and stuns them. Brewmaster Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Bob and Weave – Increases the duration of Stagger. Guard – Guard against future attacks, causing incoming damage that would have been delayed by Stagger to instead be prevented. Mistweaver Soothing Mist is once again a manually-cast channeled heal. While channeling Soothing Mist, Vivify and Enveloping Mist may be cast instantly on the target. Vivify now heals all targets that have Renewing Mist on them. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Rising Mist – Rising Sun Kick heals all allies with your Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, or Essence Font, and extends those effects. Upwelling – The longer Essence Font remains off cooldown, the longer the next cast of Essence Font may be channeled. The duration of its heal over time is increased. Windwalker Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Fist of the White Tiger – A powerful physical strike that generates 3 Chi. Tiger Tail Sweep – Increases the range of Leg Sweep and reduces its cooldown. Paladin Holy Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Avenging Crusader – An ability with a significant cooldown that causes your attacks to heal injured allies, increases your Crusader Strike, Judgment, and auto-attack damage, and speeds up the cooldowns of Crusader Strike and Judgment. Awakening – Light of Dawn has a chance to grant you Avenging Wrath for several seconds. Protection Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Redoubt – Avenger’s Shield bounces to an additional target and increases your Block. Unbreakable Spirit – Reduces the cooldown of your Divine Shield, Shield of Vengeance, and Lay on Hands. Retribution Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Selfless Healer – Your Holy Power spending abilities reduce the cast time and mana cost of your next Flash of Light, and increase its healing done. Wake of Ashes – Lash out at your enemies, dealing great damage to all enemies in front of you and reducing their movement. Demon and Undead enemies are also stunned. Generates 5 Holy Power. Priest Priests again have Power Word: Fortitude – Increases the Stamina of all raid and party members by 10% for 1 hour. Discipline Discipline Priests now know Desperate Prayer and Holy Nova. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Contrition – When you heal with Penance, everyone with your Atonement is healed. Luminous Barrier – Create a shield on all nearby allies that absorbs a fixed amount of damage for 10 seconds. Holy Renew now reduces the cooldown of Holy Word: Sanctify. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Cosmic Ripple – When Holy Word: Serenity or Holy Word: Sanctify finish their cooldown, you emit a burst of light that heals up to 5 injured targets. Holy Word: Salvation – Heals all nearby allies, and applied Renew and 2 stacks of Prayer of Mending to each of them. Cooldown reduced each time you cast Holy Word: Serenity or Holy Word: Sanctify. Shadow Mind Sear is again an active ability, causing damage to all enemies near the target, and generating Insanity. Shadow Priests now know Leap of Faith. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Dark Ascension – Immediately activates a new Voidform, then releases an explosive blast of pure void energy, damaging all nearby enemies and generating 50 Insanity. Dark Void – Unleashes an explosion of dark energy around the target, dealing damage and applying Shadow Word: Pain to nearby enemies. Generates 30 Insanity. Rogue Assassination Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Hidden Blades – Every 2 seconds, gain increased damage for your next Fan of Knives, stacking up to 20 times. Poison Bomb – Envenom and Rupture have a chance per combo point spent to smash a vial of poison at the target's location, creating a pool of acidic death that deals Nature damage over time to all enemies within it. Outlaw Saber Slash is now Sinister Strike. Run Through is now Dispatch. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Blade Rush – Charge to your target with your blades out, dealing great damage to the target and all other nearby enemies. While Blade Flurry is active, damage to nearby enemies is increased. Generates Energy. Loaded Dice – Activating Adrenaline Rush causes your next Roll the Bones to grant at least two matches. Subtlety Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Secret Technique – Finishing move that creates shadow clones of yourself. You and your shadow clones deal damage to both the primary target and nearby enemies. Shuriken Tornado – Focus intently, and then release a Shuriken Storm every second for the next 4 seconds. Shaman Tremor Totem and Earth Elemental are again available to all specs. Elemental Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Stormkeeper – Charge yourself with lightning, causing your next 2 Lightning Bolts or Chain Lightnings to be instant and trigger an Elemental Overload on every target. Unlimited Power – When your spells cause an elemental overload, you gain Haste. Enhancement Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Elemental Spirits – Reduces the cooldown of Feral Spirit and causes your Feral Spirits to be imbued with Fire, Frost, or Lightning. Totem Mastery – Summons four totems that increase your combat capabilities: Resonance Totem, Storm Totem, Ember Totem, and Tailwind Totem. Restoration Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Flash Flood – When you consume Tidal Waves, the cast time of your next heal is reduced by 20%. Earth Shield – Protects the target with an earthen shield, increasing your healing on them and healing them when they take damage. Warlock All specs now know Shadowfury – Stuns all nearby enemies. Warlock Healthstones no longer share cooldowns with potions. Affliction Affliction Warlocks now know Summon Darkglare – A Darkglare from the Twisting Nether that extends your damage-over-time effects on all enemies, blasts its target for Shadow damage, and is empowered by every damage-over-time effect you have active on any target. Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Creeping Death – Your Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, and Unstable Affliction deal their full damage 15% faster. Vile Taint – Unleashes an explosion at the target location, dealing damage over time to all nearby enemies and reducing their movement speed. Demonology Demonology Warlocks now know Summon Demonic Tyrant – A Demonic Tyrant that increases the duration of all of your current demons by 15 seconds while damaging your target. This specialization has received a major overhaul. New Talents include: Dreadlash – When your Dreadstalkers charge into battle, their Dreadbite attack now hits all nearby targets and deals additional damage. Summon Vilefiend – Summons a Vilefiend from Argus to fight for you. Destruction Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Grimoire of Supremacy – While you have an Infernal active, each Soul Shard spent increases the damage of Chaos Bolt by 8%. Dark Soul: Instability – Infuses your soul with unstable power, increasing your critical strike chance by 30% for 20 seconds. Warrior Warriors again have Battle Shout – Increases the Attack Power of all allies by 10% for 1 hour. Arms The Arms specialization has seen adjustments to many core abilities: Overpower is now baseline – Overpower the enemy, dealing Physical damage and increasing the damage of your next Mortal Strike or Execute. Sweeping Strikes is now baseline – For 12 seconds, your single-target damaging abilities hit 1 additional nearby target for 75% damage. Tactician affects Overpower instead of Colossus Smash – Spending Rage as a chance to reset the cooldown of Overpower. Colossus Smash is now a major cooldown – Smash the enemy’s armor, dealing heavy Physical damage and increasing damage you deal to them. Mastery: Deep Wounds – Striking an enemy with Mortal Strike, Execute, or Bladestorm inflicts Deep Wounds, dealing heavy Bleed damage over time. New Talents include: Sudden Death – Your attacks have a chance to make your next Execute cost no Rage and be usable on any target regardless of their health. Warbreaker – Replaces Colossus Smash. Smash the ground and shatter the armor of all nearby enemies, increasing damage you deal to them. Fury Battle Cry is now Recklessness – Go berserk, increasing all Rage generation by 100% and granting your abilities increased critical strike chance. The Fury specialization has seen adjustments to some core abilities: Bloodthirst now has a consistent chance to Enrage you, instead of relying on critical strikes. Raging Blow now has 2 charges, has a chance to immediately reset its own cooldown, and no longer requires Enrage. Whirlwind now generates Rage per target hit. Furious Slash is now a talent, and the effects of the Frenzy talent have been combined with it. New Talents include: Meat Cleaver – Whirlwind has a chance to Enrage you and generates additional Rage per target hit. Siegebreaker – Break the enemy’s defenses, dealing physical damage and increasing your damage done to the target. Generates Rage. Protection Protection Warriors now know Avatar, Intimidating Shout, and Rallying Cry Many Talents and PvP Talents have been adjusted. New Talents include: Bolster – Last Stand’s cooldown is reduced, and it causes you to block all melee attacks. Menace – Intimidating Shout disorients enemies for an additional 4 seconds, and it causes all enemies to cower in fear instead of fleeing.
  22. [DinoStorage] DownloadRelease=True //This function adds a check to see if the dinosaur would be downloadable onto the server before allowing to release. Essentially blocking non aberration dino's on aberration. ReturnTrapper=True //This function returns a soul trap to you when you release the dinosaur contained in it. StoreSaddle=True //This function allows a saddle a dino is wearing to be stored with it. It will keep all its statistics, but paint jobs to the saddle will be lost, but skins will remain. VaultTerminal=True //This function essentially makes the soul storage act as a vault. Meaning if the ground below it is broken, it will not break, it will drop. Dino's are meant to not be claimable by another player for 31 days, terminal decay timer is 31 days so that is perfect.
  23. the latest town square stream is insane! its really coming together.
  24. Unfortunately with me being away this month my staff were only able to gain access to the top 10 voters per server instead of the full list I have access too. If your name isn't on here thank you for voting this month! @Markivo @Chasaroonie @Kody @Mayres457 @jayrestexas @Sav @Kathiel Enjoy your free saddle BP for the month! (Or negotiate for another BP of your choosing with feisty) (No i wont do weapons =P ) Name Island Ragnarok Aberration Center Scorched Totals Markivo 29 29 29 87 Chasaroonie™ 26 26 26 78 Parzival 22 22 22 66 marci.ayres 18 18 4 14 54 Kathiel 26 13 6 6 51 john_ayres 17 17 17 51 Kiwi 13 16 2 15 46 TSVeeVee 5 5 5 15 Feisty 4 5 3 12 DaemonDragon 5 5 10 Lokaal 4 3 1 8 Zeus™ 1 2 2 5 MavRoc 1 1 2 Feisty 2 2 Whyte Tygress 1 1

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