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  1. whats changed ?

    awesome i will definetly do this !!
  2. whats changed ?

    i used to play this game ! what has changed in the game and whats improved, has the taming the dinos changed yet >?
  3. England

    im a bit far for these meets ups but when im traveling i will come if its near ! .
  4. hi everyone

    hi people my name is nems, this server is by far the best to be honest. can't wait to be a member of adkx ! ps, im friendly as hell ! but lately ive been having a shoot on sight moments so im sorry haha ! my main game is h1z1 survival !
  5. who is excited for the new patch ? and server wipe ? cant wait to be honest !
  6. introduction.

    i am 23 years old, funny as hell and i stream quite a lot, im team worthy material i get long with absolutely everyone ! , im very opinionated, but very discreet about it because i hate upsetting people ~!, ive been playing on adk server h1z1 survival for a long time now 1 week nearly, and i love everyone in the adk community. ! and get along with the upper hierarchy / admins

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