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  1. BF1 Map Names Leaked

    The map name that caught my eye was Scorched Earth. I'm betting that it is eastern front, because the Russians had the scorched earth policy.
  2. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    Im gettin BF1 to succeed BF4, I hope it holds up to my expectations lol
  3. My computer *WIP*

    My specs: AMD FX 8310 (currently upgrading to Intel i7 4790k) 16 Gb ddr3 ram GTX 960 4Gb SC 500Gb HDD 1 TB HDD 2 TB HDD 850 Watt power supply Windows 7 64 bit What do you guys think about the specs? (I know I'm forgetting brand names on several things sorry)
  4. Hey Im Tyler

    Thank you Rylie, it's good to have such a warm welcome
  5. Hey Im Tyler

    Hey guys I'm Tyler. I am 16 Years old. I am from Memphis Tennessee. I used to head admin of 2 DayZ mod servers and left when the servers shut down. I found this clan when I was playing on ADK server #1. In Battlefield 4 I love to fly scout choppers and I can somewhat fly the attack chopper. I like playing as a squad and doing tasks that help the team win. I play BF4 almost every day when I have time. Anyways It's nice to meet everyone and I hope to see all of y'all on the battlefield.

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