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  1. The Japanese stuff!

    and, it doesn't just heal the soldier, it heals whoever does the damage. it's just like the Mad milk. The kunai is neat because of it's secondary effect: it forces players to play aggresively. To stay alive, you need to keep killing. Same with all of them, really. the sword heals you when you kill, the conch heals everyone when they kill, and the fan makes it easier to kill, so really they make everyone actually fight. Plus, the katana's 1-hit kill thing is pretty neat too. Plus, I think you have the kunai a bit wrong. you have 60 max health, and it add however much health your victim has to your own in a slowly-decaying overheal, so killing a full-health scout or spy would give you +120 health (since the max is 180) That being said, the kunai does need a buff. Maybe it could make the spy run faster or decloak faster. Or maybe decrease the health cut or increase the max overheal. The conch needs a buff too; 20% heal is not very much; maybe something more like 50%, since it's so hard to fill the rage meter as it is.
  2. account

    Can we get back on your friends list now?
  3. Welcome to the New Website!

    I'mma back! I like the new website!

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