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  1. kat anywhere

    Top maybe, Mid yes, Jungle Maybe, Bot No.  She cannot go Bot lane.  And ADC and support would poke her down and she would have so little CS / kills that she would not be worth it late game.
  2. -Outdated- Renekton - Top - Wreckedadon

    Do you think it is better to start dorans blade or shield?
  3. -Outdated- Anti tank leo build

    I think Randuins would fill the role of Rylais but make you super tanky.  The problem is that with Leona the only slow that you will get is from your W.  Which takes time to pop.  Your Q can slow but it will drop before the stun so IMO it isn't worth it.  I would rather getting something that would help everyone.  Like Movement speed buff.  You can save your ADC with your stun and your ult if need be.
  4. -Outdated- Need some build help plox?

    True that but it is also smart to play to the other team as well.  Whole team goes AD build nothing but armor.  AP gets fed early get some early MR stuff like that.
  5. -Outdated- Need some build help plox?

    You can still be a damage threat with just BotRK and then build pure tank after.  The reason is but if you have some threat people can just ignore you and kill your carried.  If you run to the carries and start killing em they have to fight you which would open up your carries.
  6. -Outdated- Need some build help plox?

    You still want to be a damage threat which is why I suggested getting a BotRK.  You can still put out decent damage with it as well.  It allows CC with the slow from the blade, making ganks easier and it gives you life steal which will help you survive team fights.   After that you would want to build tank.
  7. -Outdated- Need some build help plox?

    The best build for Udyr is a tank / damage build.  BotRK and then then tank items usually suit all the situation.  Unless, you get super ahead early.
  8. Man of Steel

    I liked the movie but I found it ironic.  For someone who is so bent on saving a lot of people he sure destroyed a ton as well.  I have never liked superman much though to be honest.  He was more a, "I can do everything and anything" character which is really lame to me.
  9. I don't know if you guys have seen this.

    You do have to remember that there is generally much less people on the PBE then on live.  So the queue times should drop when it hits live.
  10. New Game Mode - Hexakill

    Liona and Annie.  That is all.  OP team comps ftw
  11. Training?

    I wouldn't mind helping out and setting up a training session.  I am not the best but I do have a decent amount of game knowledge.
  12. Funniest Champion Troll Builds

    I was thinking about going AP Shen.  His shield goes of his AP as well as most of his moves.
  13. What's your favorite role and champion?

    I dont really have a favorite champ.   But I main support
  14. Huey Sponsored LoL Tournament!

    I can either play or help out with setting up games and specing them.  I am open to help and I have a far amount of xperience doing that sort of thing.
  15. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    ToastedWaffle and I just hit 30

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