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  1. I always love BF4 metro and specially ADK one, but I am disappointed how the server has been populated and running and I've got few things to share ... 1. lockers map ( should be voted for or removed if necessary ) 2. campaign to advertise the server by putting a banner at the top of the site or send a mass email to the members. 3. gives the authority for some regular admins to move players. 4. more ADK members should help to populate the server ( of course there are few thanks a lot ) 5. night time at least one admin should be in petrol. 6. Rules can be in other languages in addition to English like ( Spanish, Chinese ..etc ) as many players sometimes foreigners and don't speak English. so far this is what it comes to my mind if there are more I will share them right away. but over all I am so happy that it's back online cheers

    thanks a lot for the server guys, I hope it will grow fast .... !!! one thing I would like to suggest if you can add a banner or something so ppl know there is a new server up and running. also I can see few ADK members are trying to populate the server. we need more of you ... p.s Zaizz you are a shotgun noob see you at the battilefield .
  3. BF4 Comeback?

    first thanks to Bluemoon for directing me to this topic great stuff I will be happy to see it back online ..... I believe I was the last one to leave the server as I remember I stayed the whole day to populate and I came back to my PC and it was disconnected from the game and boom the server not in my FAV list anymore ... was happy with 600 rep and "whitelisted" , so remember I want it back also I can't promise to help with donation but I can help with populating it for sure. looking forward for good news guys peace
  4. What's happening with Battlefield

    well my Fav server (was) metro #7, I don't want to mention the name of other metro servers but for real guys they are always full. and ppl queuing up to join .... however I don't want to brag, but sometimes I wait players to join for hours and in fact few from ADK members which are on my list, join and sometimes not. but when we are 3 or 4 suddenly in few mintues ppl starting to join and we end up like 30 players. I have also noticed that other servers their members will populate the server like 10 of them they join, once the server starts going. then they disappear which I find really a good strategy, it used to be like that on Metro here were ADK members populate the server and keep it going. but not anymore ... I don't think it was BF1 which causes the low pop may be in the first few weeks but after people just gave up.
  5. Metro #7 !!!!!

    sad news ... hope in the future things going for better. all the best .... !!!
  6. Metro #7 !!!!!

    is metro #7 is down or what ? I played on it last week ..... !!!!
  7. Metro #7 !!!!!

    Tea and cake ... will be served there .... Join us quick ..... !!!!
  8. Please investigate !!!

    OK .... you might consider me as a Noob by the look at my profile ( well I don't care about KD ) therefore you will assume whoever kills me I would say he's a cheater, that's not true. there are far better players than you with no single doubt. as you can see you've been flagged as a Suspicious https://i-stats.net/index.php?action=pcheck&player=Punisher-lll&game=BF4&sub=Check+Player also let's remind ourself when you changed your nick to l-SANZU-l I was able to spot you, not because you were so good but you were Suspicious. and on that day ... even PHX clan they called you [ you can check the chat log ] "the weekend hacker" !!!!!!!! <<<< well they are not noobs I guess, aren't they ? !!!!!! so stop playing the victim here, and never think you will get away with this for long !!!!!! any smart arse will fail someday !!!!
  9. Please investigate !!!

    mates without thinking just take a look at his profile with low hours also vague no info .... He and Bester7544 are always greeting each others passionately and normally they are both on the same team. I was wondering if Bester7544 knows Jeh personally. just an observation.
  10. Please investigate !!!

    well check out this vid on his channel he explains the Macro with deep info .....
  11. Please investigate !!!

    Very nice of you Laith to take the time and explain everything I appreciate that. I am aware of what you said above and I am not demanding ban, just an extra help and keep an eye on him. as he plays everyday in the morning when its on low pop, when at this time no admins around. or sometimes he plays at late nights. Well I hope someday you will get him. as your requested here are the players battle log link. EzorieI http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/EzorieI/stats/424440383/pc/ NamesJeh http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/NamesJeh/stats/514355842/pc/ Punisher http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/PUNISHER-lll/stats/252827981/pc/ Please note that NamesJeh has got only 400 hours of play time .... !!!! Thanks again mate. Frag you on the battlefield Hey Darknae well I didn't demand a ban I just asked for help to investigate those players. Regarding the "someone" I promised I won't mention his name for security purposes
  12. Please investigate !!!

    thanks for your reply. but since when there is something called big names ? sorry I don't see any logic in your reply !!!!!! let me share something new ... yesterday I was spectating NamesJeh or almost all the round .... he was doing so bad until he hid somewhere and was on idle for nearly 1 min, then he started to play and wow the miracles started he shot 4 players with clear headshots even my eyes couldn't keep up with his move, also he used 30 mag .... !!!!! ( shame I can't record ), but I am sure he's fishy and I will be following his case as you guys seem to be hesitating to say we can't get him. however I've got some hints from somewhere that someone claimed he knows NamesJeh and he's one of adk, well I can't put these details in pubic as there no evidence backing up this claim, but personally I've got this doubt as well and I am sure this person is reading my post !!!!!! if it's true shame on you .... investigation still going .... !!!!!!!
  13. Please investigate !!!

    You know I love adk .... OK normally I don't post something unless it's serious. cut the story short as you know I play a lot on #7 metro server. in the last 2 months I've been seeing a case rather Déjà vu, there are few players I put tick on them for spec as they raised lots of suspicion which can be uncomfortable not for me but to my follow regulars as well. now I am not so technical but with my long modest playing hours I developed that 6th sense which helps me to identify fishy players. and I must be honest with you, 90% of my doubts were correct. the reason I didn't want to post a ban Request because my laptop(old) can't handle recording. so I can't provide evidence. therefore what I can do is to bring the case to you guys so you can help me to clear my doubts with your expertise and knowledge. My feeling is there are 3 players might have the same style of hacking, I don't know if they are the same person as they are regulars, however from my observation I haven't seen them all together, but I have seen them at a regular time but individually, and they always #1 with impressive KD like 140/22 .... for example the last 2 weeks we were playing at night and I can tell this person was with a different nick, in fact I could confront him in the public and he admitted he changed his nick. but still I was able to spot him immediately. the players are: EzorieI NamesJeh Punisher !!! what I am asking if you could investigate these players further more and I can assure you many people will support this post as I wasn't the only one complaining and whining about them. just note I don't care about KD so if they kill me its fun but the problem they are really causing lots of distress which normally leads the server to be unbalanced or putting the server into "low pop" as the players leave in anger. I'll leave the rest for you guys as I only can help with this post. Thanks for your attention. Mo2min

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