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  1. Thanks for for your reply. Ya i agree with you ill wait and see whats up with the game then ill think about the purchase but the game looks fun!
  2. Yup instead of watching it lets do it! It looks fun obviously....... Thanks for the video ill watch it.
  3. I only have 3 games on my Pc and im not sure if i should buy Bf1. .Im pretty sure its gonna be like 15 dollars after a year after a year like Bf4.
  4. Ok nice, I also have Bf4 . If yall want to play some L4D2 add me on steam King_blue_J
  5. Bf4 is getting boring and im trying to find people that have some type of humor with a creative mind in the game....... For example , we can find enemy snipers scoping someone far out on the feild then we start trolling by throwing ammo boxes around him and when he turns around we blow him up...... (not my idea but trollers on youtube do it) What im trying to say is that we need creative people enough to fill up a squad that can brighten Bf4 alittle more....... King_Blu_J
  6. Add me on steam King_Blue_J....... I have gta 5 and LeftForDead 2
  7. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Thanks but now i have no more money to spent but i think ill have an update........ Thanks for replying :]
  8. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    I was getting into Pc Gaming for the first time and this is what i get...... Is it a waist of money? Good for a first timer Pc Gamer?
  9. Hi, my name is Omar and no I'm not Mexican but I am Arab. 90% American Born in New York. 14 years old...... Gaming is a passion for me, its pushed me through hard times with what happened to my dad. Ima nice person if you get know me but I get mood swings time by time but that shouldn't be a problem. I do look like a Hobbit from Lord Of The Rings...... I moved to PC June 26, 2016 from console and the games I have now are GTA 5, BF4, Left For Dead 2. By what ive seen my self I actually got'en better with accuracy with the mouse. Steam - King_ Blue_J Origin- King_Blu_J

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