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    All I really do is go to school, research, and play Elder Scrolls Online.

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  1. It feels like when I was child and tomorrow is Christmas morning.

  2. Hello my name is Daniel

    Yeah it is not so much as a job as it is a calling. As soon as you start research you are really starting your career. I love it too, even though I almost never get to sleep. When I should be sleeping I am playing BF3 now.
  3. Hello my name is Daniel

    Thank you all for the warm greetings, I am sure that I will make my way around to all of your servers. Thinking about applying to the clan as well.
  4. Hello my name is Daniel

    Hello everyone my name is Daniel, my in game name on BF3 is AstroPhD. I am 29 years old and going to school for Physics/Astronomy. I conduct research in Astrophysics. To relieve the stress of rough homework and exams I like to play BF3. I just started playing 2 weeks and enjoy it. I found your TDM server recently and have enjoyed it quite a bit. I live outside Chicago and at Western Illinois University. Not sure what else to say. Any questions, comment or email me at physicsphd@dr.com.

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