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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. ADK LoL Teams Progress

    We Successfully created 2 NA Competitive Teams along with a team of subs. The Objectives of the teams Player Growth e.g. CSing, map awareness, effective warding, wave control, ganking, roaming, split pushing, trading, Champion pool, itemization, counters Team Growth e.g. Objective control, team fight positioning, rotations, diving, sieging, team comps, Meta, communication, summoner's used, win conditions Flex Rank - Plat for everyone Community vs Community Schedule DMG inc Community rep NarwalNightmare Royal Esports Club rep ooze Ecliptic Gaming Community rep Pure Coming Soon... Tournaments Battlefy.com Riot Games Future Team Competitions The Current Rosters Team 1 Team 2 Subs Top ShadowSt3p9 Top Signed Top explouNET Jg Kyteris Jg Kligidee Jg Phreaktaco Mid NobleGhost Mid Justicar Mid B3mo ADC xFredie ADC lamAdog ADC Gidgetz Supp WELL M3rcy Supp Techlonas Supp xKreecher Practices (5v5 Standard best of 3 with game play breakdown after each game) {Working on Team Comps, Team Fights, Objective Control, and Rotations} (3v3 Top Mid ADC; Counter Match Ups 8mins then reverse the match up{Working on Mechanics, Farming, Trading and Counters} 2v2 Supp Jg; first team to steal 2 buffs or take 1 drake and rift herald wins){ Working on Ward placement and Removal, Objective Control, Counter Jging, Rotations} (2v2 Mid Jg first team to get 2 kills, tower or 100cs on the mid wins {Working on Ganks/Counter Ganks and Warding for Knowledge to Prevent Ganks} 2v2 Bot duos first team to get 2 kills, tower or 100cs on the adc wins {Working on Wave Control, Farming, Trading} 1v1 Top first one to get 1 kill, 1st to lvl 6 or 100cs){Working on Wave Control, Farming, Trading} I have set up an app (Team App) to help organize Availabilities, Schedules, Events, Roster Changes, Local Chat, and even player profiles if you like. I would like availabilities set up in the app or given to me by Saturday night so I would be able to set up the schedule for the next coming week If these teams are successful and are able to meet our objectives I would be willing to make more teams in the near future! If your not a member of ADK and enjoyed your time with us you may would like to join the community all of the information for that process could be located HERE Team 1 Access Group 1; Team 2 AG 2; Subs AG 3
  2. 4v5 Support Brand Penta

    Awww come on I had support items, it was a 4v5 team fight and I had to carry that game pretty hard cause the Veigar was one shotting everyone at that point of the game with 1200ap
  3. ADK Semi-Casual LoL Team NA and EUW

    my irl friend has been thinking about joining adk and said he would play or sub top/jg his in-game name is Kyteris, NA, Silver 5 last season, and top/jg pref
  4. ADK Semi-Casual LoL Team NA and EUW

    Ill Start it off my Summoner name is WELL M3rcy ,Region North America, Support preference, and rank last season was silver 4
  5. Well I have been looking for ways to be competitive, reestablish our division in the community, and find new avenues for representing ADK to bring in more wonderful members. With that being said what I found is a site (Battlefy) where you can create or find an esports experience from 1v1 brackets to 5v5 free agent draft team and 5v5 pre-made team tournaments. So what I would like to do is make 2 semi-casual teams for both NA and EUW servers if you would like to join one of the teams please post below or PM me your summoner name, region, lane preference, and rank.
  6. Lets play!

    Hey @Squeakel nice to meet you! I'm mostly here during the day before 2pm CDT this week but next week ill be on in the afternoons after 4pm CDT. So if you would like to hop on discord and get some games rolling sounds fun to me. I am also a support main but I don't have a problem playing mid my ign is WELL M3rcy.
