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  1. Kingficus

    welcome! as soap asked, what games do you play?
  2. Hello All

    welcome! i hope to see you around and ADK has a full hived set of ARK servers plus one building server so i hope to see you there and on discord!
  3. Saying HI

    I too enjoy some Overwatch although I’m pretty bad at it so I don’t normally play comp lol. But I also play a LOT of Ark so if you ever want to play hit me up! Either way I hope to see you around
  4. Only about 20 days till PC release! Based on the beta and what you guys have seen in the console versions, what class are you guys planning on starting with?
  5. Hallo

    Hey! Hope to see you around!
  6. Dragon Event!

    omg this is my one day off this entire month and i will be 100% be spending it killing that dragon lol (you can count me in)
  7. Hi Everyone

    Welcome! Can't wait to see you around!
  8. ty for bringing this up. i have been having to restrain myself from clicking on anything about the game except like 2 non-spoiler reviews... its gonna be a rough month lol
  9. Alright, so as many of you know ark has put the trailers up for a new DLC dropping (I believe) sometime in october called Aberration. I was kinda curious what everyone else was thinking about it. Do you like the idea of a "broken ark" , do you have any speculation as to what's gonna be in it, and if it's paid DLC are you planning on buying it?
  10. Benjen

    Hey, hope to see you around! I like Feisty am one of the Ark Admins so if you have any questions or need any help please feel free to ask!
  11. Mincraft Server Bug Report/Suggestions

    I'd like to add to Noobs idea. Server: Vanilla Date: Aug 29 Suggestion: To make an ever expanding worldborder. It would keep players playing together at the beginning and have us working together, then later on people could go and build their giant structures and such as the border increases. The border size could increase at different speeds. For example, it could be slow at the beginning and slowly speed up as the server progresses. Not sure how possible it would be but think it would be a fun idea!
  12. Let blow up the Vanilla Map!

  13. Thats what i originally thought but it appears to be anyone can join in the other days. It may have been 100% preorders only for the console betas but dont quote me on that. I hope they do have some period for everyone though because i know a lot of people that want it on PC but dont know if their PC can run it at an enjoyable level.
  14. I think you can play the beta no matter what but you get the beta a day early if you preorder the game

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