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Aaron Rainey

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  1. Hundred

    @PunishaKelv Yah its definitely a harem style but its entertaining, the story is slightly boring aswell but meh its entertaining
  2. A. Rainey Intro

    @Viper ive been hunting for 2 years now both archery and gun, but cant afford archery anymore sadly
  3. A. Rainey Intro

    @Viper im only a silver elite but i feel like i play better than my rank, just dont play enough; outside of gaming I go to the gun range a lot, and just usual stuff
  4. A. Rainey Intro

    @Nova The most refreshing thing has been people that actually care about the community and everyone is super nice here And yah I would love to join administration at some point probably for Exile since that's what I spend the most time on, but that might change as I meet more people and play on other servers as well. But it is in my sights.
  5. Battle.net ID Tags

  6. Music when playing video games.

    When I'm playing most games I listen to light techno in the background, I really like MrSuicideSheep's playlists
  7. The Name of the Wind ???

    Has anyone read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss??? If you haven't it's a fantasy book, I have no clue how to even explain it. You should check it out!
  8. A. Rainey Intro

    @Dev4station Awesome, Thanks
  9. Hundred

    Has anyone watched Hundred?? It's so good!!
  10. A. Rainey Intro

    Hey all!! My names Aaron Rainey and I have been playing on ADK servers for a while now i figured that it might be about time to become a member. I play ARK, Overwatch, Arma 3, CS:GO, and a few other games as well. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone

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