  7. Forming a guild

    Yeah if its just aob and me on Snowpine its better for us to come to the majority. We would still need 2 more people to form the guild and to keep it active, but we really need a total of 15-20 people to do most guild related things from my experience on Snowpine
  8. Forming a guild

    if we already have 5 people on a server I have no problem setting up a new character I can make it to level 40 or so in a day
  9. Tera After Level 65

    Main sources of information http://www.essentialmana.com/category/general-guide/ http://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/what-to-do-after-level-65 First Things To Do after Hitting Level 65 So, you just hit level 65, and you have a million things to do. What’s your first goal? Prepare your baseline gear (Idoneal) and acquire master glyphs. Start by setting up your crystals for PvE. The welcome screen message shows the recommended crystals to use for both PvE and PvP, so it’s a good place to start. Also, complete the level 60–65 story quests to receive Idoneal gear. After you have your Idoneal and crystals ready to go, it’s time to use instance matchmaking. Currently, both Macellarius Catacombs (gear lvl 309) and Sabex Armory (gear lvl 302) award master glyph boxes at the end, so you can keep tackling these dungeons for the master glyph boxes. As a bonus, every time you complete one of these dungeons you will qualify to redeem a Vanguard daily quest—which is repeatable until you run out of that section of Vanguard dailies. You now have your Idoneal set and your master glyphs—what’s next? The next steps would be to do Vanguard dailies for both Vanguard reputation and feedstock. Both of these are very important, and it’s important to complete your Vanguard dailies every day. Vanguard reputation can buy you a number of important things needed, such as green level 65 crystals , masterwork alkahest for enchanting +9 to +12, or even some avatar weapons . Gear Progression The gear progression at level 65 goes as follows for PvE: accy's: Still > Demense Gear: (Old gear progression) Idoneal > Ambit > Discovery > Generation (New gear progression) Idoneal > Slaughter > Guile > Ambush > Behemoth Only go to +9 enchantment on the Slaughter gear in PvE progression. Accessories There are different accessories that give different set bonuses to benefit the class you play. There are different tiers of accessories. Tier 1 accessories are referred to as rings “-trill” in PvE; Tier 2 accessories are referred to as “-beat” in PvE. (Note that PvE accessories are rerollable through semi-enigmatic scrolls.) Perfect rolls for DPS rings: +0.04 crit damage, +4 crit rate. Perfect rolls for healer rings: replenishes 0.4 percent of total MP every 5 seconds; increases healing skills by 2 percent. Perfect rolls for DPS and healer earrings: decreases duration of stun effects by 10 percent; raises max HP by 4.5 percent. Perfect rolls for DPS brooches and belts: 6 crit rate, 3 Power. Perfect rolls for healer brooches and belts: raises max HP by 2.3 percent; increases crit resist factor by 5. Drop list locations: Channelworks (gear lvl 355): Tier 1 PvE rings Tier 1 PvE earrings PvE necklaces Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (normal made, gear lvl 355) Tier 2 PvE signets Tier 2 PvE cascades Gambit belt (Ambit-set belt) Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (hard mode, gear lvl 397) and Forsaken Island (normal mode, gear lvl 397) Discovery belt (Discovery-set belt) Cleansing brooch Now, you might be wondering which accessories to use for your class. Here is the simplified version of the general accessories each class uses. However, there is room for mixing and matching to suit your playstyle. Slayers, reapers, lancers, gunners, warriors, archers, berserkers, and sorcerers will generally run a three-piece set of Deathwise (one signet, one cascade, one necklace) and two pieces of Firetrill (one signet, one cascade). This build generally gives a great balance of critical rate and power for these classes that works well in both PvE and PvP. Priests and mystics will generally run a five-piece set of Frostwise (one signet, one cascade, one earring, one ring, one necklace) for the crit resist bonus in PvP. In PvE, these healer classes will generally use a three-piece set of Frostwise (one signet, one cascade, one necklace) and two pieces of Rivertrill (one cascade, one signet). Gearing for PvE: Dungeon Progression PvE is important because it allows you to earn feedstock which you will need a lot of for enchanting, as well as getting various other things such as dyad structures (used for making blue-rarity crystals that have two stat lines) and weapon and armor designs. Now that you have your Idoneal gear, you’re ready to begin the end game progression. After getting your Idoneal gear, getting all of your master glyphs, and making sure your crystal setup is optimal for PvE, a good place to dive in would be Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (Normal mode). This dungeon is simple enough to complete in Idoneal gear and drops all pieces of Ambit gear with a small chance to drop Discovery gear at the final boss. Also, Kalivan’s Dreadnaught(Normal Mode) also has a chance to drop the Tier 2 signets and cascades that every class needs. Make sure that you’re rolling for the correct accessories and gear so that people in your group can all gear up properly! Gear from Kalivan’s Dreadnaught (Normal Mode) is usually bound when picked, so be sure it’s the correct one you need. You can tell which accessory goes to which set by the bonuses shown at the bottom of each accessory (6 power, 2 percent more healing, 6 percent more aggro, etc.). After tackling Bathysmal Rise multiple times in Normal mode until you have all of your Ambit gear and accessories, it’s time to move on to the next dungeon. You don’t necessarily need to +12 masterwork Ambit gear, but enchanting it to +9 or more and getting correct rolls is ideal. ( You can see how to masterwork and reroll stats on gear in section below.) Ideal rolls for any type of PvE gear for a DPS class: Weapon: Increased damage to enraged monsters / damage from behind / increase damage by 4.5–6 percent when attacking (Note that a 6 percent roll is only possible if the item is masterworked.) Chest: Decreased damage from enraged monsters / decreased frontal damage / reduces damage Gloves: Attack speed / critical rate / power Boots: Endurance / movement speed / decreases effects of slowing skills Ideal rolls for any type of PvE gear for a tank