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    i know right

    [quote name='creep' timestamp='1318262152' post='13081'] i'm in the process of looking for a comp l4d2 team to play on[/quote] [img]http://www.reactionface.info/sites/default/files/images/1300044776986.jpg[/img]
  3. Apple's Steve Jobs has passed

    [quote name='Amba' timestamp='1317874929' post='12968'] *DELETED* [/quote] Okay, delete my comment that was clearly light hearted. Rage delete some moar
  4. The Team Fortress 2 Song!

    pls no
  5. Apple's Steve Jobs has passed

    [quote name='Gamer Radar' timestamp='1317861439' post='12964']Changed the tech world more then anyone in the past decade.[/quote] *DELETED*
  6. [quote name='tuduloo' timestamp='1317326673' post='12776'] get platinum editions and get every 12 map packs for free [/quote] But you'll still be paying extra money for something that they could just put in the game anyway, seeing as you could probably fit every single Black Ops map into a single Bad Company 2 map size wise.
  7. Tournament/Competition

    Nah, I might actually try shooting people instead of crouch jumping for once :3
  8. Tournament/Competition

    [quote name='tangyrobot' timestamp='1316753196' post='12524'] 1v1 sniper sounds great, but 1v1 other classes? no way! i would be MUCHHHH more interested in a highlander matchup for the non-snipers!! [/quote] If you've ever played in an MGE server, you'll know the 1v1 works pretty well for scout, soldier and demo too. Especially when it's on Badlands Spire or something. But someone needs to kinda push the idea of the whole thing really. Also, the sniper tournament I was talking about is maybe being put together by another sniper clan/guild. So if someone else here wants to put one together as well, I'll be more than happy to help/enter that as well. But yeah, Highlander is a decent idea too.
  9. Help!

  10. Visitors, read this.

    If the 20 or so registered users that visit every day actually posted instead of just lurking a forum that nothing happens on, maybe more shit would actually go down... There's a swell idea, eh?
  11. Tournament/Competition

    Any class can be played in comp, just that the main 5 are more versatile and useful than any of the others, sometimes if the situation calls for it, someone will swap out to heavy, pyro, engineer or even spy. Payload draws more people in PUBS because it's easier to play, 5cp maps need you to attack and defend at the same time and play smoothly. Payload usually ends up getting to a block of sentries and demo spam, which is no fun at all, especially in a competitive scenario. Also, payload maps are very narrow and restrict full use of classes and roles. There's a reason payload is very rarely, if ever used in comp matches.
  12. Tournament/Competition

    [quote name='ToastedWaffle' timestamp='1315876785' post='12073'] Personally 1v1 tournaments probably wouldnt work. Mainly cause some classes are based around counter others. So if you play a class they can just pick a class that "counters" it. Even if you are better they would have an advantage. I think if we were to have a tournament or start one, it should be payload. I would play in it [/quote] I play against comp soldiers and demos on MGE servers as a scout regularly and win the majority of rounds. Oh yeah, if it's MGE style, the classes are limited to scout, soldier, demo and sniper. Also, payload sucks for tournament games, 5cp maps are better in every way due to their balance and match pace.
  13. Tournament/Competition

    The MGE map itself is made to force people into 1v1 situations based around main choke points on comp 5cp maps, it features at least 1 point of every map used in comp. This would easily be the best map to use for the member/regular thing if it's used.
  14. Tournament/Competition

    Also, I could make a group on Steam and get the sniper tournament going that way too, put a link to the forums in it too.
  15. Tournament/Competition

    I've spoken to a lot of people I know in the sniping community about a tournament and they all seem very excited about it, I'll get some links round and get people to post here if I can. The 1v1 tournament for regulars/members on the regular server would be a bit difficult, as the only real feasible way of doing it would be using and MGE map and plug-in, and I wouldn't really know how to get any of this up and running.

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