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  1. You could always play the open beta when it comes out and make the decision then. From what I've seen tho it looks like it will be worth the money.
  2. Any musicians around?

    I play some guitar here and there. Nothing too fancy just a few riffs and stuff xD
  3. Favorite music?

    Rock, hard rock, alternative rock, and some metal depending how you think of the genre.
  4. avenged sevenfold?

    Amazing band both live and recorded. Seen them live twice now, once with Halestorm and the other with Breaking Benjamin. They never fail to put on an amazing show.
  5. Post your favorite TV show here

    My favorite show is probably Ghost Adventures. I like the whole paranormal idea lol its always interesting to see what they find when investigating these different places.
  6. My Favorite food....

    Idk if i could pick a favorite food honestly lol. I would probably have to go with buffalo wings from B-dubs, always a good choice xD
  7. Favorite soda/pop?

    Probably cola i would say. Pepsi, Coke, wild cherry pepsi. Anything along those lines xD
  8. Pets

    My dog Cookie, who we adopted from the local shelter around Christmas time last year, she is the sweetest dog i have ever met xD
  9. never mind my that, i should really know what im talking about before posting xD. Didnt realize that map was in a free thing xP
  10. I would agree with Golmud Railway as its stock(i think?), i cant speak for everyone but not everybody might have the dlc maps(only dlc i have in Second Assault) so it would affect whether or not some people could join in. But i love the idea and it would make an awesome event to have
  11. Best weapon ?

    From what I've used so far. I haven't used the carbines, lmgs or shotguns yet so i wont list any for those particular weapons. DMR- M39 EMR Assault Rifle- M416 Sniper- M40A5
  12. whats your favourite loadouts

    Only 2 classes i normally play are assault and recon so I'll just list those load outs xD Primary Assault Ace 23- PK-A [3.4X] (only thing unlocked so far) P226 Med Bag and Defib M67 Frag Neck Knife Combat Medic upgrade Primary Recon M40A5- Rifle Scope 8X, Variable Zoom 14X and Straight Pull 9m- Ghost Ring Motion Sensor and Radio Beacon M67 Frag Tanto Knife Sniper field upgrade
  13. Whats your favorite TF2 Class ?

    Its a tie between sniper and spy. I used to main sniper for the most part but then once i learned how to use the ambassador for the spy properly, he became my more mobile sniping character.
  14. BF1 Style Event for BF4

    This sounds like a great idea, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun.
  15. Who are your favorite heros?

    For offense i like phara, tracer and occasionally mcree. Defense would be widow maker, junkrat. Support is lucio. As for tanks i almost never play them so i cant really have a favorite in that category.

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