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  1. Section of the Month - November 2016

    Right on guys, Great news! Sent from my LGMS330 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  2. Hey Guys The Names Reeebz, only Reebz!

    also the other game i play is Tom Clancy's Division im still low rank but if anyone is down to play that on Uplay let me know an ill add you. thanks!
  3. Hey Guys The Names Reeebz, only Reebz!

    yeeee guys ive been on discord for a few days now, i dont know anybody only a few people but yeah im always down to play any kind of game if i got it ill join it ps also here is my steam profile it be easy if you guys add me, @Rosebud an anyone eles here is my steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/rebz
  4. Hey Guys The Names Reeebz, only Reebz!

    ^Thanks dude that would be awesome if i do, talked to a few people on discord they seem very kick back an chill an i do like the discord client, im so used to teams speak n vent that this is somthing new to me but i like it
  5. Hey Guys The Names Reeebz, only Reebz!

    Thanks dude i just need to find a list of your servers so i can have them as my favorites of my games
  6. Hey Guys The Names Reeebz, only Reebz!

    sorry bud i mean im rank 15 in csgo im silver aswell
  7. Hey Guys The Names Reeebz, only Reebz!

    Hey guys thank you for replying an Right on Soap91 im silver 15 i think but i play a bunch of other steam games i couldnt list all of them though, i plan to stick around these forums as i heard you guys are a awesome gaming community!
  8. Hey guys my name is reeebz 1st time here one thing i wanna say is i like the forums layout.. an a good long time buddy of mine goes by the name Bluemoon_og told me about you guys, so i'd thought id stop by an introduce myself i play a large wide range of games im mostly into alot of FPS an these are the ones i play: Battlefield 1--all series Garys-mod Counter-strike Go H1Z1 Star wars battlefront Rising storm, Red Orchstra 2 Call of duty Modern warfare killing floor 2 Doom GTA 5 Infestation hahaahh an well the list keeps goin but those ones i listed are the ones i be playing the most, if you all have ANY of those games fill free to add me an shoot me a message i like to play games with groups, im very active on steam i was part of a clan called WCC was with them well over 5 years but its slowly dieing out as in activity an members, so im lookin for a new place to hang out an new players to connect with if that leads to membership that will be a plus well thanks for the invite or forums Bluemoon im liking it so far, thanks again everyone who gets to read my post. later, -Rebz

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