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Jordan Rainey

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  1. BF1 Style Event for BF4

    I'd love this so much
  2. Howdy Folks

    @bluemoon_og$30 lol @War_Adm1ralThanks
  3. Favorite Soundtrack?

    I feel like I might get a lot of flame for this... but the Halo 2 soundtrack is kind of lit...
  4. Howdy Folks

    @bluemoon_ogAh, if only I had Premium I've been thinking about upgrading recently though, because that does look like a good map. Who knows, maybe I'll see you on there soon.
  5. Howdy Folks

    @Nova I feel you on the heat, though. I live in Louisiana, so just imagine. @Rylie_Smiley I'll be sure to hop in there sometime soon @Viper That tends to happen quiet often with our names. My current rank in CS actually isn't that good, I'm only SEM, though I do feel like I play better than my rank shows (But I do of course have off days where I play like a legit Silver) And as for this Summer, I'll definitely be playing on =ADK= servers a ton, but I'm hoping to get out and be more active. I'm trying to get out and go shooting more now that it's Summer.
  6. Howdy Folks

    Thanks Guys
  7. Music when playing video games.

    It definitely depends on what game I'm playing. If I'm playing something like Arma, I rarely listen to music, and when I do it's something more hard hitting but quiet (so it doesn't sound like footsteps. If I'm playing something like Rocket League however, I listen to something like the Chainsmokers primarily.
  8. Howdy Folks

    How's everyone doin'? I've been playing on =ADK= Servers for quite some time, but never really introduced myself properly. I'm Jordan, the Rainey, not Aaron. I play CS:GO, Arma3, BF4, Rocket League, and plenty more games that I honestly forgot about. I'm a friendly person, if you ever see me in TS or something, don't be afraid to stop by and say hey.

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