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  1. Lets play!

    Hey League people! I am brand new to ADK and am looking for some people to play with! So if any of yall are interested I'll be on for most of today just messing about. I am a support main and my IGN is "Squeakel" add me and come join!
  2. Howdy yall! I am Squeakel, I've been gaming for about 13 years now, I've been part of many different communities over the years and have been looking for a new one for about 3 months now! I stumbled upon this one in a Reddit thread made yesterday and said: "What the hell, it seems nice". Who I am in a nutshell: I am a first-year college student studying to become a doctor(so my gaming schedule can get wonky around test times), I was raised in The Republic of Ireland and central Texas making my vocabulary quite odd(I will call you mate and say yall a lot), I am a support main in almost all games since I most enjoy helping improve other's experiences, and most of all I enjoy fun. Games should be fun win or lose that is my philosophy, I am not one to rag on people or to flame or things like that, as long as we are all having a good time I am happy. I love League of Legends, Overwatch(PC), and Rocketleague(PS4) the most atm but I am always up to try new games. I look forward to playing with everyone!

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