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  1. Goodbye!

    Hey all, I've decided that its time for me to remove myself from adk. its been a good run and for those that I've met and who I've played with thanks for the good times and laughs. And to those I still talked to I hope to see you around. Thanks -Cliff
  2. Warframe

    Anyone here play? add me on steam vLxChip
  3. Hello there.

    I like this guy @NadeSource
  4. Poll to keep Caspian ALIVE!

    My understand was that this was gunna be a removal of only one server, Which is why I made this. I was told that one was gunna be removed and the other to stay, but in the case that both need to be removed for money reasons okay 
  5. Caspian Gone? Say it isn't so!

    haha back and forth on opposite topics, I understand that, But With the news that caspian is gunna be removed over rush is the reason im doing this. Let me get across I'm doing this for future reasons (IF WE DECIDE TO GET RID OF A BF3 SERVER) 
  6. Poll to keep Caspian ALIVE!

    Okay great, Its not rank #1 in the world but so what? Dont get me wrong I have no fuckin idea what rank has to do with it, But as I see it, as in my opinion I think we should keep something that a majority of people want, And populating it? Hell yeah i'll jump on there when im bored out of my ass and play it, Thats not a problem, But i'll tell you I wont populate rush, because none of our community members play it, I'd populate it if it was fun to play, But I dont favor rush, I favor caspian, so does other people, and people who play on the server.  I know rush is probably going to come out on top for reasons like its caspian is not a better rank then Caspian, Cool.. But if we are getting rid of it because of certain peoples preferences and going against what members feel is right and enjoy playing that certain game mode is wrong. WHAT I'm basically trying to say is I'm in favor of what is right for our members. I wouldn't get rid of something that our BF3 members enjoy playing, I don't see a reason like it not being rank #1 in the world so we are gunna remove and keep something that we don't play. In my head it doesn't make sense at all to get rid of something that we play, rather then keeping something that a bunch of random people on the internet play. Why not do it for the members and for the people who are actually on the inside like myself, Thump, Zep, and the other BF3 people. So if we enjoy something more then something else then why dont we actually remove that something that no one really wants. If it means more money for the community then cool, go for it.. but it really disappoints me to see something that McThump and I and many others really like playing to go. It will always be a place to have fun. And if it must go then so be it. I really want the best for the BF3 community and I feel getting rid of our favourite Vehicle server a sad and foolish thing to do.  ( General post to others, Not directly pointed at nova)  -Thanks @Novaura no need to comment with anything on the other post, I've read it. 
  7. Poll to keep Caspian ALIVE!

    As you can obviously see, Caspian has been having a better population in our BF3 section, Even though BF3 is slowly dying, our caspian server will always be one of the more popular servers out of all our servers. I feel that we need to keep caspian over rush because rush isn't popular around us BF3 locals. No one in the BF3 section wants to play rush and thats why we go to caspian. I feel getting rid of a server that our community actually wants to play and wants to keep is going against our standards and ways of going about things. Its common sense, If we have members that favor something like caspian and enjoy playing it then why would we get rid of it? to suit population issues? if thats the case then get rid of rush.. Caspian brings us more enjoyment and players then any servers besides no ex.  AS A CASPIAN PLAYER AND FORMER ADMIN, PLEASE CONSIDER KEEPING IT! FOR THE BF3 COMMUNITY!!  [attachment=3033:chart (1).jpeg]  
  8. Caspian Gone? Say it isn't so!

    Getting rid of Caspian is a stupid move. Caspian server will always be a classic server and will always bring vehicle based gameplay to the best possible. Caspian is doing way better then rush. Keeping rush is fuckin stupid. I am fully against it. I don't play rush, No one here plays rush, Thump doesn't play rush, so why keep it? Like honestly, Thump and I played rush together since I first joined ADK. Thats the soul reason I joined ADK. I've said this before, I'll say it again, Caspian will always be better then rush, But of course since it's something that we are getting rid of anyway, My opinion is gunna get shot down and BF managers are gunna do what ever. And on that topic, Why can't we keep a server that more people feel that is better? like, Come on.. Look at this thread, this is all people that played BF3 on caspian and had fun doing it, and also want to keep it? No one here plays rush, We've always had a bigger caspian population then rush? Like how much simpler can it get? Why don't you BF managers actually ask us players if we want to keep one server or another? If we really wanted to get rid of rush, and no one cared you would see this thread saying getting rid of caspian is basically a bad idea? You obviously see us BF3 people saying keep it for a reason... BECAUSE WE ENJOY IT! we want caspian and not rush! 
  9. Canada eh?

    Shut up chug 
  10. Have fun

    Ha! Game is just great! 
  11. So, I take it its worth the 60$? 
  12. Flying Jets

  13. Maybe no explode needs reading impaired support?

    I agree fully
  14. Kidding me EA, You're a piece of shit fix your fucking servers so I can play the game I bought for 60 bucks you cunts

  15. Everyone on reddit is still freaking out about the dude with two dicks... @Zepppster


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