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  1. Placement results !

    Hey guys Lets post your placement results so we can all share the pain
  2. Well , insanity is my second name
  3. Atlanta 2017 – Day Four Summary

    NaVi will take it , is that s1mple
  4. Nice , cant wait to hit some 120ms 360 flying headshots
  5. omg its happening !!!! zennnnn boooooiiii <3 and rein <3 two of my mains looove it already <3 and i have already 5k golds so ill get them asap yehaaa
  6. For both definitely pale lagers Sent from my VFD 700 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  7. Thanks everyone for amazing evening ! sadly i got bit too drunk to stay up till inhouses but still it was amazing first day with you guys
  8. Regarding the ADK servers

    Ok lets hope EA will reelease it soon then , thank you man
  9. Regarding the ADK servers

    So i read the thread about the servers , i searched in browser for ADK but nothing pops up , are they still up of whats the situation ?
  10. I hope so too :( zenn would be nice , i missed Nuttcracker sadly so i need some nice skin for zen :/
  11. Anyone knows if there will be more skins ? I saved my golds for this , since Kaplan said there is something coming after new years and i expected this . But i dont play Dva or Mei :(
  12. Thank you ! Lovely to see , games on friday are ok to me , since im woke up till oblivion anyway and i have NA LoL account aswell so everything is awesome ))
  13. Hello everyone , lets take this quick , my name is Lucas and im 26 y.o. from Czech Republic. Games are huge part of my life and i used to be heavily competitive but as i grew older i started to switch more to the casual side ( Well i still love to get my SR in OW high and i like to win , im tryharding but not with attitude that many of youngsters have these days. You know what im talking about , yelling , flaming , blaming - nah not for me i like to chill and win and have fun , thats what games are for in the end ) , thats why im searching for community to have fun with and to win many many games with. My main game is Overwatch , this game took my life atm. I also play lots of CSGO,Battlefield 4/One,TOS,LoL even world of tanks - lets just say it like that , when i have no one to play with on OW i play lots of games. Im gonna be honest , im not sure if you guys are only UK or USA or everyone is welcome , but connection is not issue for me im blessed with good enough provider to play with nice pings almost everywhere. So thats why i decided to straight post here before doing more research. Well thats me in the nutshell , i just read policies & rules really quick and get exicted too much. Hope to play with ya all soon™

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