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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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    TitanCMD reacted to CardinalFunky in =ADK= Gaming's Overwatch Section - Week 3   
    For week 3 of me recording our Friday night sessions, I decided to go back to my original editing style, with a couple of extra goodies. I'm also incorporating a list that shows all of the people that decided to play with the =ADK= Gaming Overwatch Community. 
    I hope all of you enjoy the Overwatch Section's Friday Night Mayhem Video, and as always, we hope to see you again! 
    Until next time! 
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    TitanCMD reacted to CardinalFunky in Welcome To The Overwatch Workshop, Anniversary Event, & More!   
    Overwatch Anniversary 2019

    The Overwatch 2019 Anniversary event is a great time to get any skin you've ever wanted, and most importantly, have a lot of fun with friends! During the anniversary event, you will be able to purchase any skin from any previous Overwatch event, excluding any previous Overwatch All-Star skins like Genji and Tracer's 2018 Pacific All-Star skins, and Blizzard Entertainment special ticket skins, like Sombra and Bastion's Blizz Con skins. While it is a shame that skins from previous, exclusive events will most likely never reappear, there are still plenty of other skins to earn and purchase, through loot boxes and coins.
    For the complete list of new goodies for the 2019 Anniversary event: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/events/anniversary
    Overwatch Workshop

    Have you ever wanted to create your own, unique custom game in Overwatch? Well, Blizzard Entertainment has announced their release of the Overwatch Workshop, where you can create your own custom games through their own scripting system. 

    The system works by adding rules, where each rule contains an event. Each event has a condition and an action. If a certain condition, or set of conditions are met, within the custom game, an action, or set of actions, will be triggered. 
    At the moment, there are a set of workshop example within the settings/preset section of your custom game. These include:
    Molten Floor One Ultimate Hide and Seek Double Jump Fire Dome Balanced Mystery Heroes Mirrored Deathmatch Zombie Hero Gauntlet For more information: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/news/22938941/introducing-the-overwatch-workshop
    Official Overwatch Workshop Forum: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/overwatch/c/workshop
    There are numerous possibilities with this new addition to Overwatch. Get ready to start playing and creating your own fun version of Overwatch!
    Overwatch Competitive - Season 16

    Welcome to the 16th season of Overwatch competitive. You can now play Baptiste in Competitive!
    There isn't much to say about this, other than to keep getting better and keep striving for the rank you want to earn! 
    Happy Gaming!

    View full article
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    TitanCMD reacted to CardinalFunky in Overwatch Competitive Season 16 Is Out!   
    I'll just work on getting back to diamond, for the time being 
    But, after that, OH YEAH!
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    TitanCMD reacted to CardinalFunky in Welcome To The =ADK= Community's Friday Night Mayhem - 2nd Week   
    Let their be A Different Kind of Gaming Community to shine!
    This represents the second week of me recording our Friday Night Mayhem sessions. Last week, I streamed our session, but I did not record it. So, from now on, if I ever stream us playing, it will be in 720p, while also recording. 
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    TitanCMD reacted to CardinalFunky in Welcome To The =ADK= Community's Friday Night Mayhem   
    Every Friday, a couple of us within the community come together to have a good time and play some Overwatch.
    This is a 9 minute video showcasing some of our most fun and hectic moments, while also featuring our most frequent players and others in the community.
    This is your typical Friday Night Mayhem. Enjoy!
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    TitanCMD got a reaction from Bremen in Salutations!   
    Welcome! Come play Overwatch with us, I want to talk mushrooms
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    TitanCMD reacted to Untucked Shirt in Untucks Introducton   
    Hi, I am Untucked Shirt. Some people know me as "Tuck", that one guy who makes things out of glass, or even just the anky breeder. Anyways, if you ever need an anky with okayish stats Talk to me. I Gacha Covered. I play ark and i absolutely love the people in this community.
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    TitanCMD reacted to pinkdood in All hail the otter lord   
     Hello and welcome to the community, We are happy to have you around, please if you havn't already done so, join us on discord at  http://adk.wtf/discord. i look forward to playing some overwatch with you... oh and every Friday night we have a community event that is growing...hopefully in the near future, we will have a comp team... here is the link for Our Friday night events.
    and also if you havnt already done so please check this post out and add us to your friends list this is our overwatch roster...
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    TitanCMD reacted to Siynn in All hail the otter lord   
    Hey there! Welcome to the community, hope it suits you better here. If you ever decide to pick up another game just remember, there are otters in ark, you can raise your own army of them!!!

