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  1. Feliciations

    Welcome fellow survivor. See you in game
  2. Huge Test Update

    Greetings Survivors! In the Fall of 2016, we began to assemble a new team that was directed to change and reinvigorate Just Survive. Ultimately, our goal was to challenge the survival genre with a new direction – a hard left turn, you might say. We understood that a shift as radical as this could please many fans while being undesirable to others, though we also believed that these changes would bring in new players. On August 15th 2017 we took the first step towards our goal with the release of Badwater Canyon, followed over the course of two months with several substantial updates. Many current and new players embraced these changes, showing agreement with the vision on the horizon, and we thank everyone for that. In September 2017, the decision was made to move forward with a second shift, but in a far more familiar direction. That shift was developed in parallel with the recent update including Resolution Ridge, and is making its way to the Test Server today. With this new update, we will spend several weeks iterating the large adjustments we’ve made to the core game before this new direction is published to Live. Given the gravity of the changes it is important to test this at scale and get this content in front of our players for feedback as quickly as possible. Bugs and issues are to be expected on the Test Server, as our team will be moving quickly to implement everything below and more. We will be collecting feedback through multiple channels, and you can expect additional information in the weeks to come. One important note before we get to the changelog for this update is that you may have seen that H1Z1 is planning to remaster Z1. While H1Z1 and Just Survive started from the same base, as development has broadened over the years the two games have become very different from each other, both with regard to what all of you see and experience, and the programming underneath. It’s best to consider each game as a separate entity moving forward. In this update, you will find the following major changes: Base Changes: Base Foundations are now free-placeable and snap together Snapped Base Foundations are limited to four per player Players cannot build foundations next to other player’s foundations or inside POIs Component crafting costs have been reduced Component hitpoints and damage resistances have been buffed Wood Components are now impervious to melee weaponry Metal Components are now impervious to melee AND firearms Height limits for Bases have been removed – These are now only governed by Piece limits Map Updates: The legacy map, “Z1” is now playable on all Test Servers (this is not the H1Z1 remaster) Badwater Canyon is no longer available on Test – it will be available on select Live servers when this update is published to Live Trees, rocks, and cars on Z1 have been updated to use the Badwater Canyon harvesting mechanics Some exploitable map geometry has been fixed Raiding Changes: Raids are no longer timed Raid Shields have been removed Destruction of Base Components during a raid is now permanent Gameplay Changes: Players can now choose their respawn location (Z1 Ruleset) Location-specific quest lines return, with updated requirements and loot All tiers of .308 rifles kill in a single headshot through helmets of any quality Military Vendors and Golden Eagle Coins are removed Military Base Snipers and Safe Zones are removed Stronghold & Military Base Spawning are removed Ethanol can be crafted from corn and yeast Gasser zombies return to Just Survive – these noxious zombies burst into a cloud of poison gas on death Banshee zombies return to Just Survive – these deadly zombies have disorienting, zombie-attracting screams Exploder zombies return to Just Survive – these dangerous zombies violently explode upon death Note that the following improvements made during the transition to Badwater Canyon have been carried through to Z1: Reitemization & loot balancing, including tiered weaponry and armor Combat balance / health and damage values Improved zombie visuals and gameplay Improved anti-cheat countermeasures Improved Shacks and Stashes The following Known Issues with this build are in active development and do not need to be reported: Free-placed items (ie, punji sticks) cannot be placed near shacks by the owner of the shack The in-game map screen legend is out of date (raids / shields will not show on the map) Your Stronghold and the Strongholds you are associated with do not show on the in-game map Zombies can sometimes get stuck Barricades may not place correctly on certain windows or doors Foundation Icon shows a wooden deck instead of the stone foundation Using the wrong tool to harvest (ie, a crowbar on a rock) will play the harvesting animation Raid History in the Stronghold Tab is non-functional (and will be removed) Additional polish, zombie navigation, and collision updates for Z1 Gasser and Exploder zombies may not detonate correctly on death When reporting an issue, please provide the following (you can copy/paste this as a handy template) Summary: (brief sentence) Reproduction Steps: (what did you do to arrive at the bug?) Expected Outcome: (what do you believe should happen when you do the above?) Actual Outcome: (what actually happened?) Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!
  3. Server Events Ideas!

    i say raft racing for dino's, maybe a giga with a bionic giga skin
  4. Saying HI

    Welcome, you name the game you been wanting to play, we got people playing it. Hope to gamewith you and welcome to a good group of peeps.
  5. Malexry Bio

    welcome to the community, sound like a battler to me, not into csgo but im a king of the kill and pubg player, Glad to meet ;you and look forward to gaming with you
  6. Helloooooo

    Welcome to ADK, see some games i play in your list, hope to team up sometime
  7. Introduction

    welcome to the community, hope to game with you in the future
  8. My Return To ADK

    welcome back
  9. Greetings fellow gamers!

    welcome to the site
  10. MAJOR S+ structures update

    looks to be great
  11. ARK Box Maintence

    pretty sure it just restarted cuz i got disconnected
  12. Benjen

  13. Hellooo

    Welcome and enjoy. Let me know if you need anything
  14. Hi, my name is..

    Welcome and have fun my friend
  15. Hej!

    Welcome to the clan enjoy playign with you

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