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  1. Hey all

    He was like 5 minutes old when i took that photo, im covering the night feeds so i'm getting to play alot more with you guys
  2. Hey all

  3. Hey all

    Well today at around 1:30 my little man was born
  4. Playing Now :D come join

    I may be around
  5. Playing Now :D come join

    Ooooh enjoy happy birthday mate i'm killing time until i'm called into hospital to see my son aha
  6. Playing Now :D come join

    Hey all So i'm playing Overwatch right now why not jump on to TS can come join me.
  7. Hey all

    Ill be around tomorrow if you see me on shoot me a invite and ill join you
  8. Hey all

    Ill add you all shortly but im going to be calling it a night its currently 3:36am and the girlfriends got midwife early tomorrow and well i keep waking her up haha
  9. Hey all

    So dodgeball and all for one look awesome and regarding inhouse night weekends are always best for everyone. PS if you notice i forget a space anywhere i have just taken my keyboard apart for a clean and i have given up trying put the stabilizer back until i have the patience to sit there and get it right
  10. Hey all

    @Nova I'm guessing this would be exile as i spoke to 1 of the Arma 3 guys and they told me you have multiple maps for exile which i'm going to take a look into once i can force myself off Overwatch ahaha
  11. Hey all

    @Nova Zelda Orcarina Of Time was a great classic i recently bought it for my 3DS, which i also bought super smash bros as i loved playing that and also Golden Eye on the N64 aswell If any of you guys ( @Snipe @War_Adm1ral @Greenshaw @Rabbit @Mikey @Skid ) wish to add me on battle.net my id is BlackBeard#22116
  12. Music when playing video games.

    I do change my music for my games too, but it depends on the game aswell
  13. Hey all

    Well thats a good question my friend, i mainly play Arma3 or Overwatch at the moment but i have many games spread across 2 accounts. I have been an admin on exile servers but once we announced we were going to preform a wipe out player base went from a full server to 10 which in the end died out, but Overwatch i'm enjoying that at the moment
  14. Who are your favorite heros?

    My favorites would be Mei - just freeze and headshot Mercy - for when we have no support
  15. England?

    Im not ADK yet but im UK aswell

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