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  1. Whats your GPU?

    Hey guys, i was wondering what GPU's y'all have. Mine is a EVGA GEFORCE GTX 950 FTW with 2 gigabytes of Vram
  2. Hello Everyone, this is my current build; http://pcpartpicker.com/list/mwb2RG , on battlefield 4 ( the most graphically demanding game I have at the moment) I get up to 120fps in medium settings at 1080p, 80fps on high settings at 1080p and 55 to 57fps on ultra at 1080p. I have heard that Bf1 is very cpu heavy and my ideal fps i would like for high settings (I'm gonna stay away from ultra for now) on battlefield 1 when i get the game is 60fps or more in 1080p. Should I get a i5 6500/6600 ( no need for the k variant as I won't be overclocking) or should i swap out my gtx 950 for a rx 480? I am on a tight budget ( willing to spend up to 260 U.S dollars)
  3. Better CPU or GPU for Battlefield 1?

    I have gotten the rx 480 8gb from msi since christmas day and i have to say, the game ran very smooth then i expected to be honest, i get around 78-81 fps in ultra settings at 1080p with dx 11, with dx 12 i get 5-9 more fps.
  4. Affordable Gtx 980

    Anyone here know any cheap but good gtx 980 for less then 300? I do not care if its used or not. Please and thank you in advance. ( i have decided to put a evga gtx 980 just for the heck of it)
  5. Affordable Gtx 980

    Thanks guys
  6. The Future for my PC

    Hey guys, i do not plan to upgrade anything of my PC in the next 3 or 4 months , but i do plan on changing things in about 5 months or so and my budget up to that point will be 300 bucks to spend on hardware. Here is my build http://www.google.com/url?q=http%3A%2F%2Fpcpartpicker.com%2Flist%2Fmwb2RG&sa=D&sntz=1&usg=AFQjCNE_YAYXpQoN3EHuBQvNtNZTImNY9g What do you guys think of it?
  7. The Future for my PC

    Would i have to change my power supply to something higher then 500 watts before i do any upgrades such as getting an i5 and/or getting a new graphics card?
  8. The Future for my PC

    Waiy, which i5 proccesor though? I heard theres different types of versions of the intel proccesors.
  9. The Future for my PC

    Alrighyt then, thanks for the advice.
  10. New here.

    Hey everybody i have just joined the master race about a month ago after getting tired of the low quality graphics from xbox one and i have to say, everything looks amazing from my PC. Here are my specs:http://www.google.co...uBQvNtNZTImNY9g
  11. New here.

    Thanks for the welcome

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