class: Weapon: Increased damage to enraged monsters / increase damage by 4.5– 6 percent / attacks draw more aggro Chest: Same as DPS Gloves: Same as DPS Boots: Same as DPS Ideal rolls for any type of PvE gear for a healer class: Weapon: Decreased cooldown of skills / restore MP when using a skill / increase healing Chest: Same as DPS Gloves: Replenish MP every 5 seconds / Endurance / attack speed Boots: Movement speed / replenish MP every 5 seconds / Endurance Once you have the correct rolls on your Ambit gear and it’s at least +9, you’re ready to do the next part of progression: Kalivan’s Dreadnaught(Hard mode) and Forsaken Island (Normal mode). Both of these dungeons drop the best base stat brooch in the game (Cleansing Brooch) and also drop Discovery gear. Discovery gear is the second best PvE gear in the game, and your discovery weapon and chest should be masterworked and enchanted to +12 when gotten. These two pieces will last you through any other PvE content. As for the boots and gloves, it becomes a crossroad of whether or not you want to forever be doing PvE. As explained in the next section, PvP gloves and boots are good enough to last you in both PvE and PvP. Frequently Asked Questions: I’m having bad luck enchanting! Where can I get more feedstock / alkahest? - Feedstock can easily be acquired by doing Vanguard dailies, as well as completing very easy-to-run-through dungeons such as Ravenous Gorge and Channelworks. Make sure to always turn in your Vanguard dailies after finishing a dungeon, too! - Masterwork alkahest is easily obtainable by using the Vanguard credits given to you from the Vanguard dailies to purchase “masterwork alkahest boxes” from the Vanguard credit merchants located in both Highwatch and Adjumak Trading Post. I’ve run X dungeon so many times without seeing my items drop yet! - This is where designs come in. People can actually craft Ambit/ Discovery gear (or you can yourself) that is tradable. You might be able to buy a pre-enchanted item that you need from another player. But I have no money for that! - If you are buying a pre-enchanted item or planning to, then you can consider selling your feedstock and alkahest that you’ve been saving since you don’t need it if you’re buying a pre-enchanted item anyways. Feedstock and alkahest are always high in demand and sell for quite a good price. Rerolling, Masterworking, and Awakening *Last statements; most of this information is from a tera post and had to edit what was no longer current; for the most part this information is still use able as a guide to simply give us a push in the right direction*
  10. Most Anticipated f2p MMO for 2017

    haha I would say I had a lot of time on my hands
  11. Revelation Online Announcement Page/Trailer *Key Features* Experience the absolute freedom to explore a gorgeous, persistent open world. Discover hundreds of stunning locations with different settings and dynamically changing weather conditions Spread your wings and fly without any restrictions! Fly with your friends across the world and unleash the power of your wings in aerial combat! Enjoy hundreds of story driven adventures unfolding through spectacular cut scenes Participate in raids with challenging bosses for up to 20 players Join intense PVP battles in numerous modes with hundreds of players simultaneously Enjoy the wide variety of character customization and progression Develop relationships with new allies using advanced socialization systems Elaborate guild system with personalized guild fortresses and cross server guild battles Map/Storyline&Quests The worls of Nuanor is divided up into 10 provinces and 3 great cities Storyline & Quests Yellow - These are main storyline quests. Violet - Training quests. It is recommended that beginner players pay special attention to these to master the game as quickly as possible. Orange - Extra quests outside of the storyline. These enable you to obtain items that help you develop your character (for example, new fury skills or experience stones). Blue - Orders from faction representatives. You can earn relevant reputation points for performing most of these. Green - Daily and Weekly repeatable quests. PVE Solo Dungeons Trial of the Four Kings - this solo dungeon can only be visited once per day with 20mins. to complete Black King requires lvl. 20 Green King requires lvl. 40 Darkfall - lvl 20 with 99 time/day 5 player Dungeons Darkfall Easy - lvl 20 with 5 time/day Hard - lvl 30 with 5 time/day Darkfall Bosses - Changgus and Yungo Misty Hollow Objective protect magic seal from reaching 0hp in a wave based instance Trial Mode (16waves) - lvl 35 1 time/day Normal Mode (20waves) - lvl 45 1 time/day Boss - The Spider Queen Deserted Shrine Easy - lvl 35 2 times/day Hard - lvl 40 1 time/day God - lvl 45 3 times/week Bosses - Clawmaster Buri, Flame Lord, Urgon Grand Bulwark Easy - lvl 50; 2 times/day Normal - lvl 52; 1 time/day Hard - lvl 55; 1 time/day Expert, 10 man mode - lvl 55; 2 time/week Challenge defeat 4 bosses Tower of Pain Easy - lvl 50; 1 time/day Normal - lvl 59; 1 time/day Hard - lvl 60; 3 times/week Challenge complete 7 floors of bosses within 30 mins Mech Citadel / Machinarium Normal - lvl 60; 2 times/day Hard - lvl 62; 1 time/day Hard, 10 man mode - lvl 60; 2 times/day Expert, 10 man mode - lvl 65; 1 time/week Expert, 20 man mode - lvl 65; 1 time/week 6 Epic World Bosses Raids Misty Hollow lvl 60; 10 man raid Trial of Four Kings lvl 65 PVP Open World PvP - All PvP starts at lvl 40 Caution -If you attack a character that dies without attacking you back, you will receive a special Killer mark. If your hero gets killed while having that mark, there is some probability that you will lose some of your equipment. The more ‘severe’ your crime, the longer that effect holds. You can get rid of the mark by completing a special quest or purchasing a special item for your Order of the Guardians’ Favor. If you don’t want to start a battle with someone by accident, adjust the related settings. They will allow you to turn off the ability to attack members of your groups, guild, or alliance, and also to set the lower threshold for the level of characters that can receive damage from you to avoid damaging low-level players. Bounty Hunter Note that there are no penalties for defeating someone with a Killer mark they received for attacking your character. Thus, heroes can mete out their justice and take vengeance on their enemies on their own with no risk of losing precious equipment. Death Match 1v1 match that can be played twice a week