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  1. welcome to adk if your ever on h1z1 hit me up we can kill some people lol
  2. you need to hop on that h1z1 and come grind with me
  3. my favorite gun I own is the glock 19 ive got a lot of work and money in to it
  4. my daily carry is the glock 43 she does not leave the house with out me lol
  5. I got Remington 700 tattoo on the back of my arm looks really good and next time I go back I'm going to get an ar15 on my other arm lol
  6. my favorite tv show is the walking dead and if my kids are home its sofia the first lmfao
  7. my kids have been bugging me about getting a dog I think I'm going to get English bulldog
  8. I wish I had some money to get me another type r that's what I use to have
  9. if I was u I would gut it out only have 2seats and drop a k24 with k20 head and k pro, carcepts shifter box, precision sc61 turbo with eagle h-beam rods, acl race bearing,wiseco pistons, ross rings that's what I would do if I was you lol
  10. I normally play h1z1 maybe I can link up with yall some time for some pro tips on csgo because I'm buns lol
  11. congrats flapjack hit me up sometime if you want to play some h1z1
  12. I'm currently playing on this server everyone is chill nice server and I have not seen any hackers so that is amazing
  13. welcome to the forms I play on the h1z1 server all the people there are chill hit me up sometime if you want to play I'm very active
  14. Hey

    sam welcome to the community if your ever on h1z1 hit me up
  15. welcome to the community smalls hit me up some time if you want to play

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