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    TitanCMD got a reaction from pinkdood in Overwatch Fun for November 2018   
    This month we celebrated the holidays but had some pretty sweet plays earlier in the month.
    I haven't had that many charge-kills like that in a while, and we dominated a few times doing escort the VIP.
    The last clip is a great Team Kill by a guest (TheGeneral18) who stopped by our Discord on a Mayhem night.
    We hold an event every Friday night where we get together for some Overwatch Mayhem and have fun.
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    TitanCMD reacted to Tellu in Hi all   
    Welcome to ADK! 
    I use Chrome and was an avid firefox user for years, but I like Chrome more!
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    TitanCMD reacted to Ralpin in Hi all   
    looks like im getting myself chrome as firefox and edge wont let me open any tabs on the forums :(
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    TitanCMD reacted to DMSpooky in Hi all   
    Welcome Ralpin to the community. Was nice "kinda" playing Warframe with you a bit, and I'm still looking into that door issue on Fortuna lol.

    As for your forum question I use Chrome but I have heard other people have been having issues with our site when it comes to pop-up blocker and add blocking software. If they are on, some people have said it just takes a bit longer to load.
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    TitanCMD reacted to Ralpin in Hi all   
    My name is Ralpin I love gaming. I am here to make friends and im also still trying to figure out these forums. where do I apply to become an actual member im a bit of a goofball and very charismatic and look forward to being a proud member of the community. is there a specific browser I need to use because somethings are not working right through Microsoft edge
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    TitanCMD reacted to Ariesaze in Hey yo   
    All righty then Sounds good to me
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    TitanCMD reacted to LtNoobslayer in Hello Everyone!   
    Welcome to the crazy that is ADK, a casual or hectic schedule is welcome here so feel free to hang out when you have the time.  If you ever need anything in our Discord feel free to reach out.
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    TitanCMD reacted to kaiju47 in Hello Everyone!   
    Hello ADK,

    As you can see my names Kaiju, I'm 23, I live in California, and I've been gaming since I could walk and play everything from Racing to FPS and MMO's. Gaming is my down time and relaxation from RL. I am currently an EMT student and Search And Rescue student as well, so sometimes my time schedule can be a bit restrictive. I'm looking forward to playing with a new community as well. I've been through a few community's in my many years of gaming, but just didn't fit me well. I'm hoping I can find a new gaming home here and meet new people! Hope to play with all of you soon! 
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    TitanCMD reacted to CardinalFunky in Overwatch Community Roster/ Battle.net ID Tags   
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    TitanCMD reacted to ladyjanna in Just play.Have fun. Enjoy the game.   
    Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.
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    TitanCMD reacted to Chasaroonie in just an old dude that likes games   
    Welcome! Glad you found a place to stay
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    TitanCMD reacted to Sav in just an old dude that likes games   
    Welcome to ADK  We’re happy to have you!
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    TitanCMD reacted to xXPestelinceXx in just an old dude that likes games   
    hello well i am a 42 yr old guy with 6 kids, im on my 3rd wife lol. we live in idaho im self employed, from a  family business for the last 20 yrs. i have also done many other jobs ranging from 5 yrs mananger at McDonalds to concrete sealant work.
    i have 6 years as a M1 tanker in the army graduated high school and have a 2 yr study of game theory and design from a crappy internet collage.
    only left the country once so far on a honeymoon cruise to Catalina islands and mexico.. wasnt the best trip almost got left there lol..
    ok well idk what else.. but you can ask me and ill tell you more
    thanks guys and hope to be apart of your community.
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    TitanCMD reacted to Kathiel in Heyoooo   
    I go by Kathiel and enjoy playing a couple games here and there, I really enjoy playing in a community so I found ADK while browsing online for Ark communities lol I saw on Discord you guys have League and some other stuff too so I'd be down to play some of those too haha. BUT the obsession with Dinosaurs is too real with me 
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    TitanCMD reacted to NursePlays in E3 is Among Us!   
    I know I can't be the only one excited to see what game devs/studios have to put out on the table this year!
    So far, I have seen a few games that I am super pumped for from the press conferences.
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
     Kingdom Hearts 3
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Nioh 2 
    DMC 5
    Fallout 76
    Cyberpunk 2077
    The Last of Us Part II
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey
    Elder Scrolls VI
    What games are YOU anticipating this year?


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    TitanCMD reacted to Markivo in A Trash Tier Montage - Joey   
    Here's some highlights from one of our members, Joey, making some Trash Tier plays in competitive Overwatch.

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