Arenas 3v3 Last man standing Ranked arena 3v3 mode consists of a 3 month season Rating Ranking ★ Bronze 800-899 ★★ Bronze 900-999 ★★★ Bronze 1 000-1 099 ★ Silver 1 100-1 199 ★★ Silver 1 200-1 299 ★★★ Silver 1 300-1 399 ★ Gold 1 400-1 499 ★★ Gold 1 500-1 599 ★★★ Gold 1 600-1 699 ★ Platinum 1 700-1 799 ★★ Platinum 1 800-1 899 ★★★ Platinum 1 900-1 999 ★ Diamond 2 000-2 099 ★★ Diamond 2 100-2 199 ★★★ Diamond 2 200-2 299 Expert 2 300-2 399 Sect Master (School Master) 2 400-2 499 Legend 2 500-2 599 Battle God 2 600-2 699 Divine Martial 2 700-9 999 Battlegrounds 10v10, 20v20, 30v30 Match making will be set in a 10 lvl range lvl 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70-79 PvPvE battles that last 30mins or till the teams earn 100pts Capture the Flag and Warfare Mystical Island 500 heroes may participate in a PvPvE zone By defeating the monsters and completing special quests, your character will earn Favor of the faction inhabiting the island. Every week members of that faction will determine the guild that contributed most to their fight. That guild will become an owner of the island for the following week. Faction War Twice a week, the portal to the battlegrounds will be opened. Gather points by slaying other players(1pt) from the opposing faction along with decimating monsters(1pt), elite monster(3pts) and bosses(10pts). Make sure to gather resources(5pts) which also grants you points. When players reach 50, 100, and 200 points, they will receive rewards for their efforts. Guild Wars 30v30 or 50v50; Challenged team choices the format You have to spend 200.000 of your guild funds to challenge another guild Sieges Castle Siege is a weekly open world event and is limited to the player cap on the server There are 12 locations controlled by guilds: 3 castles and 9 additional lands; to capture a castle you must destroy a special crystal in the center of the castle and replace it with a new one that belongs to the attackers. All guilds that own castles will have a chance to fight the most dangerous boss out in the open world. Capture multiple controllable territories throughout the world of Nuanor, each of them holding a mighty castle or smaller fortresses. Besiege one of them in order to control the adjacent cities. But make sure to be well prepared. It’s not enough to fight enemy players. The elements guarding the territories won’t give in easily! Participate in Aerial Combats to capture territories far up in the sky. Territory Wars is made up of 3 regions and each region holds 3 territories Character/Classes/Factions Character Development What makes up your character, Experience and new levels; Guild Bonuses; Development Options (builds); Talents for each of the skills; Special Skills; Milestones; Soul Grid. The classes of Revelation Online are: Blademaster: As secondary tanks and close combat specialists they combine their twin blade damage with escape skills allowing them to cut through wave after wave of enemies. Their heavy reliance on melee attacks leaves them open to ranged attacks. Vanguard: These steel walls rely on melee combat. Their chief strength is surviving battles of attrition, rather than dealing burst damage. Swordmage: While wielding a falchion they are focused on powerful magic damage, specializing in area of effect spells. They invest all of their energy in sharpened elemental magic, leaving them relatively vulnerable to focused attacks. Occultist: They deliver a wide variety of dark offensive spells, from damage-over-time, to area-of-effect attacks, to those that deal damage while siphoning enemy health. Occultists can directly heal allies as well. Spiritshaper: As summoners and healers they are relatively easy to play and have great survival skills. They are highly sought after on teams for their support and deceitfully high damage output. Gunslinger: With high precise damage they hunt down individual targets from afar or use advanced weaponry for mid-range deterrence. Gunslingers have few control skills and are less effective in close combat. Factions Hyphaeans Ursids Falmari Northern Wolves The Winged Ones The Foxes Akuta Equipment/Trading/Buying&Selling Trading System Part 1 Revelation Online offers several types of in-game currency. Each has its own features, and we are going to give you a short overview of their uses. Gyth Notes in transactions with NPCs Active players will accumulate Gyth Notes quite fast: you receive them for various quests, including repeatable quests, for completing dungeons, and for participating in other events. They are obtained within the game, and cannot be transferred to other players or purchased in the shop. The Gyth Notes currency can be used for purchasing various items from NPCs, and also such operations as repairing equipment and using portals. Gyth Notes cannot be exchanged for any other currency, but if you do not have enough to purchase something, you can always cover the difference with Gythil. Gythil for transactions with other players This currency is used for trading on the in-game auction and at stalls. It can be obtained and spent in a number of different ways. Like Gyth Notes, you can earn Gythil in the game for completing certain quests, dungeons, earning achievements, etc. Still, that currency is considered quite more valuable and you will not be able to earn as much of it as you might Gyth Notes. Should you run short of Gyth Notes, the game will prompt you to pay the difference in Gythil. This is convenient when you have to repair your equipment as soon as possible, and have run out of the Gyth Notes. Also, Gythil can be used for contributions to the Guild Treasury. There is a daily contribution limit: 10,000 Gythil. You can sell items to other players for Gythil by putting it up for auction or selling it at your own stall. Additionally, Gythil can be exchanged for Aurum at the current rate via the in-game store. Aurum for purchases in the in-game store* This is a currency that can be purchased for real money. It can be used both for purchases at the store and at the auction. Aurum can be gifted and also exchanged for Gythil at a floating in-game rate. Bonus Aurum is a currency that can be received in addition to purchases of regular Aurum in the in-game store. Bonus Aurum will not be added to Aurum received from other players. It's a player-bound currency that cannot be transferred. It can be used for purchases of special items in the store. Promo Aurum is an additional currency that can be received for participating in limited-time promotions. It cannot be