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  1. ADK Overwatch 3v3 Tournament!

    I want that fucking widow print - JetSetRadio#11318
  2. Overwatch UGC Comp Team 1

    Tommy#14867 I'm a DPS player through and through but i'm competent on Ana and Lucio as well. I main Pharah and secondary Soldier and Genji Strengths : Aiming and Clear mind, I dont really get nervous and can play my best throughout a super close match. Weaknesses : Pretty Horrid decision making. I'm your guy if you need someone to dive healers with 0 fear but i tend to do it really often. So someone being able to say "Hey chill out for a bit play safe" would be almost required for me to not have a record high deaths. Rank : Platinum Available Essentially anytime. I have basketball practices at 3pm - 10pm 2 days a week and hit the gym for my own training pretty often but i'd be able to play whenever i really choose / have to.
  3. 3v3 Overwatch Tourney 1/14/16

    im copying ricky ; k im down
  4. Favourite Basketball Team?

    I'm a Die-Hard Knicks Fan. I truly think we might become one of the top 3 teams in the league with our new roster. If Rose can return to '11 form and finish at the hole whenever he pleases he'll be deadly in the popular style of shooting threes. Melo is going to put up 20 a night, Noah is a dominant center who can control the key. Porzingis is going to be one of the best players in the league, and Lee is a reliable shooter who can also finish around the rim. Biggest issue is that we arent meshing. Everyone is trying to take hold of the team whereas it should be left to Rose to control the offense instead of Melo trying to play point. its to be expected though since they're together for such a short time. They'll become super dominant in later seasons when they get to learn whos going to do what on the team.
  5. Overwatch World Cup

    This video implied that US and SWE are gonna make it to finals and that Korea isnt going to shitstomp everyone >Triggered
  6. ADK Halloween Event!

  7. Hi

    Hey, Welcome! Come pop down in the Overwatch section on Discord and grab a few games with us!
  8. Found Some Written Guides

    I'm gonna be doing nothing but studying this shit. I feel like i'm just learning about frame data and shit again
  9. Educational Videos

    Thats an actual strat Lineup : Zarya Reaper Ana Lucio Zarya Bubbles Reaper and Ana nano boosts him while Lucio speeds him up as he ults and he becomes a spinny ball of death Hence Beyblade
  10. Overwatch Patch Notes

    "Well Played" >>Tilted
  11. Educational Videos

    I'm that yung lucio gawd > spam space and hope you wall ride
  12. mains?

    Reaper / Ana / Lucio mostly
  13. Release Notes for 9/28/2016

    Sound changes are dumb, Sugarface Stickers are cool
  14. UnOfficial Competitive League Team

    I pretty much am always in discord, i just hang out in the public chats mostly.
  15. UnOfficial Competitive League Team

    I'd like to play

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