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  1. My friend puts on magic shows professionally and a deaf person recently attended one of his events. Because his magic was based on visual effects, they were abe to enjoy the show just as much as anybody else. This posed an interesting question: How can a magic show be aimed towards blind people? One thing we noted as we were talking was that blind person can confirm an object is present by reaching out and touching it, but there is no way to confirm that it wasn't there before. I brought this topic to ADK because I've met many smart gamers and want to see what solutions the community can come up with.
  2. Count to 1,000

  3. Count to 1,000

    502 Sent from my SM-G930V using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  4. What is your favorite action movie?

    Mission Impossible series all the way.
  5. Currently on Deployment.....Will update this with News!

    Thank you for serving us and making the world a better place.
  6. Post your favorite TV show here

    Friends or Supernatural, I can't decide. Friends has me grinning ear to ear by the end of every episode, while Sam and Dean have me on the edge of my seat. I highly recommend both.
  7. What game should I play?

    Once you get used to how rocket league works, it's extremely satisfying and fun to play.
  8. Count to 1,000

    497 Btw @HansJob, you're great in BF4.
  9. another Brazilian

    Welcome! I'm interested to know, what kind of engineering?
  10. Introduction

    Welcome to the community! 1200 ping?!!? That should be illegal!
  11. HiGuys

    Hello, welcome! What kinds of games do you play, and on what platform?
  12. Ph4seon3

    If you enjoy competitive games, you should try Battlefield 4. Constantly changing environments, teamwork and rivalry.
  13. Role Call

    cjwaldrop Any tips on catching better Pokemon?
  14. hello from micro

    Thanks! @Wacko920 Where can I find the link to US server #5? I'm having trouble finding it.
  15. Support Class Tips

    I'm new to the support class, but have had immediate success with it. Any tips for more successful gameplay? I transitioned from sniper, and want to work up to an LMG with high accuracy and range (probably heavy barrel).

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