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  1. Introduction Time

    I didnt like the ASP either, the operating costs for me was too high. I used the viper all decked out for fighting and the Lakon 6 for transporting goods from base to base. Its been forever since I played elite Dangerous though.
  2. The Name of the Wind ???

    I'll have to look into that book. Sounds interesting after looking it up, and first book for the series too.
  3. Starting a new Saga !!!!

    I'll have to look into the Dark Tower, I enjoy a good saga.
  4. What are you reading now?

    I'm reading the book Darth Plagueis. So far its pretty good.
  5. deadpool

    This movie surprised me, my older daughter wanted to watch it and have to say it was hilarious and much better than i thought it would be. Not one for younger kids thats for sure.
  6. Suicide Squad..

    I'll wait til its out to rent lol.
  7. Fear the Walking dead

    Its so damn slow, I find it hard sometimes to finish an episode in one sitting. I like walking dead much more.
  8. Warcraft | The Movie

    Watched its last week, i thought it was a good movie. I hear they are going to make another one.
  9. Favourite Basketball Team?

    I like the LA lakers, but I use to be a Bulls fan back in the day.
  10. Hockey

    I use to like the st Louis blues but now I'm more a Kings fan.
  11. English football Who do you support

    Chargers and i hope they get the new stadium.
  12. Favorite Baseball Team?

    San Diego Padres, even though they aren't good i still enjoy going to the games.
  13. BF1 Ultimate Edition

    I got the ultimate edition because i'll end up getting all the maps they release anyways. But I got it a bit cheaper for being origin access member for $5 a month.
  14. BF1 Gameplay First Impressions?

    if your vehicle was disabled it wouldn't auto repair, you had to have a repair guy or get out yourself to repair making yourself vulnerable to infantry.
  15. Id get it now, i don't see the game being any cheaper anytime soon. The game is playable and fun until the BF4 launch that had massive issues from the start and months after.

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