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    KELVIN1302 got a reaction from AOBLXIX in =ADK= H1Z1: Just Survive Server!   
    I'm currently playing on this server everyone is chill nice server and I have not seen any hackers so that is amazing
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    KELVIN1302 got a reaction from syl in Pets   
    my kids have been bugging me about getting a dog I think I'm going to get English bulldog
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    KELVIN1302 reacted to Belowzero in KELVIN1302   
    Welcome, Glad you applied.  Looking forward to raiding with you!
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    KELVIN1302 reacted to Nova in KELVIN1302   
    Welcome to our forums @KELVIN1302 !
    Have you found any cool/chill people here yet? I am sure we have them somewhere
    Have any H1Z1 players you like playing with?
    If you do have further questions @Euthanize91  @Bordock  @LawlessLEMON  @Skeeter  @Belowzero @danielcruz  @Duplicity2554  @PostalService @Tagond   @Thunderousmight could help with them if you do
    Regardless welcome!
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    KELVIN1302 reacted to Dev4station in KELVIN1302   
    Hello my name is Dev4station and I'm one of the h1z1 recruiters, I like h1z1 myself but I'm goin through some lag issues atm so I can't play but I was wondering if you thought about applying, If you have please click the apply button on the top menu of the site and click recruitment application fill it out as much as you can. if you need any questions just mention me like @Dev4station

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