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  1. thanks buddy
  2. And yes smalls is always killing me lol
  3. Thanks for your input!!! I might get this bud
  4. E tips i dont like um the explosion range isnt what i think it should be
  5. Both!!! the shotgun is broken so i run AK for up close and AR for range and MOLLLYS
  6. IDK im up in the air I guess we will see how it pans out!
  7. Does anyone know when the next wipe is?
  8. This is my buddy new to the sever!!!
  9. Nice screen shot peeps keep up the good work!!!
  10. Thank you for all your support i hope to find a home here everyone seems chill,
  11. Can u send me the link a buddy wants to apply for the whitelist sever

  12. thanks man me 2
  13. Honestly me and my boy kelvin are both applying just looking for good people to play with!!!
  14. I found out about u from a group of guys i played with on h1z1 and then we applied to the whitelist sever so i just wanna be part if the group guys those guys i played with quit the whitelist seveer
  15. I just sent in my applacation

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