transferred, exchanged, or purchased. The store features a tab with items that can be purchased for Promo Aurum. Ausgyth Points for in-game purchases Ausgyth Points are a rare bound in-game currency. They can be obtained in the game by upgrading your standing with the Order of Guardians, by participating in various difficult events, or by opening a chest from the store. The Points cannot be transferred, purchased, or exchanged. You can spend them by purchasing valuable items from NPCs; for example, by purchasing spheres needed to upgrade your fury skills, sharpen your items, etc. Trading System Part 2 Auction Characters unlock the auction once they reach level 20. From that moment they can browse currently auctioned items at any moment by pressing the R key; but in order to sell something, you need to find an auction employee. They can be found in the major cities: Sidus Ur, Sulan, and Fort Whetstone. You can use the NPC search option to make it easier: just open the world map, click the magnifying glass icon at the top right and type "auction" in the pop-up. Additionally, when characters reach level 40, they can unlock the Quick Auction option, this allows them to use it in full from wherever. You will have to unlock the fourth chapter of the Artisan Manual in the third volume of the Life Skill Book. Once done, you will be able to sell and buy any items you are interested in by pressing R. The filter and sorting system will make the search easier. You can set the level range of the item you are looking for, the amount you need, sort the lots by various attributes, compare prices for individual items and for various combinations, etc. There is a separate tab for monitoring lots you have already bid on. Also, items with bids are marked with a special round symbol. If you find such an item, you can point at it and see the name of the character that has bid on it. All in all, you will be provided with the whole range of tools to make the system easy to use. You can put items up for sale for 24, 48, and 72 hour periods. Selling an item incurs a storage charge of 1% of the purchase price, but no less than 10 and no more than 200 Gythil. So remember to keep an eye on your funds before starting the trade. Additionally, the auction withholds a fee of 5% from the price of the item. You can also set the price either in Gythil or Aurum. Click the button at the top right of the Auction tab to switch the currency mode. Private Stall There is the option to open a private stall and trade via it. Reaching level 30 and the second chapter of the Artisan Manual in the Chapter of the Nascent (V key) is required to unlock that feature. You will then be able to set up your own small stall, just select the Stall from the menu at the bottom right. You will need 100 Gyth Notes to do that. Afterward, your character will change into a cute NPC: with that appearance, you will be unable to use skills or move, but you will be able to access your stall. You can keep chatting and using other interfaces. You can give your stall a unique name and later even change the standard merchant NPC model for some other. The fee for selling the items at your stall is just 3%, which is even less that the Auction fee. Unlike at the auction, the storage charge is not incurred. Besides, you can open your stall wherever you choose. For example, it makes sense to sell equipment upgrade stones right beside the smithy. This will help you sell your items quicker. You don't have to specify a timeframe in which the item must be sold, as the stall will stay open for as long as your character stays there. Also, there are no bids here: items have to be bought at once. Items can only be sold and purchased at stalls for Gythil. You can choose both the items you wish to sell and the items you want to purchase yourself. The other players can sell you those items if they are satisfied with the price you offered. The stall also allows you to chat with your would-be buyer. This can be useful if you have to be away from your keyboard for a while: their messages will not become lost in the general chat and will await your return. Trading with NPCs You can buy lots of useful items not only from other players but from various NPCs. There are so many opportunities for such transactions, that we are only going to cover in short the ways to browse items on offer. Revelation Online has over two dozens various factions, each of those offering their own goods and rewards to all characters in good standing with that particular faction. Open the character window (C key) and select the Factions tab to browse the list. In it, you can find both the NPCs from those factions and the goods and quests they have available. That tab also features the automatic path button, that will take you right to the faction merchant or trainer, should you not be able to find them. In the character window, you will be able to find the Honor tab, that contains info on the Work Certificates, Ausgyth Points, and some other types of Favor your character has earned. We should also touch upon the Order of Guardians. By completing the Order's quests and increasing your rank you will be able to buy fury volumes, rare equipment, and other items that might be difficult to obtain otherwise. That is why we advise new players to pay attention to that aspect of the gameplay. You can also find information on the Order on the character window in the Order tab. Merchant system Ever wonder what’s it like to be a trader trading in throughout Nuanor? Well now you can! Once you reach level 50 you can apply to be a merchant across major cities. The Merchant system is one of our many guild related functions. Once you become a trader you will purchase goods to be put on a cart and will have to sell these goods to another region. Keep in mind the price of these goods varies across region and changes as well. Each region will have their own specialty goods for sale, and it is up to you which region of goods they want to buy and sell in. Higher level merchants will be able to load more goods into their cart. But remember to watch out as other players can attack your cart, so you may want to take backroads and longer routes to get to your destination to avoid being ambushed. Make sure you have some guild mates with you to protect you on your trade runs, or you could end up losing all of your goods in attacks from other players. All trades in this system are done in a separate currency (merchant coins). If you are part of a guild you can register to become a Merchant at your guild