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  1. Clan Tags in Discord! The Destiny and Destiny Clan tags on the ADK Discord are coming back! The tags will be renabled as a way to connect with other destiny players, with a few rules in mind. Rules: #1- The most important rule is that if a staff member asks you to stop using the tag for any reason, stop. If you believe that you are being unfairly told to stop using the tag, please take it up with either that staff member or an upper staff member (aka manager or VA) in a civil and orderly manner. #2- The tags are to be used for GAME RELATED posts only. A few examples could include looking for a group, sharing game related news, etc. #3- Do not spam the tag. Do not use the tag more than once at a time. As this can be a bit of a Grey area, please remember rule #1 -Refusal to follow the above rules will be treated with a warning for the first offense, and if continued it will result in kick, and further offenses may result in a ban.
  2. Hey ADK

  3. Destiny 2 News Updates

    So on Thursday we got a roadmap that will lead us into season 3 with the new DLC. Hopefully this gets the game really going again as these come into play-
  4. Destiny 2 News Updates

    Bungie Update 1/25/2018 https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/46596 TLDR- Faction rallies over -> New Monarchy Wins (suck it dead orbit) Iron Banner Coming Back -> got some new gear and cosmetics ( including a BA looking hand cannon) Raid Rewards Changed -> RAID SPECIFIC ARMOR/WEAPON PERKS ARE BACK + raid encounters always drop a piece New Shell -> new raid specific exotic ghost shell
  5. Destiny 2 News Updates

    Alright, so as Bungie currently has a blazing fire under their butt that is the embodiment of an angry player base, there seem to be a LOT of updates coming from them. And since these change logs, patch notes, etc, all seem to be very long, this is going to be a place for TLDR posts of these patch notes! Feel free to read through the notes, and share what you think about them!
  6. Poll - Discord Music Bots

    I think it’s a great idea as long as it’s controlled. Keep it in 1 channel for each section and no more. For example in a game like D2 or WoW, people shouldn’t be in a raiding channel when someone joins and drops in Darude Sandstorm. PS. I don’t have much experience with these bots, can players turn them down separately from main volume like you can with other players?
  7. Destiny Raid/Event Day Poll

    We Back! The Destiny section is back, and ready to roll! Starting next week, we will be starting back up our weekly raid/event night! This will be a night where, depending on player interest and amount of players that show, we will be doing different events in Destiny 2! This will include Raids, Nightfalls, PvP, Questing, (and soon) Custom PvP Matches! But if its not for another week, whats this post for? Well, we want to know when you want the event to be! So Please answer the following poll for any days you are available. (you may select multiple days) Also, please keep in mind dates will also depend on staff availability to run event nights.
  8. hello

    Welcome! I hope to see you around!
  9. Hello There

    Hey! I was recently thinking of getting fortnite, maybe we could play sometime
  10. Hello everyone

    Welcome! Hope to see you around
  11. Raid Night - 12/7 Sign up

    Character: titan (striker) Power: 318 IGN+Discord: Clamson/Clam Availability: till 10:00 est Preference: none
  12. Hi everyone

  13. Oh, why hello there

    Welcome! Can't wait to kick some ass in Curse of Osiris with you
  14. Munin's Introduction

    Hola! Hope to see you around!

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