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  1. Favorite Baseball Team?

    Saint Louis !
  2. Introduction

    + 1 way to go wifey !! here's to you
  3. Introduction

    Grats on the engagement !! and thank you for your service.
  4. Introduction

    Thanks Happy to be here !!
  5. Introduction

    Discord/WoW Norefill (No Refill) Close to retirement and can start gaming again. Married, raised three sons enjoyed gaming with family for years. Wife ( Anna ) told me about this community. Waited to see how the guild treated her. They were amazing! She isn’t a real good player so that says a lot. I prefer to talk. Playing WoW, branching into other games, over the years to come. I, read through the forum but don’t post much unless it pertains to something important. Thanks for considering both of us.

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