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  1. Hey, I'm Liz!

    Hi Liz Nice to have you here look forward to playing all sorts of games with you
  2. YO

    I play league but im sure you already knew that and i like uhhhh all cookies
  3. What would be your anime name :P

    Mine Would always be Timo-sama HueHue
  4. Dragonball Super?

    so im far behind i just got done watching the god dragon he looks pretty cool. ive been binge watching this for the past 2 days lol
  5. Hockey

    i dont really understand hocky but ill watch it
  6. [Poll] Super Bowl 51 - Your Pick To Win?

    i know this is past buti really wanted ATL to win just cause i really dont like the Pats
  7. YO

    YO YO YO the names timo, but you can call me cookies or whatever you please. I look forward to playing with every single one of you thanks for taking the time to read this and have a great day...

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