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  1. D&D anyone?

    ok great. i was thinking of doing it over TS. Im not too great at being a DM so we need to find one.
  2. D&D anyone?

    Hey I'm still new to RPGs and would love to get a game going. Is anyone interested in playing?
  3. Hello Guys

    Welcome. Hey you said you play strategy games like wargame. Is that like war machine or warhammer? If so hit me up! I'm a huge warhammer nerd.
  4. Hello, I am Malazar.

    Welcome. You told me you play war thunder. Check out the forums. For mother Russia comrade
  5. America's "War On Police"

    I agree with you completely but the military part is a little uncalled for. I for one want to be in the armed services and i am i successful student. The rejects of society are here to fill the jobs no one wants to do and need little to no qualification for. The last thing they need is a gun and the training on how to use it. Also, we need to up the training for police with use of deadly weapons. Soldiers are trained to never aim a weapon at an individual unless they intend to kill the person. Te police are criticized for using tazers but the opposite should happen. They should be a officer's best friend. My father in a EMT and he constantly tells me that he wonders why they must warn so many times before using one and that they should use them more frequently. But yes, I think the police are being held responsible for the actions of a few. And on the other hand, the controversy over this situation is not being handled correctly by those trying to address these issues. That's all I have to say on the matter.
  6. New Face

    Alright. welcome to the community and to the war thunder family. We are all happy to see you here.
  7. Luram Here, nice to meet you

    Yeah we are all pretty friendly. Even though we might not play the same games, you'll more than likely make friends and know names of people who don't play with you. I hope to see you online. Have fun and welcome to the community
  8. WAZZUP! :)

    Haha hey bro
  9. I'm sexy and I know it!

    Hey man welcome back I remember running with you in ps2. I too have had the chance to come back. You might not remember me since I wasn't a big voice back then but its good to see you back. Hopefully I see you on ps2 and you should check out warthunder :D
  10. Me,Myself and I

    Welcome to ADK. I've played with Kaz in warthunder a couple times now. Great guys, great player. I enjoyed playing with him.
  11. Space & Time

    Haha welcome to ADK. Looking foward to playing with you. You seem really fun. I saw you have warthunder. Hop on when ever you feel like it. There's always bound to be at lease one of us.
  12. Any chem lovers?

    Oh. Well I guess I'm the only one haha
  13. Hello ADK

    Hi Joe. My dad is a fire fighter too but for pompano beach.
  14. Comics

    Anyone like comics. My favorite is the watchmen series. I love the comedian

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