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  1. Vote: ARK server wipe on release?

    @Alexcat many players do not have the time to get on constantly. They have things outside like work, school, and a social life. There are many reasons we made the decay timer longer and we are not going to just take down the petition. This is a community vote and majority rules.
  2. Vote: ARK server wipe on release?

    I believe that a wipe will be good overall. As nikon said the older players will have a fresh start on with all the new content that is available. Also the new players will be at a level playing field and allowed to try and build at some spots that were taken for a while.
  3. Alright, so if anyone is interested please message me and if we get a couple people I'll set up a full topic. Directly before the release of Destiny 2 PC beta, id like to get a couple of people together for a small event in the original game. We would play a couple rounds of PvP, and depending on who we have we could do a strike or a raid of some sort. I think this would be a good way to lead into the new game and give the origional a last hurrah of sorts. I only own the game on XBOX ONE so I will host it on there. If someone would like to host another time on PlayStation 4 please message me so we can make sure times aren't conflicting so people who have both can play both
  4. Center Server Issues

    For the time being there are some issues that the ark staff is working to resolve on both of our maps run on the center. At this point in time we believe that this issue is stemming from the most recent ark patch having problems with the center map itself. We will get back to you as soon as we know any more. Please bear with us.
  5. If this does not get you excited idk what will... 80+ missions / activities. FYI- there are some spoilers in the story, but he will give you a warning and a time stamp for when they are done.
  6. Destiny 2 PC Release date Months after Console's

    As long as they don't pull a GTA V then I can suck up the extra month. (For those who don't know the PC release was like a year later cuz they kept pushing it back). I just want this game to feel finished on release and have the DLC feel like its extra, not what we payed for the first time.
  7. Hi i'm LordNikon

    Woo! Can't wait to play with you! Seems we have similar gaming interests as I play a bit of mine craft, overwatch, and am waiting for destiny 2! I also love ark so if you have any questions or need any help please feel free to ask either me or any other ark admins!
  8. Minecraft Survival Server update 1.12

    Woot woot!!
  9. For anyone who has been playing the Beta on Xbone or PS4, bungee has announced that they are buffing the super charge rate, making it faster! Ps. For anyone who HASNT been playing or following the beta, the super charge rate was MUCH slower than in destiny 1
  10. So it's looking like minimum specs are basically a French fry since it's got to run on consoles. So that's good news for me lol
  11. The Birthday Of The Founder

    Feliz de cumpleaños señor AOB!
  12. Agreed! This is gonna help BIG TIME in getting groups together for trials (if that's what it's called) raids, nightfalls, etc. And with it being PC if we can get it going with ADK, then we will always have people to play with! I can't wait!
  13. The Internet Needs You.

    Tbh, you guys have gotten most of my opinion on it. It's going to have us pay more money for legitimately every service we use on the internet in the long run. My hopes are that if it goes through sam is right, and the free market comes in and fixes it. I could go on a rant about this for another 7 pages but the main point is that it's going to affect far more than just the companies that control our access to the internet, but the companies that are run through it as well.
  14. This game looks interesting, if we can get something going for it I might get it

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