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    lake orion
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    OVERWATCH, Photography, Graphics, H1Z1, ARK, Battlefield, Smite and other great games!

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    Also Have a Msi Titan Laptop other than my desktop.
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  1. ARK: Survival Evolved - Join Today!

    just got the game ready to help the team on our server!
  2. I personally can't wait for BF1 to come out looks to me like a solid investment!
  3. How is Wildstar now??

    Is wildstar still active as a free to play I was surprised to see that it was on the list. I used to play but quickly left after the late level grind got to be overwhelming. If this game is still alive for this community please let me know and I may re-download and join in! _Thanks.
  4. Thoughts on characters

    sometimes all it takes is 10 seconds and a hero switch to make a match this game can be won or lost on split decisions. That is something to watch out for honestly. Amazing combination of characters at launch and a wonderful counter system where player skill matters but picks make a even larger difference which is why knowing a few people can really help the team.
  5. A Team For Ranked And Much More

    I am willing to help anyone get better at overwatch I have an ok rank but I solo Q'd I hope to be much higher above 50 at least for the 2nd season! Add me in game Ph4seon3#1716
  6. I would like to see this game come to the community!
  7. Do You Use Dolby Atmos?

    its an excellent way to up the gaming experience for people not using 7.1 sound. Must recommend.
  8. OVERwatch or OVERwank ??

    I have well over a hundred hours on overwatch and I find it to be extremely rewarding to group up !
  9. I know it can be frustrating but It is a really fun game with a group.
  10. Ph4seon3

    thanks Its finally the weekend so I can play a bunch ! Considering ARK since it is on sale.. hmm
  11. Battle.net ID Tags

    Ph4seon3#1716 See you in game!
  12. Ph4seon3

    Hey I am a avid gamer who loves overwatch and other competitive games! My real name is Jeff. Thanks for the chance to join up.

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