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  1. Favorite anime Characters?

    My Favourite Anime Characters are: Yuno Gasi (future diary) light yagami (death note) Revy (black lagoon) holo (spice and wolf) vegeta (dragonball z) ken kaneki (tokyo ghoul)
  2. I need a recomendation

    Try the K-project series if you haven't already seen it, the soundtrack is awesome and the effects are cool. Don't forget to watch the movie between the two seasons.
  3. What's the best gore anime you've watched ??

    It has to be elfen Lied or highschool of the dead
  4. Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul, I would say will remain as my all time favourite anime series because of the music and the many different characters and how they displayed them in the series. The Deathnote, K-project series and Black Lagoon are close behind it though.
  5. Favourite Champ/lane??

    Thanks for your comment, Dame Nautilus I hate that champ when I'm against him bot lane because of his strength he is a tough one to break haha. ill play some league with you sometime like a normal or something if you want. my name on league is scottyblue on there
  6. AK or AR15?

    I prefer the AR because of the range of the gun, its almost like a sniper so damn powerful and very accurate so I always use this gun as my main.
  7. Anyone playing?

    Hi, I play squad its a great I love the game and the developers are always adding new stuff and seem to actually care about the game and the players which is good
  8. Favourite Champ/lane??

    My favourite champion is volibear because I love diving into the team battles hitting my alt, it totally tears them up, anyone trying to escape I hit my Q then E to bring them back and then finish them off with my W. My favourite lane would have to be is support, because most bot laners are kinda weak and easy to get fed lol.
  9. favorite Map?

    I would say my favourite map is Metro on rush so awesome, running down the tunnels trying to stop the advancing team from pushing, such intense fire-fights it will always be my all time favourite BF map
  10. Will You Be Buying Battlefield 1?

    I really want to get this game, I feel its gonna be an epic game that will be played for many years to come and hopefully they add awesome content to it to keep it fresh and entertaining. I CAN'T WAIT. But I can't decide if I get it for the PC or PS4 though because for PC I know Im gonna have to probably get the 1070 gtx to be able to fully enjoy the visuals
  11. New member

    Hi, thanks for all the replies. I have the next two days off from work so ill be around the TS.
  12. New member

    Thanks for your help and invite to this clan mate
  13. New member

    Hi, I'm new to this clan and I would like to join because I was referred to it by a friend of mine off Steam and looking around on the site it seems very professional and I would like to be a part of it. I'am 23 years old and I pretty much play video games in my free time when I am not a work, I'm form the UK but orginally from Germany so I can speak two languages which has been often helpful during my time as a gamer on EU servers, but much of my time in the last couple years I have mostly been playing in US servers because there isn't a language barrier and have made many cool new friends from the US. I play a range of different games but I like to play CS:GO alot when I can because I like the competitive part of it.

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