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    Misawa Japan

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    Nerf GP Plz

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    Win 10
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    Aorus z370 Gaming 7
  • Processor
    i7 8700k
  • Graphics
    Nvidia Geforce 1080 ti
  • PSU
    Corsair Gold 850 Modular
  • RAM
    16 Gb Corsair vengence lpl ddr4 2400
  • Storage
    5 tb combined
  • Audio
    Astro A50
  • Monitor
    LG 34" 4k ultrawide
  • Case
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    Razer Black Widow Ultimate. Razor Naga Wireless

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  1. Eris

    Hello, those dogs are adorable!!
  2. Hellooo

    Hello and welcome to the community! I'm mainly on WoW but i do occasionally play Overwatch.
  3. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the community!
  4. Hello!

    Hello and welcome to the community! I hope to see you on WoW!
  5. Hey!

    Hello and welcome to the community!!! I hope to see you arround.
  6. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the community!!
  7. WoW: "Guild Days" AKA Events!

    Sounds like a great idea to get everyone geared for pushing keystones. I will be on for the weekend events, but sadly with conflicting time schedules i cant make the tuesday, bummed about that one :( .
  8. Hello

    Welcome to the community!
  9. Hello! =]

    Hello and welcome!
  10. I'm new c:

    Hello and welcome to the community!
  11. Hey ADK

    Hello and welcome to the community!
  12. Hey guys

    Hello, Welcome to the community!
  13. Hello, World

    Hello, I'm also in Korea and i play LoL and WoW quite frequently. I'm always on the discord if you want anyone to play with you on local time.
  14. Hello, Brandon here

    Hello there and welcome to the community
  15. Hey League Players o/

    i sent you an add

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