base. Getting Started with Gear Class Restrictions Swordmages and Spiritshapers wear cloth armor Gunslingers and Occultists Wear leather armor Vanguards and Blademasters wear plated armor Item Levels gray green; killing monsters in the open world and in dungeons blue; earned from completing certain quests violet; earned in dungeons or by killing bosses in the open world gold; crafted or purchased with honor pts or Order of Guardians' reputation points Item Stats 5 basic stats Strength Stamina Energy Agility intellect 33 secondary parameters ex. crit chance ex. dodge chance ex. resistance to dmg Boosting Gear Sharpening Items All items apart from bracteates and amulets, can be upgraded at the blacksmiths with sharpening stones. There are a total of 16 sharpening levels — the higher the item level the more levels available to it. Each one boosts item stats by several percent within a specified range (for example, 2%-5%). The chances of successful improvement depends on the amount of resources invested and it can be brought to 100%. But the result of the sharpening remains random. Each upgrade level can be attempted again to obtain a better result. Repeat attempts are carried out separately for each level an unlimited number of times. Upgrade Transfer If your character needs to change their gear and you are reluctant to lose the upgrade level already obtained you can transfer the upgrade to the new item. To do this you will need to collect a number of resources and find an armory. You need resources to transfer the upgrade without any losses. If you do not want to spend, one upgrade level will be lost during the transfer. If you transfer an upgrade from a stronger item to a weaker one, it will be free to keep the level. You can transfer the upgrades between different types of items. For example, from weapons to armor. Awakening Items a hero's battle gear can be awakened: stats gradually grow when the character wearing the gear kills monsters. There are 16 item awakening levels. Random extra stats appear at levels 5, 9 and 13. The color the stat is highlighted in corresponds to the strength of the bonus they provide (from lowest to highest - green, blue, violet and gold). In contrast to sharpening, awakening occurs automatically. By collecting special resources, you can activate up to three extra stats for the awakened item of gear. You can unlock a fourth stat for a separate fee from a special NPC. Precious Stones With the help of a special NPC you can create slots in items for precious stones. 1-2 regular slots for PvP and PvE stones (result is randomly determined) and 1 extra, which requires the use of a special resource). Stones can be taken back out if you want. 4 of the same stones can be joined into one higher quality stone. As well as regular precious stones there are rune stones, which are only inserted into bracteates. New Gear Talisman System - an equipment slot that you gain at lvl 60 after completing the tower of pain in hard mode Talismans can be upgraded in four different ways: Shaping: Dolor leaf is used to shape the talisman. You can get the wilted dolor leaf from the tower of pain Hard difficulty mode only (3 entries per week). Imbuing: Imbuing requires the use of Moonlight Crystals. These special crystals will feed experience into the talisman. Moonlight Crystals can also only be obtained from Hard Mode of Tower of Pain. To imbue your talisman, press N and look for Talisman Imbuing (hammer icon). There are 3 versions of Moonlight ingredients: Moonlight Fragment, Moonlight Crystal, and Moonlight Gem. You need to feed these crystals into the talisman, so it can level up and be transmuted. Once the existing talisman reaches the max level, it can be transmuted. Transmuting: You can transfer the imbuing level of one talisman to another talisman through transmuting. Augmentation: Upon unlocking specific requirements, talismans can be augmented, which will unlock new stats and power. A non-augmented stat is in grey. Usually reaching a higher level talisman (through imbuing) will unlock the stat. Augmented stats can be enhanced using Moonlight Crystals to reach their maximum potential. Badge System - increases your 5 basic stats: Intellect, Spirit, Dexterity, Physique and Strength. The badges can be obtained through PvP and PvE dungeons. Level 1 badges can be obtained through the Level 1 Badge Chest. Higher level badges can be obtained by combining the lower level ones. You can buy the badge directly from the Order of Guardian Store (for Demonslayer Points) and the Military Store (for PvP Points) or buy the badge fragments. Badges can be salvaged into fragments. These fragments need to be crafted into badges. Look for the NPC Jela Jora (1574, 1580, 183) to help craft these. If you accidentally craft the wrong badge, you can salvage these badges into fragments without any loss and recraft the badge you wish. Badges can also be augmented by attaching runes into them. Runes can also be salvaged into rune fragments. And rune fragments can be combined back into runes. Equipment Refining Refining Your Equipment Gold equipment refinement falls into two brackets, all equipment up to level 49 can be refined up to a maximum of +10, however, the equipment up to level 79 can be refined to a maximum of +16. Refinement of your gear will generally gain you one additional stat (HP, Attack, Armor or Defense) depending on which item slot it belongs and along with the class, it belongs to. Armor & Necklace will increase your maximum HP Main hand & Offhand weapons will increase either Magic or Physical Attack depending on the weapon Earrings & Rings will increase your Physical or Magic Armor. As you progress and upgrade to new equipment you will have the option to transfer your refinement levels to the new equipment. It's also worth noting that demonslayer crafts will also carry over your refinement levels. At higher refinement levels, there is a chance that your transfer could fail, resulting in the loss of +1 refinement level. You will have the option to spend materials to repair this loss if a transfer does fail to take to your new equipment. Equipment Stats All refinement levels have a range of percentage of a stat that you will gain at each level of refinement. A +10, for example, will have a greater stat gain range than a +1. While the stat gain you receive from refinement is random, you can increase the number of materials you’re using in order to increase the odds of gaining the maximum effect for that enhancement level. If you’re unhappy with how your