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  1. Leaving ADK

    Hope to see you around sometime still, will never forget the UGC times, especially the good ol' reinhardt drop down on hanamura haha
  2. The Winning Game-mode is Mercy Paintball! How will this mode be played? A mode we've played in the past. This mode features amped up Mercy's who try to eliminate the other team of Mercy's Will this mode last for the entire duration of the in-house? No. We will be playing Competitive 6v6 during the night similar to how we would if any other game mode is played. Unless people just want to play Mercy Paintball for the whole in-house How will the inhouse be set up then? We will be playing a few rounds of Mercy Paintball until everyone has their fill. We will then move onto regular Competitive 6v6. Near the end of the night we will consider doing the mode again if there is still enough interest, or possibly doing quickplay depending on attendance. We hope to see all of you on Friday! Thank you to everyone who voted on our poll. We are happy to announce the mode that we will be playing this week is Mercy Paintball. If your desired mode was not selected, please make sure to cast your vote next week! It will be up on Friday, as soon as in-houses have concluded. Remind me, when are in-houses? In-houses take place on Fridays at 9 PM Eastern/8 PM Central. You are welcome to bring your friends to participate with us, but we do ask that they join us on discord.
  3. Golden Weapons FOR ME!

    dankrat all the way
  4. 10 here!

    Welcome here man! Hope to see you around on overwatch or pubg sometime!
  5. Overwatch Summer Games coming August 8th!

    that face when they make 4 duplicates not in every box
  6. What's slammin'?

    Welcome to the family! I'll most likely see you around on overwatch sometime if you ever want to play some! The discord usually has tons of people throughout the day that play it, as well with some of the other games you mentioned such as league! If you'd like to add me on bnet feel free, IanTheLegend#11127 is my name!
  7. Heya

    Welcome to the family! I'll probably see you around on the minecraft server sometime if you play vanilla! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  8. all of these would be really fun and I can't wait to kill Ricky with any of these game modes
  9. I'd probably have to choose Lucio as well, so I can dab on all the haterzzzz
  10. Hello All

    Welcome to ADK! I'm from PA as well, many beautiful camping locations all around or just even back roads etc. What games do you typically play?
  11. My Intro

    Welcome to ADK and I hope to see you around sometime!
  12. Thank you Serenity !

    Welcome to the family! If you're ever down to play some Overwatch feel free to add me on bnet IanTheLegend#11127. There's lots of us in the discord daily who all play Overwatch and it'd be nice to play sometime! We do weekly inhouses every Friday at 9pm EST for Overwatch, starts off with a fun custom gamemode and then moves onto a custom 6v6 competitive where the teams are chosen by the players. Typical nights have around 20-25 people who attend all from the hours of 9pm EST up until population goes lower than the 12 needed for the game, so sometimes up until 12am EST the lobby will go on. Would be great to see you there and you'd meet many people who all play Overwatch together!
  13. My Intro

    Welcome to the family! Might play some pubg with ya sometime if you're ever down!

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