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    win 7 64b
  • Mobo
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    i7 3770k
  • Graphics
    gtx 970 4gb ddr5
  • PSU
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    12gb ddr3
  • Storage
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    EDIFIER 2.0 R1200T
  • Monitor
    tv samsung 32"
  • Peripherals
    mouse genius, keyboard genius, headset razer tiamant 7.1
  1. ObK

    welcome to adk comunity
  2. Hi.. I'm DRUMMer :)

    welcome @DRUMMerK to adk comunity, play with me to h1z1 <3
  3. Alvin's Intro

    hi, welcome to adk
  4. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    yes, I´m waiting to buy!!
  5. CasperDaGhost is here. Hi all i guess.

    Hi @CasperDaGhost apparently have similar tastes , I hope to see pics of your work , I also drawing in my free time , but now I'm more the sculptures
  6. HI

    @qrrbrrbirbel buenisimo, entonces nos veremos pronto
  7. Is this Graphic card good?

    @TANKBUSTER2025 hola, yo lo probe y no me gusto, prefiero el win7
  8. Introducing myself

    welcome @Frag to adk community, I aslo play H1Z1, I hope we get to play a few games together
  9. Hola - ieNaro

    Welcome @iennaro_chile to adk
  10. HI

    @PunishaKelv thank you very much I still do not buy it , but I saw many videos and I found very interesting
  11. hello

    welcome my friend
  12. HI

    Hello , sorry for my bad expression , it costs me English , H1Z1 game , rust , cs go and other games, but lately that the game is more H1Z1
  13. HI

    Hi, I'm Saturale I have 27 years alive Argentina , I like to play H1Z1 and I would like to learn to play better survival. because of recommendations by friends site has very good recommendations

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