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  1. All that love I gave ASrock....now gone

    I have the Asus P8P67 Evo myself, never had a issue with it other than my stupid self trying to downgrade my bios which caused driver issues. It removed something from the bios chip that can't be updated from the End-User. I had to RMA it and they gave me a new board.
  2. All that love I gave ASrock....now gone

    Yeah intel RMA's are very easy. I called them on my i7 2600k that crapped out on me when I was overclocking... I didnt tell them that was the case but they gave me all the info to ship it back. You just have to pay shipping to them and once they recieve it they send back the new.
  3. PC Questions (What to buy?!?!)

    Honestly, I couldnt say much about Galaxy. I havent heard much about them. They to me kind of come over as a lower end GPU maker. Not sure if anyone else has ever bought them. I myself have owned several PNY cards, gtx 465 and now the 560 ti, both bought at Best Buy.
  4. Drift Games

    Yeah, im not sure how many people still play the multiplayer. I havent played it in some time. The single player is pretty awesome though. I usually just do races with the mustang boss becauses its one epic muscle car. The friend I use to play multiplayer with said they might be coming out with a second one. Check out some of the other games by GRID such as DIRT and FUEL. I own DIRT 3 and it was pretty amazing aswell.
  5. PC Questions (What to buy?!?!)

    I personally have a Antec 1200 watt, I love it. It fried on me twice, do to me grounding out a touch lamp sensor to the computer case. But I have never had an issue other than that. Antecs customer service is the best, they replaced it for me free of charge. First time I had to pay for shipping, the second time they payed for it and even offered to switch me to there newest model. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371032&Tpk=antec%201200%20tpq I bought it back when it was almost $400, what I power... it was definetly worth the investment.
  6. Bad power supply?

    You might be overheating the card, do you have any tempature montioring programs like MSI afterburner? check that out and watch the tempatures until it crashes. You might need to use that program to manually adjust your GPU fan speeds while gaming. The cards drivers have its own settings for speeds. For instance, when your GPU is 30c your fan speed will be 40%, 40c it will be 50% and so on. With MSI Afterburner you can make it so at 30c your fan speed will be at 50% and so on. It helped me when I noticed my games were stuttering and my temps were around 70 to 80c
  7. PC Questions (What to buy?!?!)

    is this a prebuilt computer? like HP or Gateway? If so, get us the model of the PC and we should be able to track it down. That i5 is a decent CPU, if it turns out the mobo is crappy you might be able to use the RAM and CPU in a new motherboard and grab a decent GPU and another hard drive.
  8. PC Questions (What to buy?!?!)

    Is your motherboard capable of SLI and can your Power Supply handle it? I myself have two 560 Ti's in sli, I play 1920 x 1080 in bf3 and put everything on low just to get the most FPS possible. I aswell only have a 60hz monitor. Your graphics card is only as good as your actual CPU, RAM, and Motherboard. You could have a 690 paired with a low end i3 or i5 and its not going to do the same as some of the better i7 set ups.
  9. Bonjor, PATTDIZZLE in da house.

    Spanks you all so far for the warm warm welcomes!
  10. Drift Games

    I can't speak for drift games, not sure that I have played any. But one of my favorite car games on the PC was GRID. The damages and the graphics in that game were amazing.
  11. thought this was funny

    the power started flickering afterwards though, not sure why....
  12. thought this was funny

    You have to be pro to click it.
  13. Got Dem AOB Tags

    That pluggin would be rather epic, just saying. Although I do believe Lazy would be overly excited for it. Its best that we don't tell him....

  15. Thought it was about time I registered on your site as I pretty much only play in ADK BF3 servers. As you guessed, the name is Patrick. I like moon lit dinners and long walks on the beach. I have a poodle named fu-fu and she means the world to me! Okay not really. I am 21, I am employeed through "The Home Depot," I drive a 05 Scion xA 5 speed. I am very needy, and game like a l33t pro. When im not on your teamspeak im usually drowning myself in music and screaming at my monitor as to how I just died. I am pretty decent with computers and all the funky things that make them work. Some other random hobby of mine is carpentry. Give me some decent wood and equipment and I promise you ill make something out of it to amaze you beyond belief. I have 7 cats and a beagle. Ummmm yep, think thats it. Sincerely PattDizzle<3

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