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  1. Hey guys, hate to have to make this a thing, but the trap building is getting out of hand on the server. I half expected this to happen but I thought we could just remind people that this was a rule and it would just take care of itself. It's more my fault for not paying attention and building an admin trap sooner, but now we gotta do this =P This rule is now going to apply to extinction. Like we did with Ragnarok, players will have 2 days to take down their traps before they are demolished on site. If you need a time extension to take down your trap because of real life commitments then please shoot me a whisper. WITH THAT BEING SAID. We don't yet have any admin claimed traps located on the map. Please put some input here on what exactly it is you need. Include screenshots of your trap (Maybe we'll even ask one of ya'll to build the admin trap in a central snow biome location) Either way, you can expect one to be built at some point this coming week/weekend. In the mean time please take down ALL traps you have placed already, and note the rule above. If your trap is attached to your base, or extremely close to it then it is in the clear. If you have a question about if a trap is acceptable please take screen shots from a few angles and show distance from your base and send me the screen shots via discord. Thanks for your cooperation! (PS. I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS NEED FOR A COMMUNITY TRAP SO PLEASE SHOW ME)
  2. We are SO excited about how the extinction server is going! We are also excited about the traffic in the discord, its so awesome to see everyone helping each other and communicating, this is the community dream! Sometimes however, people need to get away from the loud and excitable moments that happen in the open channels, and we've opened up some new channels to help with this, but they come with some rules... The point of these channels is to temporarily have a private channel to be able to be able to communicate clearly about what you are working on. So the rules are as follows: This channel is meant for smaller groups of about 2-4 people, should your activity involve more people then an OPEN chat channel should be used and anyone who joins the channel should respect that any communication in the channel should be used towards this activity (Don't be afraid to tell people that this channel is being used for X right now so if you're gonna talk about other stuff you should move to another channel.) Private channels are for temporary use only while dealing with specific communication for shorter bursts of needing silence for example, chasing a dino and too many people are talking in the current channel. If you want a quieter channel just because its too loud in general then you should choose a different OPEN chat channel. The first person to join this channel becomes the channel "Leader" by default only people associated with that persons tribe can enter without express permission. For example if Kody and Feisty are taming an owl they jump into a PRIVATE channel, Crankygrandma does not have permission to join that channel because she is not in the tribe. The only exception to this rule is staff who are on staff business or verifying channel usage, but they will do their best not to disrupt your activities. As soon as you are done the activity that required you to not be disturbed, (Your cave is complete, or your dino has been tamed) you must leave the channel in a timely manner, this doesn't mean you have to join a channel with 15 people, but you should vacate to another Open channel to open communication with other tribes once more as well as opening the channel's availability for others. THESE CHANNELS WILL NOT BE USED TO EXCLUDE PEOPLE FROM CONVERSATION OR AS GENERAL TRIBE ONLY COMMUNICATIONS - THIS IS NOT GOOD COMMUNITY PRACTICE AND SHOULD THESE CHANNELS BE ABUSED IN SUCH A WAY THEY WILL BE REMOVED.
  3. Hello

    Welcome! Glad you game but we all know you’re doing it for the image imbed! haha kidding but also serious.... glad to see you on the forums
  4. Hi Fredo

    Yay! Glad to see you on the forums!
  5. Hiya!

    Happy to have you around the community!!!! Maybe I'll be seeing you guys around the wow section sometime soon.
  6. Hello friends

    Its been nice to have you around the community and I'm glad you've made your way to our ARK Section. I was still hoping that we would get to see you in the wow section =P Let me know if you have any questions about that!
  7. Hello

    Hey @Anonymous V ADK actually has our own GoG Alliance on Kingdom 7. If youre interested in starting over with us, click the discord button at the top and feel free to whisper me there =)
  8. Extinction Server Information

    Our Mod list has been updated to reflect the above (The old mods are still on there so that people can subscribe for the hive as well) but make sure you subscribe to all and download the new mods! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1178754796
  9. Just wanted to let you guys know that Kody is going to be taking a step back from Admin for the time being. He is busy with school and work and keeping a positive lifestyle, because of this, hes found that he has precious little time to play. Sometimes being an admin can be pretty time demanding, especially with so few in the position at the moment. We have decided together that it's probably better for Kody to be filling an adviser position right now so that when he does have time to play he can enjoy the game while socializing with our players rather then spending hours working behind his admin menu. Basically this means that he will not be responsible for spawning of donor purchases for you guys anymore or solving in game issues but will still be around to socialize and help players with questions and passing of information. All this being said, we do need more advisers and admins within the section (even before he made the shift) so if anyone is interested in helping out in a staff capacity please message me in discord and we talk talk about it. =)
  10. Hi!

