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  1. Ark Ragnarok map?

    Ok sweet, that I didnt know. I couldn't find it in the server listings. Thanks for the update. Regards Faze EDIT - found it tucked away, sorry for confusion 'https://ark-servers.net/server/96244/'
  2. Hi fellow Arkers So Ive popped over from the Battlefield side of the house as I dabble in Ark in my downtime and I also run my own server for friends. Quick couple of questions, Are there any plans for an official ADK Ragnarok map server? Is anyone here in the ADK ARK community testing it out? I currently have a Ragnarok server up and running and your welcome to pop in if you'd like to have a look around, however I'm reluctant to add details here unless its 'OK' with admin approval. Clearly it would not be an official server but it would give people the opportunity to look around the new map and maybe help the team make some decisions when the Ragnarok map becomes a little more 'polished' than its current state of 50% completion and ADK decides that the may spin up an official server. Finally, if its frowned upon, then this goes back to my first question. I did want to join an ADK Ark server but they are already well established and probably would prefer a new / fresh server sometime in the future. Thanks all Faze
  3. BF1 patch notes: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/categories/battlefield-1-game-updates Patch size approximately: 700mb Not much information to go on, but its something.
  4. BF1 patch notes?

    Hi all Does anyone know if DICE / EA post official BF1 patch notes ? If so, does anyone have a link? Faze
  5. Hi ADK

    Well funny you say that, I have been trying it (ARMA) with my cousin. Going from BF to ARMA has been a bit of a learning curve and a change to the thought process of playing FPS. I'd definitely give it a go, however I'd be rather green
  6. I know its just beta guys, but do you have a preferred server you play on?
  7. Hi ADK

    Hey ADK My in game name is Faze, or known in Battlefield as (Faze21). I'm 42, an Australian living in USA Washington DC and been here for about 5 years. I'm married (to a hot American Girl), no kids. I'm a Senior IT security consultant for an international organization, hence why I'm in DC for some time. I love MMORPGs, Sandbox games and FPS as stated above I love the battlefield series. Been playing since the days of MUDs and MOOs and then got into Asherons Call and Everquest and at the same time I was playing 'Decent' for a while. Many many games played between now and today, Fast forward to present day, I love ESO, ARK (run my own server), BF4, BF1 beta and am waiting on CoE in which I'm a backer. Both me and my wife love to play games together, shes into ARK and ESO and so I run a personal ARK server for her and her friends. Regarding BF4; Have been playing casually as a guest for some years now on =ADK= #7. Not sure why, just keep going back to that server because its fun. So I thought Id reach out to ADK and see if I could join your team for when BF1 goes live. I run TS, Discord (in which I joined the ADK channel). Have my own twitch channel which I only occasionally stream to. Anyway, that's me in a nut shell, Faze (Dale)

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