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  1. Raid Night - 12/7 Sign up

    Character: titan (striker) Power: 318 IGN+Discord: Clamson/Clam Availability: till 10:00 est Preference: none
  2. Hi everyone

  3. Oh, why hello there

    Welcome! Can't wait to kick some ass in Curse of Osiris with you
  4. Munin's Introduction

    Hola! Hope to see you around!
  5. Hi, I'm seagull'ls bae

  6. Destiny Gripe

    I agree with @KernalSpicyWeinerOn the PvP, I played a LOT of destiny 1 in which most modes were more players per team and I feel that with this transition EVERY move feels more important, and it also makes it a bit easier to coordinate 4 people compared to 6 for the nightfall’s @Cuddles the Bear, there isn’t a great option for matchmaking, which I agree they should work on it, although it appears they already are as there is the beta option for guided games to help 100% solo players who are looking for clans. The problem with this is that people who are already in clans and nobody is just on at that time don’t really have any good option
  7. Jestertriks A little about me

    Hey! Welcome to the community! If you ever wanna play some destiny hit me up
  8. Useful Third Party Links

    Useful Third-Party Links There are a LOT of useful TP websites/videos/etc that an help players progress in destiny, here's a list of some of our favorites! (we are NOT responsible for anything that happens at these websites) Bungie.net: https://www.bungie.net/ Destiny Item Manager: https://beta.destinyitemmanager.com/ Crucible Callouts: https://crucibleradio.com/category/maps-callouts/ Destiny Tracker: http://destinytracker.com/destiny/lfg?system=pc Destiny LFG: http://www.destinylfg.net/ Raid Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzkxpLkEkfE Please feel free to comment others you would like added!
  9. Cuddles' Intro

    Welcome! I have a SLIGHT addiction to Destiny 2 atm, so if you ever want to play that, just got me
  10. Libby’s Introduction

    Welcome! I am one of the staff for ADKs destiny 2 section, so if you have any questions about joining our clan or just want to play, hit me up!
  11. Favorite Class/Gear?

    What is your Favorite Stuff? Just so we can see what everyone's current favorites are in the game, post your favorite Class, Subclass, Weapons, and Armor! Tell us why you like them too!
  12. ADK Destiny 2 Weekly Raid Nights

    TEAM 1 - Clam (LEADER): 300+ (Titan) Log: 300+ (Voidwalker) Cauthon: 285+ (any) Lando: 300+ (any) PUBx2 TEAM 2- Slim (LEADER): 285+ (any) Kernal: 304 (titan) Book: 300+ (n/a) Rabbit: 275+ (Warlock) PUBx2 -Current raid teams for tonight -PM me if you have any problems with the line up -(fyi these are current, raid doesnt start for an hour so it can change) -Also if you havent signed up and would like to be added OR already signed up and cant make it PM me
  13. ADK Destiny 2 Weekly Raid Nights

    Character: Solar Titan Light: 304 available: yes IGN and Discord: D=Clam IGN=Clamson Preference: none
  14. Hello, Brandon here

    Hey there! I’m not much of a COD player anymore but if you ever find yourself getting that urge to play Ark or Destiny feel free to hit me up
  15. ADK Destiny 2 Weekly Raid Nights

    Weekly Raid Night Every week the destiny section will be running raids on Thursday, 8:00pm est! We welcome all players who are considered raid ready to join in on the loot! Starting this week however fireteams will be set up a little differently, read below for the knowledge Info How to Join: Reply to this topic with the following info Character (class,subclass) Power Level Availability after 8:00 IGN and Discord Name Preference for one player to be with (they must also have replied to this topic) Raid Teams: This is how teams will be chosen Admins will assess the info listed above to decide the most well balanced groups and how to split up players to create the best raid experience possible for all players Teams will be decided and told by Thursday at 7:00 (although it may be as early as 5:00 so reply before that) Final Notes: Players who are not signed up for the week will take a first come first serve basis for any open spots As directed by the Section Rules admins will be leading the raids unless they note otherwise Happy Looting Guardians!

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