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  1. S+ Major Update

    S+ had a major update today. Servers are currently undergoing an update to apply this new mod update. Change notes include the following: Update: Dec 4 @ 9:07pm - You can now change the side that doors & trapdoors are hinged to doorframes & hatchframes by pressing G while placing - Inclined Pipes & Wires are now 1 foundation long & 1 wall high (note: existing inclined pipes & wires are unaffected by this change) - New Structure: Elevator Call Button (click it to call the nearest elevator to your position) - Updated error message on Pull Repair to indicate it should be used on a damaged item - Pull Repair will only pull materials if the item is not full durability - Medium Pillars, Large Pillars, Large Walls & XL Walls now have snap points for internal pipes & wires(note: the status icons do not work well with these large structures, ie if you place an internal wire at the top and bottom of pillar and its only getting power from the bottom, it will display powered but since its not connected to the top, you will be unable to draw power from the top unless you fill the entire pillar with internal wires) - Ceilings can snap to the top of roofs now - You can no longer teleport to teleporters outside of your tribe - You can now enable public teleportation on S+ teleporters (note: while you can teleport to a public teleporter, you still can not use a public teleporter, that will require a dev kit update) - Improved how S+ Fence Foundations & Supports snap to Gateways - S+ Fence Foundations & Supports can now snap perpendicularly to Behemoth Gateways - Fixed issue that prevented turrets from being placed on structures on the motor boat - Fixed issue with the pull selected code that caused it to incorrectly pull resources used as fuel(ie it should never pull wood from the forge or gas from a fabricator) - Fixed issue that could cause ladders to teleport you under the ground (if Quick Climb was enabled) - Inclusion/Exclusion lists for the feeding troughs and turrets will now add any nearby dinos to their list that are not already included (previously the list was comprised of only dinos that could spawn on that ARK) - Fixed issue that caused the output log to not update correctly when using the Transfer Tool in single player - Item Collector, Hatchery & Bee Hive can be named - S+ Hatchery will no longer collect eggs when its inventory is full Please make sure you have this update downloaded and installed. Thank you, ARK Staff.
  2. Hello

    Welcome to =ADK=
  3. Hello All

    Welcome to the community. Hope you join us in ARK sometime.
  4. Helloooooo

    Welcome to the community. Hope you enjoy playing with us and look forward to playing BF1 with you sometime.
  5. Hello

    Welcome to ADK. We are a great group of people who love gaming.
  6. S+ Bug fixes Sept 28

    Thank you for the update.
  7. MAJOR S+ structures update

    Definitely a lot of goodies packed into that update.
  8. With the release of ARK Survival Evolved today there are a few things that have been mentioned in the patch notes. Current Version: v267 - New Creature: The Otter! - Endboss and Ascension. - Ice Wyvern remodel and they're now uploadable. - Official System Anti-Duping systems.
  9. Build Server Updates

    The Build Server had an update today for one of the Mods. This is the first update this mod has had in months and brings some changes as noted below. This update is for the Garden Decor Mod. Update: Aug 7 @ 11:47am Adjustments: Slight reduction of transparency of the Stained Glass so that it looks better in full light. Yellow Ground Light can now be placed correctly. Added mod folders to crafting table and to mod engram Removed rotation options for wall placed items. Will snap instantly now for easier use. Reduced mod size by 22mb ARK ADMIN STAFF
  10. Building Server

    Screenshots from Testing and Development.
  11. Building Server

    Our Advanced Building Server Has Gone Live!!! This server features mods for your building pleasure. Lots of options for building bases, castles, keeps, forts, villages, and settler areas. There are 17 mods running on this server. 10 of the mods we use on our hive. So that means only 7 additional mods will need to be installed. There is a steam collection located at: steam://url/CommunityFilePage/1089359943 or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1089359943 If the first one does not work. You can copy the first link post it in a new tab in order for it to open up in Steam. Please make sure to subscribe to all the mods prior to joining the server for best results. This server is based on The Center map and has very high advanced rates for leveling, xp, and stat upgrades. Rates are the same as our hived servers except for 20x rates for stat upgrades for both players and tamed dino's. This will allow you to level up real quick in order to get your engrams necessary to build while being able to keep yourself safe from the hot blooded killers that prowl the map looking for lunch. Connection information: This server replaces our monthly rapid wipe mod showcase server. Connection details are the same as the previous mod showcase. IP: Ports: 7781/27021 Enjoy building and getting your lunch before you become lunch. And please if you love playing on our servers please remember to donate in order to keep us up and running. ARK ADMIN STAFF.
  12. OneLogin Suffers Data Breach

    I don't use any password management besides the storage capacity in my head. All my passwords are secure with Upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols. Every password is different and I do not use the same password for anything. Honestly I do not trust clouds, online backup, or anything. The old saying is if you can lock it someone can unlock it. I like to have all my data available and within physical reach. What happens when you use online backup and you loose internet or they go bankrupt? You don't have access to your data and I am not ok with that. Basically the cloud is just someone elses computer. Just another name for a server.
  13. What are our server rates?

    Rates for ADK Ark Hived Server Max Player Level = 300 Max Tamed Dino Level = 300 + Tamed Dino Level Levels = Modified to Max 300 Engrams = Modified Engrams per Level Baby Mature Speed = 10 Egg Hatch Speed = 5 Baby Food Consumption = 4 Egg Lay Interval = 5 Crop Growth Speed = 5 Harvest Multipler = 5 XP Multiplier = .6 Food Drain = .7 Water Drain = .8 Taming Speed = 10 Difficulty = 1.286 (Dino wild spawn max level 350)
  14. ARK Developmental Testing Servers

    New Development and testing server is now up and running with something new. A procedurally generated ARK. Yes a PGARK. Meaning that the map is entirely new something totally different to explore. Currently running 10 mods 9 of which are already in use on our servers and a new small mod. Test Dev Server up and running. IP: PGARK 7778/27017 Please leave feedback on this testing platform as it is new to us and maps might need some tweaking as well as modifiers. Happy gaming.
  15. Our developmental and testing server has been reloaded from scratch. The server is up and running with ACA 2.0 Redemption for testing on the hive system. 3 ARK servers are running on the developmental testing server as follows. These testing servers are currently running a save from our production server. However this is not a production server and game play may not be saved. This is only a temporary testing and development server. This server will be wiped and shut down once testing and development is complete. These servers are running the same mods as our production server. For a list of mods being used on our servers please visit here: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=851049638 Test Dev Server With ACA Redemption up and running. IP: Scorched 7778/27017 The Center 7777/27015 The Island 7779/27019 Note: These servers are not meant for production. This is a testing server only. Expect frequent wipes, restarts, reloads, and rollbacks. As a testing platform this server is used for testing new mods and updated mods in order to ensure compatibility with other mods and user game play. This is not a permanent playing server. So do not expect your game play to be saved and do not complain if it is wiped. If you wish to play on our public servers please visit here: As for feedback we welcome all feedback related to this development and testing phase of ARK for ADK. If you have any questions, comments or concerns do not hesitate to contact us on Discord or via the Forums. Thank you, ARK Admin Team.

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