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  1. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    The link does not seem to work anymore. Can someone invte me? IGN: BigBountyBar
  2. Bounty reporting for duty!

    @Nova Well, im not sure if you have these chocolate bars in the US but basically in the UK and Germany we have these chocolate bars that taste like coconut and i love them. They are called bounty so i tried to make a name including that. To make my name more memorable, i came up with the alliteration using 3 B´s :D.
  3. Battlefield meet the community Event

    Sounds great! Has this been discussed in further detail yet and is there a date set? Because this would also help me a lot getting to know most of the players at once!
  4. favorite Map?

    For me it purely depends on the mode which map i prefer! TDM: Noshahr Canals Conquest: Kharg Island Rush: Damavand Peak
  5. Anybody play Elder Scrolls Online still?

    Same for me! I would be interested in playing it again and even makeing a new character if we could find enough people to have a stabile guild/group running!
  6. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    I will definetly buy it! However, I will not be preordering the game as I have had my bad experiences with preordering games. Medal of Honor Warfighter has given me major trust issues on this matter!
  7. Hey everybody! My name is Kieran. In the online world im known as BigBountyBar or simply Bounty to keep it nice and simple. I am from Germany, currently going to school and aiming to do my A-levels or "Abitur" as we call it. Besides playing video games, I love playing football and I have also recently found great interest in weight lifting! I am a passionate Liverpool FC and England supporter thanks to my dad :P. Before getting into PC gaming, I started off my online gaming "career" on Playstation 3 , mainly playing games like MW2 and BF3. The first multiplayer game for PC I played and became addicted to was SMITE. Now having had enough of that game, I am starting to enjoy Battlefield for PC now. I currently play both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 and I am very excited for Battlefield 1! As for single player games, I like playing The Elder Scrolls series and strategy games like Dawn of War and the Total War series. I became aware of this community by simply googling for battlefield communities and you guys had the most appealing website and opening! If you guys have any questions , feel free to ask! Other than that, I am looking forward to be seeing you on the battlefield!

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