refinement went and want to try to get a better result for that particular level you have the ability to reroll that level to try for a higher stat gain. In order to refine your equipment, you will need to acquire the material which is listed on the refinement screen. Simply use the required amount of materials that were used in the attempt. You are able to increase the number of materials which can be used on an attempt by pressing the + button. Reaching 100% guarantees you a successful refinement attempt, with anything above that increasing the chances of a higher stat gain for that refinement level. Obtaining Materials You can obtain refinement materials at the Sulan Bridge portal (5477, -1983, 9) by approaching the NPC known as Cita Ceres. You will need to purchase Peculiar Tickets and exchange them into Curious Beads as Cita will only accept Curious Beads and Ausgyth points in exchange for the materials. Additional Curious beads can be used to offset the amount of Ausgyth points you need to spend. You can also purchase refinement materials from the Ausgyth vendor along with other materials to help the speed up your character's progression. You are able to obtain Ausgyth points just by levelling up, by the time you reach level 59 you should have approximately 70,000 Ausgyth points. Alternatively you can buy a Nine Chain Chest from the cash shop to gain a random amount of Ausgyth points. Hidden Stats When you reach refinement levels of +5 +9 and +13, your equipment will receive an additional stat. You’re able to see these additional stats by pressing the shift key and hovering your cursor over your equipment in your character menu. The type of stat that you will gain from these are random and come in 4 different grades: Green Blue Purple Gold If you are unsatisfied with the stat that you were given you have the option to re-roll this by using the Venerate Renew option at the same Refinement NPC. This will, however, cost you refinement materials. Hidden Stats will also be transferable to new equipment if they can be applied to that particular equipment slot; otherwise, a new stat will be re-rolled. Refining your equipment requires a little bit of knowledge and investment that will no doubt be able to translate into a much greater boost when raiding challenging dungeons. Make sure to delve in the countless variations of gear and bonus stats to find the perfect equipment matching your game style and be on top of any encounters! Awakening Gear Gear Awakening is especially important in your quest to become stronger if you plan to take part in higher difficulty dungeons and PVP. You can awaken every piece of equipment except Wings, Mounts, Badges and Talismans). Tier Awakening There are a maximum of four awakenings per piece of equipment which provide different enhancements per awakening along with the enhancements stacking. All of the awakenings provide the enhancements to all of your stats on your equipment. First Awakening: 6% bonus (all stats) [Total: 6%] Second Awakening: 6% bonus (all stats) [Total; 12%] Third Awakening: 4% bonus (all stats) [Total: 16%] Fourth Awakening: 4% bonus (all stats) [Total: 20%] For each piece of equipment you will need to acquire experience from slaying monsters and the best place to do this is taking part in Scour Dungeons. Scour Dungeons A small amount of every piece of experience you receive from monster slaying within Scour Dungeons is converted to your equipment awakening. All equipment will need to reach 100% before it can be awakened. You can stack awakening experience on equipment for the next awakening, making it much easier for you to awaken the next stage of your gear. The more experience you receive, the more will be converted to your awakening, the converted experience is affected by any experience modifier items. Awakening Once your equipment reaches 100% you will receive a notification in the middle of your screen which appears as a yellow square with a helmet inside of it. Upon selecting the helmet icon a window will pop open with the piece of gear already inserted inside of it that is ready to be awakened. Other than experience, you will require a specific amount of Hematites. In the cases where you missed the notification informing you that you have equipment ready for awakening you can manually open the menu in the General Skills (Default hotkey: “N”) and clicking on the hammer icon in the 2nd row. Fourth Tier Unlocking You will have the ability to unlock your 4th tier on the Equipment Activator NPC, which are found in Sidus Ur (1618,1330,120) and in Sulan (5484, -1506, 15). Your equipment must be already fully awakened at tier 3 and be at 100%, you will also need to bring with you Tier Beads in order to unlock it. Depending on the level of your equipment it will need varying quantities of Tier Beads: Level 40-49: 34 Tier Beads per item (408 in total for all) Level 50-59: 100 Tier Beads per item (1200 in total for all) Level 60-69: 400 Tier Beads per item (4800 in total for all) Level 70-79: 650 Tier Beads per item (7800 in total for all) You are able to purchase Tier beads in several different ways the quickest being either visiting Cita Ceres located by the Sulan Bridge (5478,-1980,9) with the use of Curious beads or purchasing them out of the cash shop for Aurum. To gather Curious beads, you can recycle Peculiar Tickets, which you can buy directly from Cita, however you’re limited to purchasing only 4 Peculiar Tickets per day via the NPC. This limit does not apply to purchases made from other players in the community though. Awakening your equipment just like refining will take time and patience. However for those that make the effort will see a boost in their performance on the battlefield. Make sure you're battle-ready and awaken your equipment to unlock its fullest potential! Guild Systems Guild Creation Once you reach Level 30, you can visit the guild creation NPC and submit your guild application. You will need a fair amount of ingame currency, so be sure to ask your friends to contribute! After you create your Guild, next you will get to design an emblem, flag, costume and a custom announcement for your guild. The guild emblem will appear next to the name of each guild member. The guilds that control the 3 big cities after a territory war can even put pictures on the information boards, and their guild flags & logos will appear in notable places. Now you have one more step left in creating your very first guild. Find 10 guild members within 72 hours and your guild is ready to go. Failure to