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  1. Overworld Wipe Vote 1.16.x

    I'm fine either way. If we wipe we can rebuild. For me it just means I can possibly fix the horrendous mistakes I made with my base. If we keep the overworld then I'll already have my bees
  2. Server Info

    So I remember Jayden saying once version 1.16 came out the server would be wiped and updated to that version. Now that 1.16 is out when is the wipe party?
  3. What Are Your Favorite Mods

    My favorite mods have been AE2, Tinker's Construct, ComputerCraft, Draconic Evolution, and Ender IO. Not all of those like to play nice in the same environment though. I also enjoyed Mystcraft but it is horrible for servers.
  4. Server Info

    Sweet. Thank you!
  5. Server Info

    Yes, it's h1ghstrung.
  6. Server Info

    Hi all, It's been a long time since I showed my face around here. I was thinking of getting back in to playing Minecraft. Just a couple questions: Is the vanilla whitelisted server still up? What version is the server running? If the server is still live and running 1.15 I would like to request access to the whitelist. Thanks all!
  7. Pokemon Go Map.

    Yup, I've seen the same in Greensboro, NC. Pokestops and a few gyms being removed because of tresspassers. I do think it's funny that the stats on gps spoofing aps soared immediately after Pokemon Go was released from beta. People in this area have accused me in person of cheating since I made trainer level 20 in a week. They didn't realize the advantage I had from my knowledge of Ingress. I already knew where all the good portals and hack routes were so I would burn through gear catching pidgys like crazy and then farm all that gear back in 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat.
  8. Pokestop info

    Not sure if this has been mentioned in the forums or not. It seems fairly common knowledge by now but I'll post it here for those who may not know about finding pokestops/gyms in far off areas. A few years before Pokemon Go was launched Niantic had released a game called Ingress. When they launched Pokemon Go they simply ported most of the portal locations from Ingress into Pokemon Go. Keep in mind there are some portals which were not included (too close together and other reasons). How does this help? Well, if you download and load Ingress for the sole purpose of making a player account there you will gain access to the Ingress Intel Map which will show all portal locations for Ingress world wide. So if you're planning a trip somewhere in another state and want to see where the Pokemon Go areas are then you can look it up on the Ingress Map. Again keep in mind that not all Ingress Portals were made into Pokemon Go places of interest. Also the Ingress map will not tell you if the spot has a Pokestop or a Gym. It stands to reason areas with a LOT of portals in a smaller zone will have several pokestops and some gyms. I am not advertising only posting this as a resource for Pokemon Go players. If anyone wants more information specifically on how to get to this information just send me a PM. If there are enough requests in my in box I'll ask permission to post the info here. It involves external links to another game which is the only reason I'd ask the admins before posting it in the forums.
  9. So it's been something like a year since I've visited with ADK. I figured I would come back around. My gaming time has been deeply impacted by real life events but things are stable now. However my pc is currently a crap laptop until tax season. At that point I'll be building a gaming system.

  10. Love the new avatar... "I have no patience for useless things... There, no more pain."

    1. Pepsi


      You might very well think that. I couldn’t possibly comment.

  11. It's a mad mad world.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Element


      I rest my case.

    3. Nova



    4. h1ghstrung


      I think you guys were just jealous. :)

  12. Sorry I haven't been around MC this past week much, been pretty crazy here. I will be making appearances over the weekend though. :)

    1. DMSpooky


      All good man, it has been pretty slow as of late anyways. Check out the MC Admin spot. It is all about the shop for right now and I am still looking for a working vote system.

  13. Sometimes I wanna stab people in BF4, but other times I want to build things in Minecraft.

  14. Fuz

    @[member='DMSpooky'], Looooooved DAoC. I was so sad when WoW came out and the DAoC servers went to crap. Miss my Animist. My debuffing shrooms were so fun. And also miss my Bonedancer. :)  Good ole days, pouring hot oil. Also I miss the DAoC frontier. When the original puppy quest went in we organized a raid and won by causing the enemy to lag. We all summoned our puppies at once. Then they changed it so those pets couldn't be summoned out in the frontier. :p

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