    Hey welcome to the forums. I play overwatch as well, maybe will see you around the community
  11. Noous

    glad you enjoyed the raid tonight! Look forward to seeing you around raids ^_^
  12. I have been approached by the developer of Dino Storage. He is in need of a larger community such as ours to stress test some of the changes he has mad on his Beta version of his mod. Thursday evening around 6pm I will ask players who are willing to participate to log out on Ragnarok as I make a copy of the Server. I will load the copy server up (and unhive it) for our testing purposes. We will all log into this server and I will walk us through what we need to test at this time. We need AT LEAST 5 people to test the data load effectively enough to stress the mod to the max, the more players the better. I will also be force crashing this server during testing (Causing a roll back) to see how the data of the mod reacts. This whole testing process should take no longer than an hour and a half once the server is up and ready to go. PLEASE consider coming to help with this process as the developer has bent over backwards to fix problems for our community specifically and has made changes based on ADK's needs more than a few times now, it would be nice to give back and help.
  13. LAST CLUSTER WIPE DATE: Approx Jan 16th, 2018 Mods Removed: Death Recovery, Upgrade Station General Changes made: Max Player and Dino level lowered to 200, EXP Rate lowered, Dino Exp Per level Customized. NEXT CLUSTER WIPE DATE: TO BE DETERMINED Planned Mod Changes: None at this time Planned Server Changes: Our experience values were heavily modified a long time ago, and have become a giant monster, we plan on fixing this and restoring the server to a proper x5 XP set up using the official server experience curves. (If this doesn't make sense please whisper Feisty in Discord, its a doozy to explain.) ____________________________________________________ The ADK Hived Servers are Scheduled to be wiped every 12 to 18 months. When a wipe takes place the Admin staff will be refining our servers for a better player experience. We will be going over player feedback and making changes where possible. (Rates, Mods, Rules) The Admin team reserves the right to wipe the servers early when major changes to the servers are required. For example a mod is broken and no longer supported that most players use and will effect current bases or player characters (Most of the server built their entire base using Structures and keeps but the mod needed to be removed.) We will only resort to this under extreme circumstances. Wipe Protocol: Donation Purchases: Players who donated up to 6 months prior to the wipe (flexible if you miss the cut off by a few weeks with a purchase) will have their purchases credited back to them. You may receive the same purchases or use your balance towards other store purchases to get you back on your feet. For example. Feisty bought 1 small dino - $10, 3 Ascendant Flak sets - $15, and 5 Dino Paint jobs - $5. She now has $30 Dollars Credit and Buys 2 Flak sets - 10$ and 2 Small Dinos - $20. This balance must be used within a month of the wipe date, with the exception of credit that was used for TEK or Element related purchases. Should you choose not to use this credit for another donor pack, the credit for those packs can be held until requirements are met once again. (Completion of boss fights for element purchases OR caves for TEK suits) Returning Players: Approx. 48 hours prior to the wipe, the dino soul recovery file is going to be wiped, at this time players can ball a single dinosaur that they want to have returned after the wipe. Normal Boss Fight Dinosaurs will NOT be permitted. (Rexes, Yuti, Daeodons, Spinos) The purpose of this is to allow players to keep a single prized dinosaur, or a dinosaur to ease them on their new beginning, but not to allow players to easily overcome the boss fights immediately after the wipe. Wiping the servers on a schedule is very healthy for continued growth within the community as well as giving the Admin team a deadline to make changes to make our servers better for our players. I know that some players do not enjoy wipes, and we will unfortunately never be in a position where the entire player base will be ready, but we will do our best to make the transition as painless as possible for those who remain loyal to the community.
  14. Hatching times dont really matter as much considering the animals still have a breeding cool down. You have about half the time to wait for things to incubate than before, but you still have to wait for your rexes to be breedable again. The Whole point of the change was to make breeding gestated animals viable, where before It was really nearly unbearable and a large amount of our players just never bothered due to the hours it took just waiting for them.
  15. Not really when you consider that at x5 a horse and anything larger than a horse gestate for 2 hours and 40 mins or more.

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