do so will result in your newly created guild to be disbanded again and your investment will be lost. How to contribute to a Guild There are many ways to contribute to your guild. You can either donate gold and items or do daily Guild Quests (e.g. wood-work) on your guild island. Please be advised, you have to be at least lvl 30 to be able to do guild quests. You can also hunt for tasks on the work board or reward your workers with food and drinks to gain items for some guild donations. You can also participate in both PvE and PvP activities, which will also give you extra items for guild donations. The process of Guild Donations is very simple: Press Ctrl+G to access guild-menu Find the “Base” tab Click “donate” and give your gold/items to the guild or right click the items you want to donate in the bag, and the donation window will pop-up. You can decide how much gold or items you would like to donate. Build your very own guild Revelation Online gives you the opportunity to develop the guild you want! Recruiting NPC You and your fellow guild members can also recruit NPCs to help you work on your guild. Whether it’s talking to NPCs in the pub, treating them to dinner or a glass of wine, you may just end up being able to recruit them and help you build it. Different NPCs have different characteristics, some of them are good for wood-work and others are good for mining. It’s your choice to invite someone who can contribute in the guild interests based on their characteristics. Assigning officers Guild leader can assign officers to help manage a guild together. Different officers have different authorities to manage the guild, by pressing Ctrl+G and opening the guild window, one can easily see information of guild members, including their names, guild contributions, guild groups, guild positions, etc. The guild leader can also decide which area of the guild should be constructed first. Guild members can benefit from what has been built on the guild island as well. Guild Status There are a lot of information for a guild that you can check by pressing Ctrl+G and opening the guild window. On the upper left side of the window, people can see the guild announcement, which guild leaders can change. Guild members can go out and promote their guilds as one of the daily guild quests, so let your guild announcement be shown in Nuanor! On the lower left side of the window, people can see various guild information: Guild time period: it shows what time period and which stage a guild is in. In order to move to the next stage, one guild must meet certain requirements (e.g.: amount of guild members, constructions on the guild island, guild fundings, etc.). Guild level: guild level equals to the level of the Agenda Hall - the most important construction of a guild. There are 10 guild levels, higher level guilds will have a more completed guild system. Guild member: it shows how many in-game players a guild has.Higher level guilds (can have up to 150 members) can recruit more players than lower level guilds (can have up to 60 members). Guild stableness: a “stable” guild will cost less guild maintenance fee. However, when organizing guild events (e.g.: fighting with guild boss), the stableness will goes down. It’s the guild strategy to keep the balance between guild events and guild gold. Guild prosperity: it shows how active your guild is. Doing daily quests, finishing tasks on the work board, participating in guild events, etc. can all increase the guild prosperity. Guild fund: it shows the guild property. Guild fund will be used for guild maintenance, guild construction, and guild events. Members can donate their gold or do trades with NPCs to increase guild fund. Guild sources: it shows the materials used for guild development, especially for guild construction. Members can do daily guild quests and other pvp and pve activities in the game and donate the materials to the guild. Guild maintenance: it includes basic maintenance, construction maintenance, and wages to NPCs recruited for the guild. On the right side of the window, people can see guild activities. This is a good section to track actions done by guild members. Guild activities and events Both members and leaders can also enjoy various guild events in Revelation Online! Running around the guild island, a hide-and-seek mini game, or how about fighting mighty guild bosses together? All these are great ways to give your members and leaders some joy, friendship, and most important of all: valuable rewards!
  12. TERA Screenshots Thread

    Between solo dungeons and world bosses I feel like a super hero
  13. League of Legends Schedule 1/30-2/12 *I am going to go ahead and start a schedule for the next full 2 weeks, but this Sunday 1/29 will hope to see you guys for the inhouse @ 8pm Eastern/7pm Central* To get the League section a bit more organized and active again I am going to start doing these schedules 1 to 2 weeks in advance ARAM Tuesday 1/31 @ 8pm Eastern/7pm Central Settings All Random on Howling Abyss Riots Rotating Game Mode Saturday 2/4 @ 8pm Eastern/7pm Central Nexus Siege cuts Summoner's Rift in half, leaving just one base to raze/protect. If you’re on the attack, blitz the base, shove waves, and deploy siege weapons to charge up your minions and destructify towers. When defending, break out tower upgrades and hold the line at all costs. Once the attackers crack the Nexus, teams switch sides. Victory goes to whichever team flattens the base fastest when attacking. Don't know how this made mode works check out the Nexus Siege site Here. 5v5 Summoner's Rift Sunday 2/5 @ 8pm Eastern/7pm Central Settings 5v5 Tournament Draft on Summoner's Rift 3v3 Twisted Treeline Tuesday 2/7 @ 8pm Eastern/7pm Central Settings 3v3 Blind Pick on Twisted Treeline Riots Rotating Game Mode Friday 2/10 @ 8pm Eastern/7pm Central Game Mode TBD *Not optimal to have on Friday do to Overwatch Inhouses @ 9pm Eastern/8pm Central, but if staff is available we can move to Saturday* 5v5 Summoner's Rift Sunday 2/12 @ 8pm Eastern/7pm Central Settings 5v5 Blind Pick on SR let's heated bans go with some fun blind pick matches, you won't know what team composition that are waiting for you on the Rift! vVv If you guys have anything that you would like to add please commit below vVv
  14. Cloud 9 Challenger Bids Farewell

    after today another exciting win by fly quest starting the split 3-0 to start off week 2 winning against envy, TL, and CLG I'm ready for week 4 already vs C9

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