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    Discord Admin | Recruitment Manager

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    League of Legends, God of War, Music, Youtube, and Twitch.

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    Windows 10
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    Intel Core i5-8600k Six-Core 4.1 GHz
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    GTX 1660ti
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    EVGA 750W
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    Corsair RGB 16.0 gigs
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    500 gig, 160 SSD
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    Audio-Technica AT2020
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    ASUS VS238H-P 23" Full HD 1920x1080
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    Corsair RGB k70 Rapid Fire Keyboard

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  1. Happy Holidays Seagull!!!

  2. I am finally back, my pc was broken

    1. AOBLXIX




  3. Hello

    Welcome to adk if you are interested in joining us for our custom games, we host them on Sundays 7pm central time! Feel free to join the discord to just hangout as well, hope to see you on the rift
  4. Hello I am Twitch

    Welcome to ADK If you want to try LoL let me know
  5. Introducing iCrYpT

    Welcome to ADK
  6. I'm TayZo!

    Hi, welcome to ADK if you ever want to play LoL just hit me up on discord
  7. Intro Post

  8. hi

    1. AOBLXIX



    2. Bobby




  9. Anyone playing God of War 4?

    I just got the game recently and I am enjoying it so much. I think they made another amazing game, and I am very content with how the game turned out. The graphics and game play are incredible and I am having a blast playing it. Let me know what you think
  10. Names Raiden :)

    Welcome to ADK Cool to see that you've been playing for quite awhile. I have been playing for a long time now but I've never played seriously. I am trying to get better and climb before the season ends.
  11. Hi, i'm Arcadian!

    Welcome to ADK
  12. Introduction Post

    Welcome to ADK
  13. Hey folks!

    Welcome to adk If you're interested in playing league, just hop in the league channel in discord with us We also have inhouses at 7pm central time on Sundays!

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