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Chaotic Videos

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    United States
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    I am interested in all things gaming.

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    Windows 10
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    Gigabyte G1 Gaming Motherboard
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    I7-6700K Unlocked
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    GTX 1080 Founders Edition
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    600W Corsair Modular Power Supply
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    2x8gb crucial ram
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    2x1TB WD Hard Drives , 1x1 60GB Solid State Drive
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    Astro A40 Headset, Yeti Blue Microphone
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    2x Acer GN246HL 144HZ Full HD Monitors
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  1. Chaotic Youtuber

    Alright thank you very much guys and I will be careful to post my channel sorry.
  2. Overwatch turned into a MOBA ???

    Thanks i'm glad you liked it, and yea it was pretty funny when I started playing this I was like wow not very original. But the game style and play style itself was very fun gave a feel like I was playing LOL and Overwatch at the same time.
  3. Overwatch turned into a MOBA ???

    Overwatch turned into a MOBA ??? Umm.. so recently I did a First Look Game impression and I found this interesting game called "Gigantic" it is a MOBA style game but has a unique aspect. This game has a similar battle style to Overwatch and like for some reason most of the characters have pretty much the exact same play style as the characters off Overwatch such as. HK-206 - Which is a buff looking robot with 2 weapons on him, and he can deploy himself as a turret and a mini gun starts coming out of his body... *Cough* Bastion *Cough* Tyto, & Tripp - both of these characters are very mobile and fast pased with weak but fast attacks so you could say *possibly a Genji* Voden - Is the Archer that has a bow and arrow and that made me think of Hanzo Vadasi - A Divine Judgement/ Divine Healing character that has 3 orbs flying around her... *Zenyata* Rolond - Guns and Gadgets and he carries pistols and a rifle and has a nice little cowboyish hat ... hmm i wonder who in overwatch is like him ... McCree Margrave - A freaking huge beast that has the movement of a monkey and goes around smashing things - Winston liked smashing things.... Imani - A Female Sniper with a bright red Scope - Sorry Widowmaker your ass was not enough... Beckett - A win pistol shooting maniac that has high mobility rockets on his legs... Comn not my girl Tracer. Here is my First Look Video on this game let me know what you think, and I just going crazy or is there a very similar link in between these 2 games. >>> Gigantic Gameplay - First Look HD <<<
  4. Chaotic Youtuber

    Thank you very much, I am glad to be here. I recently discovered this website. I did use other forums but could not really find much of a gaming forum then I stumbled upon this. I will be using this as my main website for game related questions and tips and etc.
  5. Chaotic Youtuber

    Chaotic Videos Hello, my name is Chaotic Videos, I am a recent streamer from Twitch turned professional youtuber (Or at least getting there). I make many type's of videos on Youtube such as Gameplay, Reviews, First Looks, & many more. I do this for the fun of it and I want to help others as much as possible I am currently partnered with TGN (The Gaming Network) and I plan to make the most of my videos by helping anyone who needs it. I hope you enjoy my videos.

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