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  1. Joining Dad on ARK soon

    got ARK today start'n out now, installing maps / mods
  2. My Favorite food....

    anything with cheese at its core. Cheese pizza, mac n cheese, nachos, enchiladas, as long as cheese is the primary ingredient
  3. lilredman3

    dad gave me a list of people and titles to refer to and listen to without question if I find myself in need of assistance or instruction, you are on that list
  4. want to check out LoL

    hi, my dad plays Dota2, not very much anymore and I've played it as well but would like to see about LoL. would there be a good time for me to be on TS3 for some input to play once i've installed and done tutorials? or should i just mash it out til I feel I can do something then be subjected to beating about the head and neck? ** kierstyn has expressed interest in LoL but I have no affinity or desire for it, if anyone would be willing to help him in acclimating towards the controls / environment it would save me many hours of tedium/turmoil and grief enduring a game platform i have no desire for. He will play the tutorials and watch youtubers (please recommend some that aren't asshats, griefers or trolls he finds those well enough on his own. I'm constantly cleaning up his subscription base on youtube heh) thanks
  5. lilredman3

    yeah your the bow guy, i've seen you
  6. new to bf4 kinda

    yea he has my key binds set to the same has his, just the last infraction (only the second ever on ADK servers) was due to me foochuck'n a grenade on 7 and get'n a few kills with it. . . . I hit 5 instead of 6 for knife and threw it. the deer in headlights look the whole time. right now i play on origin access and a few f2p steam games, next week i'll get ARK and H1Z1 as well, then more as I keep my grades up, stay outta trouble and behave on teamspeak which i'm still learning how to use more effectively. i have two teamspeaks to learn on, ADK's and my older brothers teamspeak he uses with his friends, although dad doesn't let me on there very often they're all military guys and aren't always the nicest lot I'm also getting my own minecraft account i had been using dad's up to this point but now i'll get my own
  7. deadpool

    LOVED IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! i watch a lot of movies I'm no supposed to and I made dad buy this on cable as soon as it was available. . . watch it twice a week easily, along with such greats as Grandma's Boy, Most of Kevin Smith's stuff, some monty python and a slew of other off beat B flicks/horror and action stuff plus tons of animae since my older brothers, one of my sisters and god father are huge into all sorta animae. though they really restrict what i watch
  8. Warcraft | The Movie

    i've played WoW since I was 3 (13 now) and I LOVED IT, it was great! I'm glad they didn't dumb it down for the masses Blizzard fans deserve a pure movie. My dad, mom, two older brothers and one of my sisters all play or have played WoW dad made sure we had the opportunity to try things and we all tried / loved WoW can't wait for the next movie
  9. Suicide Squad..

    I liked it but yea it dragged and could of been done much better, dad just hated it.
  10. lilredman3

    thank you
  11. Joining Dad on ARK soon

    i want all the raptors, drake/wyvern, spinosauras, dire wolf and a couple more but those mainly
  12. lilredman3

    just got this pc, but play a lot of app games on tablet and bf4, minecraft, ark, unturned, h1z1 as dad and oldest brother allow looking forward to ark and h1z1 as well as regular access to minecraft and battlefield
  13. What are you listening to right now?

  14. lilredman3

    Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice to text program http://www.nuance.com/dragon/index.html coupled with a few other programs (mavis beacon teaches typing and audible books) we can work text / typing into developing kinetic ques to help him gain solid footing with the written word

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