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  1. Overwatch Fun for March 2019

    Yea, feelsbadman lol
  2. Overwatch Fun for March 2019

    Hey people, This month we had tons of fun playing Overwatch Friday nights. We have a solid group of 6 people playing QP for a few hours. Starting off I played some Rein and got some good charges. We then had @CardinalFunky wreck some face as Torb, and @AbyssDanker destroying people as Genji. We then were about to lose the point on Blizzard World, but my DVA ult cleared it enough for us to take the point back. With this group we have been able to really time our ults. I got a big shatter and Funky took them out as Pharrah. The last two clips are actually from a player would randomly grouped with. The first DVA Ult he was on our team, but the second clip he wipes us off the map 0_0 Enjoy!
  3. Overwatch Fun for February 2019

    Hey guys, We had some fun times last month. I was feeling pretty confident as Rein, and played a little Winston. @DMSpooky had some epic Reaper ults. @CardinalFunky straight slayed as Hanzo and Reaper, and mainly kept us alive as Ana. See you next month! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Howdy!

  5. Salutations!

    Welcome! Come play Overwatch with us, I want to talk mushrooms
  6. Introduction

  7. Hello~!

    Welcome, the ARK servers have been popping, glhf
  8. Overwatch Fun for January 2019

    This month in January we had a lot of huge plays. Lots of Dragons, Pharrah ults and Earthshatters. Join us Friday nights for Friday Night Mayhem.
  9. Hi all

  10. tankdead

    Welcome, hit up @pinkdood if you want to talk about hunting, I know he does. And come play Overwatch with us!
  11. Untucks Introducton

  12. Overwatch Fun for December 2018

    Hey guise, This month we had fewer Friday Night Mayhem events, but we had many more days of the week playing Quickplay and the Winter Event with Mei and Winston. Nickphan at the end manages to get a sextuple kill, I haven't seen that in quite a while. See you next month
  13. Greetings!

    Welcome to ADK! I started on NES, and I am 32 in IT, so maybe we can nerd out on some builds.
  14. Howdy

    Welcome, let me know if you need help upgrading. I'm an IT nerd
  15. Yello

    Welcome back! You left right when I joined almost. glhf, man

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